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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 13/14

Wedding-jitters 13/14

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason
Rate: A little NC-17-ish, but mostly G.
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?




There’s nothing but quiet little moans. Kevin and Scotty are still so used to being quiet and quick about sex, that the fact that they finally don’t have to be so careful, still hasn’t sunk in. Scotty pushes up. Kevin is playing with him and he knows he won’t be able to control himself much longer.

“Kev… please,…” Kevin quickly kisses him to silence him and he can feel Scotty stiffen underneath him and then he feels the warm liquid on his hand. Scotty’s breathing is uneven, but Kevin's hunger to kiss him is too big and he can't really be bothered by the fact that Scotty is still catching his breath.

Scotty lets the kisses come over him, it’s all too arousing anyway and he loves this passion in Kevin. It isn’t until he feels Kevin’s hard cock against his leg that he realizes that he has to bring Kevin some satisfaction as well. His hand moves down, searching for Kevin’s arousal, the first soft brush already causes Kevin to moan.

“Let’s see if I still remember how to do this.” Scotty says softly and Kevin holds his breath for a second when he discovers that there’s nothing wrong with Scotty’s memory. His lips part. Small puffs of breath is all Scotty can hear in the dark. His hands know exactly how much pressure is needed and what strokes turns Kevin on.

“So-o-o good, please, don’t stop.” Kevin begs and Scotty uses a little bit of force to get Kevin on his back and Kevin, let’s be honest here, isn’t really fighting him on this. Scotty’s hand brings him to the border of ecstasy, letting him hang on the edge for just a little while longer, until with a soft cry, Kevin can let himself drop into the abyss.

He quietly enjoys the after-glow in Scotty’s arms, satisfied and sleepy, as Scotty kisses his hair and fore-head.
“That was good.”
“…. And we have seven days to enjoy this all…” Scotty sighs, even more satisfied than Kevin.


“So, what did you guys think of the room?” Chad asks, when Kevin and Scotty join him, the next day, in the living-room, looking for breakfast. The house belongs to one of the other actresses on “Tempest Bay” and she didn’t mind that Chad would stay there for a week, believing it to be ‘so romantic’ that Chad and Jason decided to ‘elope’…

“It was amazing. It’s big and fresh and the bed is just … heavenly.” Scotty sighs.
“Something tells me you two have tried it out.” Chad laughs.
“We did.” Scotty replies and he exchanges glances with Kevin, who can hardly hide a smug little smile. “Shall I make us some breakfast?”

“Jason is already in the kitchen.” Chad informs them. “And you are our guest, Scotty, no reason to do the cooking all the time.”
“I don’t mind.” Scotty replies.
“I do.” Kevin says, softly kissing Scotty’s shoulder. “This gives me more time with you.”

“Do you two need some privacy? Because if you do, I’ll go to the kitchen and see what Jason is doing?” Chad asks.
“No.” Scotty laughs a bit embarrassed.
“Yes.” Kevin contradicts decisively and Chad grins.

“You’re outvoted, Scotty. I’ll go check on how Jason is doing with breakfast.” He says with a wink at Kevin and he leaves his two guests alone and Kevin realizes that Chad obviously didn’t mind being alone in the kitchen with Jason anymore than Kevin would mind being alone with Scotty in the living-room.

“Kevin!... We’ve been invited to …” Scotty gets distracted by the way that Kevin kisses his neck. “…a c-ceremony…” Kevin nibbles at his ear-lobe and Scotty feels that he gets all aroused again.. “… and not to have s-s-sex on the couch…” Scotty is sure he’s trying to get some point across, but he’s not sure anymore what it was he was trying to say.

“Just because we weren’t supposed to, doesn’t mean we can’t have any.” Kevin hums and Scotty feels a blush rush to his cheeks. “I mean, this couch is made for f….”
“But do it after break-fast!” Jason says entering the living-room and Kevin lets go of Scotty who quickly puts a pillow on his lap.

Not that it matters, because Jason hasn’t missed Scotty's movement. He can guess the reason and teases:
“Breakfast will be in the garden… Once you two got everything back to... normal size? ….”
Kevin laughs, but Scotty needs to stay put just a little longer and his ‘I hate you’ whispered at Kevin, only causes Kevin to laugh even louder.

When finally all four of them are seated at the breakfast table, Chad puts a stack of papers on the table and slides them to Kevin, who looks through them.
“Seems all in order.” He says. “Registered partnership taken care of. Finances seem okay. I’m just surprised that neither of you have some sort of ‘pre-nup’”

“We did talk about it.” Jason says. “My uncle pretty much insisted on it,…”
“...As did Donald.” Chad nods. “But Jason and I decided to simply join what we have and just hope and pray for the best… It may be naïf, or some overly romantic idea we have, but we both believe everything will turn out fine. So, it’s something we both agree on.”

“Well, it’s not as if either of you is unaware of what could be the consequences….” Kevin shrugs, not wishing to push the subject. After all, Chad and Jason are both mature adults, who have seen enough tragedy around them to not be ignorant by lack of experience.

And after all, he and Scotty had decided the same, even though there had been quite some imbalance for them as well and Kevin had never regretted their decision.
“Exactly.” Jason says. “We did talk about it thoroughly and weighed the pros and cons,… but, I don’t know,...  we’re both pretty sure our relationship can make it.”

Jason’s hand slides over Chad’s and Chad smiles at him.
“It seems to me that Kevin and I can’t exactly tell you not to do it, when we did it ourselves.” Scotty now shrugs and Kevin is surprised that Scotty once again puts into words what had been on his own mind.

“So? Plans?” He asks.
“Just a small ceremony tonight. There will be just the four of us, a local photographer and someone to officiate, just to give it some air of formality.” Chad replies as he lets his hand caress Jason’s. “Jason was right. This is about him and me.”


The sea’s amazing blue color gives a beautiful background to the six men standing on the beach, where the sand is still warm and soft at their bare feet. There’s a soft breeze over the sand, just enough to keep the heat away. This piece of the beach belongs to the secluded house and Chad appreciates the air of privacy it gives them.

Jason’s hands are in Chad’s and the man officiating the ceremony has a nice little speech, that seems to be totally lost on Chad and Jason, because the both of them are too lost in each other, unable to believe that it is actually happening.
“Can I have Chad’s ring?” The man asks and Scotty quickly hands over Chad’s ring to Jason.

Jason nods nervously. He has seen so many weddings, but had never expected to stand there himself and, even now, it still feels a bit unreal.
“Chad, please, accept this ring as symbol of my love,…” With trembling fingers Jason puts the ring on Chad’s hand. “…. And of my devotion and my commitment to you.

As a minister I’ve spoken so often, and sometimes out of pure habit, about the meaning of the ring and that it’s real significance lies in the fact that it has no beginning and no end. Today I put this ring on your finger, just because of that never ending circle, because, corny as it may sound, it symbolizes everything that I feel for you and all that I hope for… Love, with no beginning and no end.”

Chad nods nervously that he got the words, though he’s not entirely sure if he did, but it doesn’t matter, because all he needs to know is that Jason is right there with him.
“Can I now have Jason’s ring?” Kevin steps forward and places Jason’s ring in Chad’s hand.

Chad and Kevin’s eyes meet and Kevin gives Chad an encouraging smile. Chad clears his throat, suddenly not sure if he has the courage to say what is on his mind. His eyes meet Jason's and it gives him strength. He takes a deep breath.

“Jason, I don’t know when I fell in love with you, or where it happened. I just know that you were suddenly there in my heart and that I was no longer willing to let you go. I’ve given you reason to doubt my love in the past, but I also believe, that what I feel for you is so strong that I can promise that this will no longer happen.

So, ... please, ...Jason, ... accept this ring as a symbol of my love for you and know that I am completely aware of its meaning to you. You, as a former minister, have probably spoken out the words more times than you care to remember, but I have never said them out loud to anyone before.

Jason McCallister, I stand here before you to promise you that I will be here with you, in good times and in bad, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and more importantly, … I promise to forsake all others and love only you.…” Jason gasps at those words.

Indeed the being faithful, or rather Chad’s inability to be so, was one of the reasons for his hesitation with regard to a steady relationship with Chad in the past and he can see that Chad is not taking these words lightly today, which makes this promise, right now, even more important to Jason than he had invisioned.

“Tough promise to keep.” Scotty whispers, more to himself than to anyone else.
“Not really. Not if you truly love someone. Remaining faithful is the easiest thing in the world.” Kevin replies with sincerity and Scotty looks at him, wondering if is some little sting at Scotty’s one-night-stand with Marcus.

However, all he sees is how Kevin is so completely taken in by Chad and Jason’s ceremony and he suddenly realizes that Kevin is not talking about Scotty but about himself and how easy it is for him to remain faithful to Scotty. For a few seconds Scotty just stares at Kevin as if he’s seeing him for the first time, or perhaps just the first time in a long while.

Kevin turns to look at Scotty and Scotty sees a shocked look come to Kevin’s face.
“I... I... I didn’t mean to imply… I mean…” Kevin quickly and quietly mutters, but Scotty silences him with a ‘shhh’.
“I know what you meant… and I love you for it.” Scotty smiles at Kevin’s relieved face.

Unaware of what his words have caused between Kevin and Scotty, Chad puts the ring firmly on Jason’s finger. They are both vaguely aware that the man who’s officiating is still halfway some sentence, but neither of them cares any more. Jason wraps his arms around Chad and kisses him, without waiting further permission.


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