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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 14/14

Wedding-jitters 14/14

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason
Rate: partly G & partly  NC-17 - yeah, I know you guys hate that. ;)
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?


“Well?” Scotty asks, when Kevin enters the room.
“Olivia is so happy to be with my mother. She’s getting incredibly spoiled, as does Daniel. They’ve had pancakes tonigh and they go shopping tomorrow. ” Kevin sighs.
“I miss them.”

“It’s only a 3-hours drive and mom was right, we needed this break. This is the perfect opportunity. Olivia and Daniel love being with mom, Saul and Jonathan keep an eye on the restaurant, we finally have time to ourselves while two dear friends get married and Chad pays for everything. It’s perfect and you know it.”

“I know.” Scotty shrugs. “I wasn’t complaining, but… I just miss them…”
“…. Me too.” Kevin confesses and he bends over to Scotty to kiss him, when the doorbell rings. “What’s that?” He asks.
“Dinner, I presume. Chad ordered it.”

“Because nothing is more romantic than take away food?” Kevin wonders, but at that moment Chad enters and hears him. For a moment he frowns over Kevin’s words, but then lets it go and laughs.
“No, but I just wanted us to be able to eat,  drink and…” Somehow ‘be merry’ sounds weird to him.

“… Still be able to have a decent wedding-night with hot sex, but without the hanging over a toilet-bowl afterwards...?” Kevin offers.
“And you dare to speak about how romantic I am?” Chad shoots back with all tenderness. Kevin sticks out his tongue, but doesn’t continue the conversation.

“It looks great!” Jason says, looking inside the bags, that cover the food.
“I’ll set the table.” Chad immediately replies.
“I’ll help you…. No, I insist.” Scotty makes sure that he silences any rejection that Chad can come up with.

He follows Chad into the dining-room and Kevin stays behind with Jason.
“I can think of many people who’ll be very mad at you two for simply getting married someplace in all silence.” Kevin laughs.
“I don’t believe that Chad cares?” Jason replies seriously.

“You seem surprised?”
“I guess. He made such a fuss at first and suddenly pulled the plug on everything, to then only suggesting we’d marry with just you and Scotty as our witnesses…. Not that I mind, but… I don’t know. I hope I didn’t disappoint him somehow. That he's going for some second choice to keep me happy.”

“No, I don’t believe that. He’s so much in love with you. Just the look on his face when he put that ring on your finger…”
“I know.” Jason smiles lovingly. “I should stop worrying, but I was so surprised by his words… especially about the remaining faithful…”

“I don’t think it’s an idle promise either. I think he’s very honest in what he said.”
“Strangely enough I feel the same. I just wonder why he changed so much. His infidelity is one of my biggest concerns. I didn’t ask him to make such a vow, because I didn’t want him to make promises he couldn’t keep. And then he made them on his own.”

“I guess… when you truly love someone…” Kevin shrugs.
“I’m sorry, if it brought back bad memories…”
“It didn’t. Scotty made a mistake. It’s in the past. We’ve put that behind us. We have our son back. We have a daughter. We’re happy and … we love each other.”

“Are you never afraid, that he’ll do it again?” Jason suddenly asks. Kevin looks at him and suspects that the question is not just about Scotty, but also the fact that Jason still questions Chad. Kevin carefully weighs his answer, because he know it’s a subject that is on both their minds.

“Yes, sometimes, I’m still afraid and he’d better not cheat on me again... I forgave him once… but I don’t think I’ll do it again. Rebuilding the trust between us was a very tough job and it involved lots of tears, angry words and long silences and making out and more talking … and more silences…

It was a painful process, it made us stronger, but if he were to do it again…. I don’t think I could be bothered to put so much energy into our relationship after that.. There are only so many times that someone can rip your heart out, … Then, inevitably, something dies inside you.” Jason nods at Kevin’s words.

“I just want to believe that it’s possible, that Chad can be faithful to me.”
“Chad is not a teenager, blinded by the limitless possibilities, anymore. He’s nearly 42 years old and ready to settle down. And you’re the one he wants to be with… It could happen, but maybe it doesn’t. It’s the chance that you must be willing to take.” Kevin points out.


“I loved that you vowed to Jason, that you would remain faithful.” Scotty says and Chad smiles.
“I know it was important to him to hear me say it.” Chad answers. He catches the look on Scotty’s face. “I didn’t mean it as a dig at you and Kevin.”

“I know.” Scotty smiles. “Kevin and I never talked of fidelity in our vows…”
“Guess, you just didn’t need to hear him say it.” Chad shrugs and Scotty needs to think over those words. Is that really true? Had he really believed that Kevin would remain faithful to him, no matter what?

“No.” Scotty eventually says. “I arrogantly believed, that I would never cheat and that if one of us would screw up, it would be Kevin.” It doesn’t escape his attention that he sounds bitter. Chad sits down on one of the chairs.
“Do you want to know why I made Jason that promise?” He suddenly asks.

“Yes.” Scotty says, believing somehow that there are a lot of simularities between Chad and Kevin. 
“After I cancelled the wedding I did a lot of soul-searching and I believe I’ve been cheating my whole life through. At first I couldn’t be honest to myself, not willing to admit my attraction to men. I just pretended to be only attracted to women.

I was dishonest to the women I slept with, because I knew that none of them would every truly hold my heart. I was dishonest with the men I slept with, because I would never admit to any feeling that I could possibly have for them.

And then Kevin came into my life and, at first, he was just another notch to me. But … I actually grew to like Kevin and not just for the sex… but also for him. For Kevin, as a person. It was the first time that I noticed that I wanted something real. I broke up with Michelle and, for the first time in my life I had to work hard to get the guy I liked to come back to me, but being with Kevin also showed me what I was missing.

However when I finally officially came out, I suddenly got scared of letting Kevin in. I told Kevin that I felt I had to do this on my own, but to be honest, at that point, I realized I just wasn’t ready to take in Kevin’s emotional baggage after all. Not with my own baggage that l still carrying around. It was too much….

I didn’t cry many tears over Kevin, I’m afraid. My life changed too much. It seemed like everyone wanted me even more than ever and now I no longer had to lie. I openly slept with men and women… I could do anything I wanted, but it came at the price, that I didn’t care about that anymore. I had lost interest.

For years, the sleeping around and the lying about it had had an air of something secretive, something mischievous, something exciting, but I was close to turning 40 and what brought me satisfaction when I was 18 or 25 years old was no longer what I was looking for at the age of 38-39. I wanted more.

I wanted to wake up in the morning and remember the person who was sleeping in my bed, rather than see some young guy I had picked up at the bar last night half-drunk. I wanted someone to come home to, someone who’d share my life. Not just the fun moments in the spotlights, but also the less glamorous moments.

When I met Jason, it wasn’t love at first sight. I liked him, sure, but he was so much the opposite of me, that I didn’t see him as a possibility. I was not good enough, I thought. But, I noticed that it bothered me that he got hurt whenever I slept with someone else. And it bothered me not because I felt like he was claiming me, but because I didn’t want him to be get hurt.

It took me while – I’m not that fast – to recognize that I was in love with him and didn’t want to lose him. I think that what happened at Christmas made me see that I had to take my chance and not waste anymore time. At the risk of sounding like a 16-year old girl, I believe that Jason is ‘the one’.

And I sincerely hope that I can stick to my words, because I don’t believe that I ever want to see his face if he discovers that I cheated on him.”
“No….” Scotty answers quietly. “You don’t want to see the pain you cause in the person you love.”


“I thought this night would never end.” Kevin quickly takes off his shirt and throws it on the a chair. “I would have expected the ‘just married’ couple to be eager to get some… sleep.”
“I guess, they wanted to be polite to us.” Scotty laughs softly.

“Why?” Kevin shrugs. His pants end up on the chair as well. “By the way, you were quiet tonight, are you okay?”
“I’m fine. Just had a lot to think about.” Scotty replies and he sounds so sad, that Kevin turns to him, concern on his face.

“Are you sure, you’re alright? What is bothering you?”
“I love you.” Scotty suddenly says and he can see the surprise on Kevin’s face.
“Ahm… Thank you… I think… What prompted those words? … Not that I mind hearing you say that you love me… I love you too.. but…” Kevin clumsily asks and Scotty starts to laugh.

“I had a very interesting talk with Chad tonight and it made me some see some things fromwhat,  I presume, would be your perspective … for years I thought of all the reasons why you could cheat on me. Someone would be younger, more interesting, more available… etc. but … I never thought of the of the reasons why you would not cheat on me…”

“I love you, why would I want to risk losing you?” Kevin asks.
“That is exactly what Chad made me see as well. I made a stupid mistake and I nearly lost you….”
“It was a wake-up call for both of us. I made my own mistakes. You forgave me for those.”

“I just want you to know that I love you so much.” Scotty answers. “And I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again. I never want to see you in so much pain again…”
“Good.” Kevin replies dryly and he wraps his arms around Scotty waist. The kiss that follows is so intense that Kevin suspects that Scotty will never let him go.


Chad drops Jason, without much finesse, on the bed and laughs as he falls down right next to Jason.
“That is hard work, carrying someone across the threshold… Jeez, I think we can forget about the wedding-night.” He puts his hand on his back.

“Oh, no, you’re not getting away with it that easily, I’ve been waiting half the evening for you and Kevin to stop talking, so you can come to bed with me, you’re not going to wreck it now….” Jason warns, turning over to his stomach so he can look at Chad. “I love you so much, do you know that? I can’t get over what you told me at our little ceremony.”

Chad’s smile fades a bit and he sighs.
“I think I may have inadvertently hurt Kevin and Scotty by bringing back bad memories.” Jason sees his sadness and caresses his face.
“You may have, but I’m sure that Kevin and Scotty can deal with it. There’s so much love between them.”

“I agree, but it doesn’t make me feel better about it. I wanted them to have fun as well and what do I do? I remind them of something that was very painful to them both…”
“Yes, but you didn’t do it to hurt them, did you?” Jason asks and Chad shakes his head.
“All I wanted was for you to know, how much I love you.”

“And you did. And I love you. And I’m sure that Kevin and Scotty can handle this….. And, now, I want my wedding-night with my husband.” Jason answers and Chad suddenly leans in to kiss Jason.
“Husband?... I like the sound of that.” Chad says softly and he claims another kiss.


Kevin lies down on the bed and soon enough Scotty is on top of him, moving against him in no uncertain terms.
“I want you.” Kevin whispers between two kisses.
“Anyway you want.” Scotty replies, pushing his body closer to Kevin’s. Kevin smiles.

He turns over, his belly against the cold sheets. Scotty’s warm mouth is on his back, leaving sweet kisses on his hot skin, sometimes the tip of his tongue moves along Kevin’s spine, making Kevin moan softly. Scotty softly bites Kevin’s shoulder, but he ‘makes up’ for it by immediately kissing Kevin's lips.

Kevin can feel Scotty’s body cover his, the hard cock, moving along his ass, simulating what is to come. Kevin presses back against him, showing how eager he is. Scotty pulls his head back and demands more and deeper kisses.
“You really want this, don’t you?” Scotty whispers and Kevin makes a confirming noise.


Jason’s fingers are in Chad’s hair, pushing his head further down in the knowledge that Chad can easily take him in. Jason’s soft words of encouragement hardly reach Chad’s ears, but he doesn’t need to hear Jason’s words to know what Jason likes and how he wants it.

Jason bucks up under the way that Chad expertly moves his mouth, his tongue, not to mention his fingers. They slip inside Jason with ease, because by now Chad has Jason well prepared. Jason moans and Chad lets go of the hard cock in his mouth. He kisses Jason’s belly.

“I want you.” Jason says softly.
“I know… Give me a second. ” Chad’s breathing is too unstable and Jason understands that he needs to cool off, but Jason doesn’t really want to wait anymore. Chad leans with his back against the headboard of the bed, in a half-seated position and Jason straddles him.

“I don’t want to wait. I want you inside me now.” He lets Chad know. Chad swallows hard as the meaning of Jason’s words get to his brains. It arouses him even more and suddenly he can’t wait much longer either.

Jason smiles a knowing smile, when he sees Chad’s face. His hand slides along Chad’s cock and he positions it just right, so all he has to do is just slowly sink down on it. He can hear, see and feel Chad’s gasp. Watching Chad close his eyes tightly at the pressure on his swollen member, takes Jason’s attention away from his own discomfort.

He hasn’t done it like this very often and definitely never with Chad. Chad’s arms slip around Jason. He’s scared that Jason may be hurting himself like this.
“Easy,…” he whispers to Jason. “… take it easy, we all the time of the world…” Loving the tenderness in Chad’s voice, Jason smiles and lets himself sink all the way down.


By the time Scotty slips into him, Kevin can only hold on to the pillow. The thrusts are slow and deep at first and soon enough Kevin’s cries out with every one of them. The noises he makes only turn on Scotty even more. How long has it been since they could be so vocal about their love-making and simply enjoy the sex without restraints?

Scotty stops momentarily to catch his breath, calm down a bit to prolong their love-making. His warm breath is on Kevin’s skin and it makes a shudder run through Kevin.
“Don’t stop now.” Kevin begs.
“Okay, I won’t.” Scotty promises and his next thrust is slow and deep again.


Chad can only hold on to Jason, kiss him and caress his back because Jason takes care of most of the action. Chad tries to push up, but he’s limited by the position he’s in, though at the same times it sets him on fire, because what he truly wants seems just out of reach with each thrust and with each way that Jason moves.

“Jason, … I need… I want…” but Jason moves again and momentarily every thought escapes Chad. Jason stops and grabs Chad’s hair to put a forceful kiss on his mouth.
“.. You want it? Come and take it.” He growls. Their eyes meet and a smile curls around Chad’s lips and Jason wonders it if was really a good idea to challenge Chad.


By now Kevin no longer knows if he’s the one moving or Scotty. They have their own rhythm, their moans follow each other, both seeking pleasure. Kevin pushes himself closer to Scotty, wanting to feel him even deeper, though that just seems physically impossible.

Scotty holds on to Kevin and he tries to get even deeper inside Kevin. He knows he’s close to coming, so he wills himself to stop, which leads to a loud protest from Kevin.
“Slowly, baby, I don’t want this to end, not just yet.” Scotty manages to say, though the moan from Kevin makes it clear he still doesn’t agree.


“AH!!!” Jason’s cry mixes with Jason’s grunts as he pushes deep inside Jason. Chad had taken Jason up on his words and before Jason knew it, he was on his back, Chad’s full weight on him and Chad deep inside him. Their love-making was rougher than usual, but he had taunted Chad longer than usual as well.

Chad’s hands are on Jason’s hips and he’s pushing hard and fast. Jason cannot remember the last time he was this aroused, so close to coming, but just not willing to give in just yet. His hands are on Chad’s back, clawing into his skin to encourage him to move even more. His lips part, his eyes are closed tightly….


“Shhh….” Scotty kisses Kevin over and over. “Shhh…” He soothes as he moves inside Kevin, deliberately slow to keep control on the situation. He caresses Kevin’s hair. He whispers sweet little words in Kevin’s ear. He uses his body and weight to prevent Kevin from speeding up their love-making.

“Scotty… please… just…. just…” Kevin stammers and Scotty laughs softly.
“Do you know how much I love to hear you beg?” Scotty teases.
“Actually… I do! Why do you think I’m begging?” Kevin manages to reply, not all too submissively. Scotty laughs even more teasing.

“Your begging is not good enough just yet…” he says and he pushes Kevin up against him, so he can reach underneath Kevin. “Guess what I want to play with?” Scotty grins and from the shocked reaction that runs through Kevin, when Scotty takes hold of his cock, which so far had been ignored, Scotty assumes that he just gave Kevin a good hint.


Chad slows down and lets his fingers caress Jason’s swollen cock. Jason immediately bucks up as a reaction and he looks up at Chad, wondering why Chad has stopped.
“You’re going to come first.” Chad lets him know.
“No. I won’t.” Jason replies stubbornly.


There’s no turning back and no stopping halfway this time. They’re both too far gone to want another postponement of the inevitable. Kevin’s breathing is shallow and irregular as Scotty pushes him closer and closer to the edge. Kevin whispers Scotty’s name and begs him not to stop this time, not this time.

However, it’s unlikely that Scotty really hears him as he’s too close to coming too. His thrust are not longer slow, but he tries to hold back until Kevin climaxes and he’s never so happy to feel that shudder go through Kevin’s body or to feel that warm liquid cover his fingers, because now at least he can let go as well.


Of course, Jason knows he can’t stop Chad. He was never able to disobey those strong hands before and he can’t do it now either. His hands grabs he sheets underneath him, as his body moves rhythmically to Chad’s hand. He realizes that it is his own reaction that makes Chad slowly pick up the love-making again.

Somewhere from deep inside it just happens, like a wave passing through him, warm and cold, making his muscles clench and shivers run down his body. He can hear, somewhere in the distance, how Chad gasps when he comes as well, and with a satisfied smile Jason lets his head rest against the pillow.


Spooned up against Kevin, Scotty slowly drifts off to sleep. He no longer worries about the cheating or about Chad and Jason. He’s happy to hold the man he loves and who loves him return. He’s sure that from this point on he can focus on being a good husband and good father.


Jason’s fingers caress Chad’s belly. He knows that Chad is asleep. The little snoring that Chad does, when falling asleep on his back, gives that away. Jason cannot remember the last time he felt this much peace in his life, in both body and mind. He finally found his home. He places a soft kiss on Chad’s shoulder and closes his eyes to get some sleep as well.


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