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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 9/?

Wedding-jitters 9/?

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad and Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?
Recap: Jason talks to Scotty, Chad talks to Kevin, but unfortunately talking with each other isn't yet fully developed between Jason and Chad. They break up. Jason is temporarily staying with Kitty (which, knowing her cooking, can never be good for his health either) . Jason and Chad don't get much support from their families, but fortunately Kevin/Scotty (Kitty/Seth) are there to lend a helping hand. ;).


From his kitchen Scotty can see how both Jason and Chad seem to protest a bit, but Kevin merely raises one hand and both become quiet. Scotty grins. He can’t help it, but seeing Kevin acting so forceful is a real turn-on. He bites his lip to find some self-control and he quickly focuses his attention back on the food he’s preparing.

At the table Kevin looks from one to the other.
“Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that these interventions suck and, if my family had done this to me, when Scotty and I were in trouble I would have hated it, so you have my sympathy, but to be honest, Scotty and I feel that the two of you are making the ultimate mistake.

In fact, you actually feel the same way about certain things, yet you yell at each other and you don’t listen at each other.” Chad opens his mouth, but Kevin places his hand on his wrist soothingly and continues. “We, that is Kitty, Scotty and I, are not trying to bring you two together again. That is completely up to you.

We just want to make sure that if  you split up, you do with a full understanding of what is going on and not based on what one assumes the other one is going through or thinking of. Now, Jason spoke with Scotty and Chad talked to me and,… contrary to you guys, Scotty and I then compared notes.

First of all. Jason, I want you to tell Chad, in a very calm manner, why you were already angry when you came home…” Chad opens his mouth again, but Kevin cuts him off immediately. “And you? You just listen. You can talk later.” Kevin waves at Jason, to signal him that he can start talking.

Jason is obviously annoyed by the way Kevin simply takes over, but it comforts him to see the same irritation on Chad’s face. Reluctantly he starts to talk about driving home, Donald’s phone call to him and what exactly Donald had said to him. He’s unaware that, as he explains the angry frown on his face gets mirrored by Chad.

“What?!...” Chad starts, but at that moment Scotty steps closer and places the entrees in front of them. Momentarily distracted by the plate of various little see-food bites, Chad and Jason thank Scotty and Kevin smiles up at his husband. Scotty gives him a quick wink in return, to quietly let him know, that he keeps an eye on what is going on.

“Good, I hope you two will behave yourselves and not start a food-fight…?” Kevin teases and for the first time, there’s a little smile shared.
“Yes.” Jason replies. “And maybe I should not have felt so ‘under attack’, but his words rubbed me the wrong way and then you started to attack me and….”
“Stop!” Kevin immediately takes charges. “Chad had no intention to ‘attack’ you, but only to talk to you…

So, you, Jason, are going to stop here and now Chad will start to talk. And Chad, tell Jason how you feel and what you told me. Don’t accuse Jason of anything, don’t assume that you know exactly what is going on in Jason’s head.” Chad glares at Kevin, then at Jason and he searches for the right words.

“I told Kevin that I felt that you didn’t care much about our upcoming wedding. You weren’t interested….” He starts, but when he catches the look on Kevin’s face he corrects himself with: “To me, you did not seem  interested in getting married to me, in being involved with the preparations, or in our wedding in general …

It gave me the idea that you regretted having said yes to my proposal and that you had changed your mind about the two of us getting married.” Chad finishes with trouble. He has a hard time with showing his feelings, wondering if Jason isn’t going to laugh at him or make his pain even worse somehow.

“Good. Now, Jason, don’t say anything just yet, just finish your food first and think about what Chad said.” Kevin says and, docilely, Jason stares at his hands, not sure what he can reply to Chad’s words. The little snacks Scotty prepared are delicious and a good distraction. Jason takes another one.

“Aren’t those just heaven on earth?” Kevin asks, not without tenderness for his husband’s work.
“Delicious.” Chad replies and Jason hums something as well.
“See, you two already agree on one thing.” Kevin points out with a huge grin.

“Kev, like one of us would dare to disagree with you, when it comes to Scotty’s cooking.” Jason smiles and Chad grins openly as well. A little moment of détente between them and they both relax a bit. Jason takes a few other bites, but turns to Kevin eventually.
“Can I talk now?”

“Alright.” Kevin agrees.
“I’ve been doing some thinking and …. I believe that you’re right, Chad. I can’t seem to get invested and I’m sorry about that. But that is not your fault, not really anyway. I want to marry you. Seriously I do.

And I appreciate that you put so much effort into it and that you’re so involved with making it perfect, but… I feel run over by your enthusiasm. I don’t want a million-dollar wedding. I just want you. I thought that I should simply stand aside and let you deal with it all as you wanted to, because I appreciate all the hard work that you put into this.

However, a few days ago, something inside me just snapped. I got a letter from a friend, a minister who helped with building the school in Malaysia. He keeps me up-to-date on the school and he wrote me that, during a recent fire in the building, they lost a lot of the schoolbooks and it’s nearly impossible to get extra funding.

We put so much strength, energy and hard work in that place and now most children can’t even get the education they need and my heart was crying for him, his colleagues and the children. And then you walked in with a price-offer for the flowers for our wedding…. And suddenly our marriage became so … insignificant to me….

And I know I’m being unreasonable… but somehow I just started to feel bad about our marriage, when I started to feel guilty over the waste of money that could be used for better things, like buying books for the school, rather than spent on flowers that will have wilted and died within 24 hours and will just be thrown away anyway…”

“Wow!” Chad says quietly. “You should have told me.”
“I know. I should have. But I didn’t want to. I know that it’s unbalanced. We can’t solve all the problems in the world….”
“No, we can’t.” Chad admits.

‘However the more I thought about it, the more annoyed I became. This should have been a special day for us, not some media-circus for the world to see. It all feels so shallow and meaningless and ….” Jason takes a deep breath. “I also feel that this marriage is all about you.

You are the one that invited Kevin and Scotty, The Walkers, The McCallisters, your own family, the press, the friends, the few fans…” Chad frowns at Jason’s words.
“But, why shouldn’t I have invited them? Kevin and Scotty are friends to both of us. I’ve gotten to know the Walkers, just like you have.

Should I not have invited your family? You accepted my proposal at Christmas but by April, not a single McCallister had been informed about this yet. You kept postponing it. We were running out of time if we wanted to arrange our day as we wanted.”
“So, you took my address-book and had Donald’s secretary call my entire family?”

“I agree, that might have been a little too intrusive and, because I realized that as well, I told you all about it straight away and I apologized and we made up. And if I recall correctly I didn’t exactly hear you complain about my ... apology….” Chad points out and a blush rises to Jason’s cheek at the memory of the madly hot sex they had had.

Kevin looks from one to the other, as he starts to notice how beautiful both men actually are… He sighs softly. Damn, he always had such a good taste in men and the good sense to pick the best one in the end.. He clears his throat.
“So, if I understand correctly….” He starts, but Chad cuts him off.

“… If I understand correctly, I did everything wrong. I stole the friends, …” He points in Kevin’s direction. “I took the spotlight by inviting your family, I had the audacity to inform my own family of the proceedings, to spend money unnecessarily, I single-handedly made all the decisions, placed all the order and tried to get us … oh, I don’t know… married?….

And that was so mean of me. I wouldn’t want to marry a guy like me either. Go figure! I actively take steps to somehow marry the man I love…. Who would do such an atrocious thing?!” Chad throws his hands in the air and Kevin bites tong to not say to Chad that he shouldn't be such a drama-queen, while Jason looks terribly guilty.

“Never mind.” Chad suddenly says. “It ‘s all been cancelled and it’s over. Maybe it was for the best. Thanks for trying, Kev, but I don’t believe I can handle wasting more of anyone’s time on something that is dealt with, as far as I’m concerned.” Chad says and he puts the napkin down and gets up.

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  • Matthew Rhys 2003

    I'm still not sure about the blond hair. :D

  • just a thought...

    My dear Luke, you can call it 'leg-day' all you like, but in all honesty, it wasn't your legs that got my attention.

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    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…

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  • Matthew Rhys 2003

    I'm still not sure about the blond hair. :D

  • just a thought...

    My dear Luke, you can call it 'leg-day' all you like, but in all honesty, it wasn't your legs that got my attention.

  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…