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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 6/?

Wedding jitters 6/?

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason, Walkers in general.  
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?


Happy to be home again after the long talk with Chad, Kevin sits down for lunch. He enjoys to watch Scotty make the sandwiches.
“So, finally.” Scotty sits down opposite of Kevin. “How was your morning?” Kevin shrugs.
“Spoke to Chad. Chad seems genuine in his anger, but what he says about Jason, doesn’t sound like Jason.”

“Same thing here. Jason seemed sincere in his anger and pain, but I don’t feel like I recognize the Chad, that he’s talking about.”
“Chad has his flaws, but I’m sure that he loves Jason.”
“Jason definitely still loves Chad.”

“Then, what is stopping them for talking about this all? It makes no sense….. Should I go talk to Jason?” Kevin suggests, but Scotty shakes his head.
“No. Let them both cool off for a day or two. Perhaps we can then arrange a meeting between them...

The more pressure we put on them, the more cross they get. Remember how your family pushed to get us back together after…” Scotty stops talking, no need to say more, now that he, without thinking, had brought back the memory of his cheating. Kevin frowns, but he can understand that Scotty hasn’t brought up the subject to hurt him.

“Yes, the more pressured I felt, the more I wanted to go against it. You’re right about that. I just hope they can fix it.”
“If they truly love each other, and I'm sure they do, then they will find their way back to each other… Eventually.” Scotty replies.

“Like we did?” Kevin asks, a soft smile on his face. Scotty nods, almost shy. Kevin reaches out to Scotty and pulls him closer to kiss his husband's lips. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“I feel the same.” Scotty sighs and replies to kiss.


Nora usually doesn’t read Dan Silk’s columns. His Skinny Minnie-days may be long behind him, and he does have a better reputation as a more reliable writer by now, but Nora still carries a grudge over his articles about Chad with Kevin, when Chad was still in the closet and, later on, the rather nasty comments the man had made about Chad, when he finally did come out.

But the picture with two familiar faces had attracted her attention and then curiosity had gotten the better of her and now she wishes she hadn’t read it. It’s of course a load of nonsense. Why on Earth would Chad and Jason cancel their wedding? They’re in love with each other!

On the other hand… Silk does quote the words of a florist, who had heard that Chad had turned down the offers for the flowers, because the wedding was no longer taking place. Apparently Chad had also cancelled the orders for the suits…. Nora frowns. What is going on?

There ‘s only one person she can think of who could have the answer. So she quickly calls Kevin, but his phone is engaged and another attempt, this time to Scotty gets the same result. Occupied… Strange. Even Olivia’s number doesn’t work and confused she puts her phone down.


“Yes, it’s true, Paige. My dads spoke to uncle Chad and uncle Jason and the wedding does seem to be cancelled….” Kevin can hear Olivia tell Paige. At the other side of the kitchen, Scotty tries to tell Sarah what he knows about the break up and Kevin focuses on his own conversation with Justin again.

“I’m not sure what to do yet either, Justin. Scotty and I thought it was better to not get involved straightaway, but give them both some time to calm down. We thought it was just the tension, the wedding-jitters. I guess we under-estimated the impact it all had on Chad…” Kevin explains.


“No, mom, I’m not telling what happened between Jason and Chad. It would be inappropriate.” Kitty says.
“Inappropriate?” Nora echoes. “If it were Kevin, Tommy or Justin you’d be the first one on the phone.”

“That’s different, those are my brothers, not Robert’s brother… Besides, it’s all too confusing and too painful for poor Jason.”
“So, it’s true then? They’re splitting up.”
“It would seem so.” Kitty reluctantly agrees to.


Jason picks up his phone and watches the display to see who’s calling. He’s not sure that he’s willing to talk someone just yet. He sighs, when he sees a familiar name pop up.
“Hi, uncle Jack.” He greets and suddenly he feels tired.
“Is it true?” Uncle Jack asks without even bothering to greet Jason in return.

“About Chad and me? Probably. I haven’t spoken to him personally, but I have it confirmed that the statements, made by Silk in his article, are true. Chad has cancelled all the wedding-preparations.” Jason swallows hard to hold back his tears. It’s only now, that he says the words out loud, that it becomes real to him. Chad and he are through.

“Well, good riddance.” Uncle Jack’s voice is so cold and unkind, that Jason blinks a few times, as he tries to adjust to the sudden change of tone of the conversation. He had expected some compassion, some care. This unfeeling approach takes his breath away.
“Why do you say that?” Jason eventually manages to ask.

“Well, it’s very obvious, isn’t it? He was never good enough for you. An actor! And not a good one either. You deserve someone better than him. The family and I have kept our mouths shut, because we didn’t want to hurt you, but this news is the best news in months! At least now, you can look for someone who’s better….”

Jason slowly sinks down on the couch as a thousand and on thoughts tumble through his mind. Uncle Jack rambles on, but Jason no longer listens. He had expected that the family would have issues with Chad, but he had believed them to be honest and sincere in the way that had welcomed Chad into the McCallister-family. He’s shocked to find out that it was all just a lie.

It’s not like he can’t see why they did it, and perhaps he should appreciate that they didn’t want to his hurt his feelings, but Uncle Jack’s words make him feel uneasy, lied to and disrespected. Tears start to rise and he has to swallow real hard to not let the man on the other side know, just how deeply hurt he is.


“Mom! I guess, you heard.” Chad sighs. He’s been ignoring his phone all morning, but he could not dismiss his mother.
“Honey, I’m so sorry that things didn’t work out as you had hoped between Jason and you….” his mother starts.

“You know…” Chad wants to tell her what has happened, but his mother cuts him off.
“I guess, it was just for the best… After all, you and Jason didn’t have much in common with each other and you’re such a wonderful, loving and caring person. You don’t really need that arrogant jerk.”

“Whah…?” His mother’s words are a very unpleasant surprise for Chad. “I thought you said you liked him…?” He stammers.
“Well, couldn’t very well tell him to his face that he should stop acting as if he’s better than you, now could I? I wanted you to be happy.

You live your own life and you make your own mistake and though I knew straightaway that he was going to be a mistake, I had hoped that I would be proven wrong and that somehow he would love as much as you love him and that he would treat you well, like you deserve…” Chad actually stops listening beyond this point.

He gets that his mother wants to be supportive, that she takes his side, but she honestly has no idea what happened and, what is worse, she doesn’t seem to want to know. Tears sting in his eyes. He clenches his fist to not cry. Not now. Later perhaps. He lets his mother talk and he cannot recall the last time he was this happy when he can finally hang up.

Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty, series - wedding jitters

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