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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 10/14

Wedding-jitters 10/14

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason
Rate: G with a dash of NC-17 - I know you guys hate that, but live with it, okay? ;) 
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?


“Chad….” Jason’s voice is a soft request and Chad doesn’t know what to do. He simultaneously wants to walk away, but also stay.
“Chad, please, walking away won’t solve the issues…” Kevin starts.
“… and I’ve worked too hard in the kitchen.” Scotty joins them at their table.

He had seen from his place in the kitchen, that the conversation had changed moods again and he had decided to give Kevin a helping hand. So, he places a hand on Chad’s shoulder and gently pushes him back down.
“Please, Chad. Try not to be such a diva, this is not a soap, but real life.”

Chad sits down and he feels happy when he sees the relief on Jason’s face. He also notices the little nod that Kevin gives Scotty. Scotty disappears to the kitchen and, moment later, returns with the main course and Chad sighs, wishing that sometimes he could read Jason as good as Kevin and Scotty could read each other.

Perhaps Jason had been right about not being too enthusiastic about the wedding. Perhaps they were indeed willing but not ready for such a commitment. Chad barely notices what he’s eating. As if in the distance, he hears the conversation between Jason and Kevin.

The food is great and Chad is slightly amused that Kevin knows what ingredients went into the sauce, though he shouldn’t be surprised. When they had dated, he had on occasion stayed for dinner at Kevin’s place and he had been surprised by the dishes that Kevin had made…

Not that Jason is a bad cook, but he’s not very creative with it either. He’s more into survival-cooking. He knows what to make to stay alive, but that about wraps it up, but Chad had always felt like he was not in a position to complain, since his idea of home cooking was heating up a frozen dinner. He sighs again.

“Chad, I’m sorry. I know I come across as very fickle.” Jason suddenly says softly and Chad, shocked, wonders if he missed something, because he thought Jason was still talking to Kevin. “I don’t know what I want or need at this point.”
“I think that’s very clear.” Chad nods.

“I wanted to think that those feelings were some wedding-jitters, but I don’t think they are. I want to marry you, I’m so honored that you asked me, I truly am. I love you very much and when you proposed….” Jason sighs, a happy little smile on his face at the memory. “It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life…”

“What changed?”
“I don’t know. I got scared, I guess. I started to feel restricted. I’m not in charge of my life, I can't seem to make my own decisions. I got mad that you made choices, but you’re right, they had to be made and I wasn’t making them. I think, maybe,…” Jason searches for his words.

“You’re not ready?” Chad offers.
“No yet anyway.” Jason hardly dares to look at Chad.
“I think, you’re right.” Chad replies. “So, I guess, this is where we decide that we need time and space… no?”


“Well, that didn’t go according to plan.” Kevin says, hanging his shirt carefully over the chair, because it’s still clean and he can still wear it tomorrow.
“No." Scotty admits. "I’m kind of disappointed in this, but I’m glad that they made a more level-headed decision to split up this time.”

“It’s not over.” Kevin can’t help that he still sounds hopeful.
“Oh, come on, Kev! The phrase ‘I need time and space’ usually means ‘this is the end of our relationship’. Let’s not kid each other here. I can’t see how these two can fix this.

If Jason feels this much hesitation, I believe that there’s a good reason for it. He’s been wanting Chad to make a commitment all along and now that Chad does, Jason is bailing out. I guess it’s true that you should be careful what you wish for, because you might actually get it.”

Kevin watches how Scotty picks up the shirt he just hung over the chair, smells at it and shoves in the washing bin, that’s already half full with Olivia’s clothes. Subtle, Scotty, very subtle. In his head Kevin adds deodorant to the shopping-list.
“I don’t know. I just don’t want to give up.”

“Neither do I, sweetie, but….” Scotty disappears into the bathroom and returns a few seconds later. “… what do you want us to do? We can’t force them to get married. I can’t see how we can change Jason’s feelings… You can out-reason facts, but not emotions.”
“I know that.” Kevin replies with a stubborn look on his face.

Scotty joins Kevin in bed and lies down.
“Do you think we can keep Chad and Jason out of our bed?” Scotty asks and Kevin suddenly grins, as his fantasy conjures up an interesting image. Scotty only now realizes that his question could be misinterpreted and a blush comes to his cheeks. “I mean…”

“I know what you meant…” Kevin laughs. “I’m too tired for a four-some anyway…”
“Are you also too tired for a little action between just the two of us?” Scotty asks softly, before kissing Kevin’s cheek, his ear and his throat.
“I think I can manage to bring up just enough energy.”

Kevin’s hands run down Scotty’s back and he turns to his back to take Scotty on top of him. Scotty’s mouth covers his and Kevin’s lips part to give Scotty’s tongue access. He can feel the pressure of Scotty’s hardness against his own and he tentatively pushes back to get a reaction from Scotty.

Scotty immediately intensifies the kiss, not leaving much room for Kevin to breathe, let alone raise an objection, not that Kevin would have protested anyway. Kevin is too busy trying to get rid of the few layers of clothes that are still between Scotty’s naked body and his own.

It doesn’t get easier when Scotty starts to help him and a little struggle underneath the sheets follows, but eventually they’re both naked and finally Kevin can feel Scotty against him, skin to skin. They shift position again, this time it’s Kevin who ends up on top of Scotty.

Bodies slide against each other as both men softly moan between kisses. Kevin has to break the kiss to look down on his husband’s beautiful face. He hesitates, because he’s not sure what he wants to do next. Scotty’s hands slide down Kevin’s back, as low as he can reach and Kevin’s body replies to the caress.

“I don’t know how I should go on. I want to do everything to you and at the same time, just lie here and look at you….” There’s so much lust in his voice and love in his eyes, that Scotty can’t help but smile tenderly.
“Let me choose?” He asks.

“Good.” Kevin answers. Scotty pulls Kevin’s head down and whispers something in his ear and Kevin nods. “If that is what you want….” He says and Scotty nods impatiently. “Okay. Your choice.” Kevin grins and when Scotty sees how Kevin’s head disappears underneath the sheet, he bites his lower-lip in anticipation of what Kevin will do.

Kisses burn on Scotty’s chest as Kevin’s hands move over his belly. Scotty pushes Kevin’s head down. He makes as shocked little movement when Kevin’s hand moves between his leg, but gets distracted by the mouth on his belly.
“Don’t stop. ..” Scotty begs.

And indeed Kevin moves even lower and Scotty bites the sheet to not scream out when that warm mouth takes care of his erection. Scotty hands move down, putting some soft pressure on Kevin’s head. Kevin takes him in even deeper, now holding Scotty’s hips down so that Scotty is at the mercy of Kevin’s mouth.

For Scotty everything becomes a blur. He pushes easily through Kevin’s hold and Kevin knows that Scotty is too close and that it’s time to finish this. Scotty moans as lips and hands brings him inevitably closer to the edge, until he turns his head to bite the pillow and he comes all over Kevin’s hand.


Jason tries turning over, but Kitty’s couch is just not large enough. He kicks away the sleeping-bag and sits up. It’s no use trying to catch some sleep anyway. It’s just not working. He keeps going over tonight in his mind. The things they had both said and done and he knows that the right decision has been made, but it still feels so wrong.

He gets up and gets a glass of water. He can’t imagine that Kevin actually slept on this couch for 3 weeks. He has slept here for nearly a week and he believes that his back is permanently damaged. He walks around the living-room like a caged tiger, unable to sleep, too tired to stay awake.

Eventually he notices a photo-album on a shelve. He picks it up and browses through it. Smiling faces. Nora and Saul, Kevin, Kitty, Sarah, Paige and Joe,… Jason smiles at the memories that those names bring back to him. A wedding-picture of Kevin and Scotty. So happy, he turns over the page and stares at the picture before him….


Chad hurries along the stones. His eyes search for Jason. He feels slightly panicked since he received a phone-call from Jason earlier, begging him to meet Jason here. He could easily hear that Jason had cried. He stops, glad to see Jason, but worried when he sees Jason sitting there, next to the tomb-stone that says: Robert Alexander McCallister.

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