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welcome to my fantasies
OMG! - part 2 
17th-Jun-2011 07:12 am
kevin season 5

I've been told that Matthew's forum is protected (hadn't thought of that.)  I usually double-check these things, but I was too tired last night to think about that. :)

Anyway, it started with this message (shortened) :

"Welsh actor Matthew Rhys will be paying a special visit this June to his home town of Cardiff for an exclusive fundraising event for Sherman Cymru’s Redevelopment Campaign.

To help raise funds for Sherman Cymru’s redevelopment of the theatre, theatre supporters and Matthew Rhys fans will be able to attend an exclusive ‘Evening with Matthew’ held at one of Cardiff’s newest, chicest bars – the new Kuku Club, Park Plaza Hotel on Thursday 16 June....."

Suzette (Suzi), the webmistress of his site, and I briefly discussed the possibility of going there,  but after carefully weighing it, I had to admit that I just couldn't afford to go. Suzi howewer would go and I would stay home and post any messages that she would text me, so that those on the forum would hear what was going on. And that's what I did last night (well THAT and feeling sorry for myself for missing out, for the third time, on the opportunity to meet Matthew.) 

The event was coming to an end and it was around 10pm (9pm UK-time )  when Suzi called me. ) It was noisy, so I 'lost' her few times, She told me she had had the opportunity to talk to Matthew. They've met before, Matthew knows about the site/forum and she had told him before  how crazy I am what a big fan I am, last November when he launched his book Patagonia: Crossing the Plain/Croesi'r Paith. Way back then she had tried to call me, so I could speak to Matthew, but my phone was broken. :( 

Anyway, Matthew was about to leave and, while still on the phone, Suzi went up to him and asked him if he could talk to me.... And he wanted to!!!! (That one still makes my stomach flutter!) . It wasn't like he HAD to. 

I tried to stay calm. Heck! I've been face-to-face with Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Darth Vader and some bad guy from Stargate (Well the actors in their suits/under the make-up anyway), so I've HAD to been in a weirder spot than this. :)

So, I asked him how the evening had been and he told me that it had been a great, something about great audience, I believe. He was very kind and polite and friendly (asked me why I wasn't there and told me that next time I should come along.) but I didn't dare to keep him on the phone too long and because I knew that he was about to leave, I did feel like I was intruding on some private space. So we said goodbye and he gave the phone back to Suzi...  and I think that was about the right time for me to pass out....  "With dignity"....  ;D

Afterwards, the first person I told about this was my daughter, who was still reading in her bed, though she SHOULD have been asleep by now, and  she had to laugh so hard over her mother acting so excitedly, but who cares? My husband was the second person to hear about it, but he's used to my 'moments of insanity' by now. :)


It's the morning after and I still feel completely in awe, grinning ear-to-ear, over this. I'm SO grateful to both Suzi, who asked Matthew to talk to me and to Matthew that he wanted to take the call. I keep saying this about him, but everytime I believe I can't like him more than I already do, he proves me wrong and it turns out I can. Matthew Rhys is just amazing, just my own unbiased opinion. . :) 

20th-Jun-2011 10:05 pm (UTC)

And...*shy smile* yeah..the greatest gift of all is to see a person open your present you give to him/her...I totally understand that, and for that alone, I'm forever grateful for what Suzi has done for us, for me. I can see why he opened my present right there though, cuz (I wrote down the explanation in the letter to him as well), cuz frankly, fancy wrapping papers are gonna end up in the trash can at the end, so to be a bit creative, I just sent all the stuff in some re-usable materials (I've even got a cute little shopping bag...in color green, red and white...his country's flag color...LOL)...so all he needs to do is to open the big silver bag (which can be re-use as well) and he could just pull everything out and see what's in there!

And hon, I'm sure he must have already read your letter. He's such a kind soul, I believe he will read all the fans letter (esp. if it's given to him by Suzi, those are safe for sure! :D)! I remember reading somewhere about fans letters sent to B&S set to him, that they'd usually scan them first before giving them to him (or other cast members in that case) in order not to let some spam/hate letters to reach him/others to upset them. Suzi told me he opened my letter and saw the pics in there (the ones I told you about in another fic thread) but I was relieved to know he didn't read the letter on the spot. Hopefully, he remembered there's a letter and did read it.

Anyway...going to bed now!! Please pass me the pillow back so I have something to sleep on! :D
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