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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 7/?

Wedding-jitters 7/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?


Kevin takes another grape from the plate and slowly bites it, letting the juice flow into his mouth. He’s on his belly, going through the depositions of his case for Tuesday, while Scotty sits next to him in bed, and reads an old book with French recipes, as if Scotty doesn’t have enough ideas about food in his head.

Scotty gives him a distracted look, for a moment pondering that Kevin could do something more useful with that mouth, but then gives up the dirty thoughts that come to his mind. It’s Sunday-morning and at any moment Olivia can wake up. Scotty loves both Olivia and Daniel, but they sure put a break on their love-life sometimes.

In the past, if both of them had woken up on such an early moment in their Sunday-morning, it would have ended with the two of them falling back to sleep, sweaty, sticky, tired but ultimately satisfied. Very satisfied even. Of course, that kind of spontaneous love-making is a bit out of the question these days.

He sighs and turns the page, while he watches how Kevin puts another grape in his mouth. There’s a little cracking sound as the grape gives in and Scotty cringes, because the noise somehow puts an end to his rather erotic thoughts. He can’t help but smile, as he watches how his husband is so wrapped up in his paperwork, that he doesn’t even notice.

What is it about Kevin reading, lying on his belly, eating grapes, half-naked, that turns him on like this? He wants to ruffle Kevin’s hair, push the papers aside, crawl on his back and just….
“Can I watch tv?” Olivia asks, without even waiting for the ‘come-in’ after her quick knock.

“Olivia!” Scotty replies, feeling slightly embarrassed as if Olivia had actually caught them in a compromising position, rather than it just happening in his mind. “I told you before, wait until Kevin and I tell you to come in…”
“Sorry. Can I?” Olivia replies impatiently.

“Sure.” Kevin says and Olivia disappears again, which makes Kevin turn to Scotty. “Aren’t you overreacting a bit? Yes, she should knock and wait, but you nearly bit her head off. It wasn’t like we having sex….”
“In my mind we were just about to..” Scotty replies and Kevin grins at the little blush.

“Seriously?... On Sunday-morning? … With Olivia in the house, just about ready to get up? … Radical!”
“Kevin! We both agreed that, ….” Scotty starts to defend himself.
“Now, who’s being ‘uptight’?” Kevin teases.

Scotty grabs his pillow and hits Kevin with it, but not too hard though. Kevin laughs and Scotty lies down beside him, letting his fingers caress Kevin’s back.
“Are you actually reading those papers?”
“I should, but, no, I’m not.”Kevin replies more seriously.

“Your thoughts seem miles away.” Scotty says.
“They are. I was just thinking about the whole issue with Jason and Chad. It bothers me endlessly. I feel so responsible. I mean, I’m the one that told Chad to talk to Jason, expecting Jason to be a reasonable person and reply to Chad in a mature fashion…”

“…Which he might have, had he not been so angry….”
“…For God knows what reason….”

“Chad’s manager.”
“Whatshisname?… Donald?  How is he involved in all this?”
“He called Jason, while Jason was on his way home to meet Chad. Made quite a deal about Chad not being too gay on his wedding-day…”

“That’s news to me.”
“Didn’t you know?”
“No. Chad didn’t know. He couldn’t figure out why their fight erupted and got out of control so fast, but if Donald is involved, I’m not surprised…”

“You know him?”
“Yes, not a bad guy, but Chad is his investment. The whole idea to go public about the fact that Chad would be bi-sexual was his. He thought that it would continue to keep Chad ‘marketable’. It did help Chad’s career.

But I can imagine that Donald is more worried now, now that Chad has chosen to be with another man… That has to anger a lot of Chad’s female fans and there is still this standard idea that a gay man can’t play a straight character or would be less convincing at it, so Chad might be less interesting for new movies….”

“You know what Hollywood should do? Make a big blockbuster movie like an Indiana Jones-movie, but instead of the hero getting the blond bimbo with the big boobs in the end, the guy gets this cute guy with his big…” Scotty tries to find a word to make his statement more delicate.

“…. Personality?” Kevin suggests with a huge smile.
“Yeah, amongst other things.” Scotty replies.
“Well, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon, I suppose, so for now Chad will have to deal with Donald on his own.”

“I don’t want Chad to get into trouble.” Scotty replies worried.
“He won’t. Donald and Chad have had their fair share of arguments over the last few years. It was even Donald’s fault that Chad eventually came out.”
“I thought he did that for you?”

“I’d love to take credit, but I was just a catalyst. Coming out had been on Chad’s mind for a while, but he didn’t dare to take the ultimate step out of the closet, until he found out that Donald had dissuaded me from going on an official date with Chad. Chad and I fought and I gave Chad a piece of my mind.

It may have the ultimate push, but it wouldn’t have been if Donald hadn’t already pushed all of Chad’s buttons prior to his argument with me….” Kevin frowns and remembers how confusing those days had been. He sighs and turns to his back, so he can really face Scotty.

“I think I will contact Chad and see if I can get Jason and him to, at least, talk to each other again.” Kevin then says.
“Sounds like a perfect plan to me. One of them is going to have to give in and considering that Chad called off the wedding, I feel it should be him.

“I agree. So, later today, I will see what I can do to get that relationship back on track. But for now, …. come here, my very own Indiana Jones, and discover my big … personality.” Kevin laughs and pulls Scotty closer. Scotty gasps Kevin’s name, but is rendered speechless by the kiss that follows Kevin’s suggestion.

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