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Fanfic: Wedding jitters 3/?

Wedding-jitters 3/?

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty. Oh, and Kitty pops up briefly.
Rate: G/NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Remember how Chad proposed to Jason at the end of "Underneath the mistletoe"? Well, Chad and Jason have set the date for their wedding, but will things go as smoothly as Chad/Jason had hoped?


Scotty pays the baby-sitter and checks if Daniel is sound asleep, but he’s out like a light. Then he has a quick look in Olivia’s room, to see if she’s not secretly reading in her room, but Olivia is also in a deep sleep, snoring softly as she lies in a weird position, diagonally over the bed with her head hanging down.

Scotty compassionately shakes his head and puts her back in a more comfortable position. She makes a smacking little sound, turns over, hugs her pillow and is back to dreamland. Scotty smiles lovingly and he caresses her hair. He quietly leaves her room, closing the door behind him without waking her up.

Finally he has the time to sit down and relax. However the answering-machine catches his eye. He pushes the ‘play’ button.
“Kevin, it’s Kitty. Can you give me call as soon as you hear this…. I’ll be up until 10.”
It’s nine-thirty and Scotty doesn’t expect Kevin back within half an hour.

He sighs and dials Kitty’s number.
“Hi, Kitty, it’s Scotty. I just heard your message. Kevin has a meeting and won’t be home before eleven. Can I help you?”
“I’m not sure… I didn’t really think of you… but… who knows…” Kitty replies hesitantly.

“Is everything alright?” Scotty asks concerned.
“With me, yes. With Jason, not so much…. He showed up here. Upset. Chad and Jason are through. They broke up.” Scotty nearly drops his phone.
“What? Why?”

“Not a clue. He only told it was over and that he didn’t want to talk about it. And he won’t talk about it, until he’s ready. He can be so much like his brother sometimes.”
“Well…. I don’t know what to say… I’ll tell Kevin.” Scotty replies, a little worried and hoping that the break up has nothing to do with his earlier advice to Jason, that Jason should talk to Chad.


“What do you mean ‘break up’?” Kevin asks, taking off his clothes and carefully hanging them over the chair. “How can they break up, they love each other?”
“I’m just as much in the dark as Kitty was and you are. I know that Jason wasn’t very happy with all the arrangements…..” Scotty starts.

“What do you mean? Chad told me that Jason doesn’t give a damn about the arrangements. Chad felt as if he’s more involved in this than Jason is….” Kevin replies, slipping under the covers to move next to Scotty. Scotty lies down and Kevin lets his head rest against Scotty’s shoulder.

“Jason thinks that Chad is too extravagant.” Scotty shrugs.
“Well, what did he expect? Beloved bi soap-star marries gay ex-minister, brother to late Senator, it’s bound to create a media-fuss.” Kevin replies.
“Yes, Jason knows that, but he feels that Chad has become more interested in the media aspect, than in actually getting married to Jason.”

“Oh, Jason hasn’t read Chad’s vows yet.”
“He had some vow written?” Scotty asks.
“Nope. Wrote them himself.”
“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. What Chad wrote comes straight from his heart and in his words. I’m sure of that.”
“Maybe we should talk to them?” Scotty offers.
“Yeah, maybe….” Kevin replies, kissing Scotty’s shoulder. Scotty smiles and turns his head.

Their kiss is slow and languid at first, but it gradually becomes more intimate. Scotty pushes Kevin on his back, his hand slips down over Kevin’s belly straight to that hard cock that impatiently awaits his touch. Kevin’s breath hitches at the contact and he lets Scotty play with him, as he demands more kisses from Scotty.

Chad and Jason are instantly forgotten by both Kevin and Scotty. Spontaneous love-making has become so rare these last few weeks that if it does happen, nothing can stop them, aside from Daniel’s crying over the baby-monitor, though that hasn’t happened for more than a week now.

For a moment, Scotty wonders what he wants to do with Kevin, but he doesn’t have to think long. He breaks the kiss and Kevin whimpers with disappointment until he sees Scotty’s head disappear under the covers. He bites his lower-lip to not scream out, when, after a long and slow journey, Scotty’s mouth finally reaches its destination.

“Oh, fuck.” He whispers, when those lips start to take care of him. He knows it will be too quick, but he can’t really control himself much longer and he pushes Scotty’s head down. He’s close, so close. He begs Scotty quietly to not stop, not now, not… The climax hits him faster than he expected and he lets himself go, with no further thought for Scotty.


Chad. Jason. .... Scotty blinks a few times in the darkness. He had woken up with something important on his mind, but now that he’s actually awake, he can’t remember what it was that woke him. He gets out of bed and checks on the children. By the light of Zemulon’s terrarium he can see that Olivia is sound asleep.

He carefully opens the door to Daniel’s room, but Daniel, clutching the toy ape Kitty had given him, is also in dreamland. So Scotty returns to bed and spoons up against Kevin again. He sighs and his warm breath caresses the skin in Kevin’s neck. Kevin moans in his sleep and presses closer to Scotty.

Scotty kisses his hair and he closes his eyes again. Whatever it was that had woken him, if it was truly important, he’d remember it in the morning. Kevin, Olivia and Daniel are all sleeping peacefully. His family is alright and that is all Scotty needs to know to get back to sleep as well.

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