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39 steps - step 37 - 1.03 Affairs of state

August 20, 2008
It’s 39 days to go until the start of season 3 in America.
There are 39 episodes for season 1 and 2. (Not taking the unaired episode in account or the original pilot, as not everybody can see those)
I started to watch the episodes again. One episode a day.
And then I got the plan to write a small scene for every episode. (Never more than 1 page long)

1.03 Affairs of state
By Marea67
About: Holly
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Holly loves a party.
She could not remember the last time she was this excited. She looked at herself in the mirror. Nice black dress with embroidery. Cheerful, not too open, not too classy for a pool-party, not too cheap either…. She sighed. She felt weird about accepting Nora’s invitation, but Nora could not have been nicer and it was so hard to say “no” to her.
She had never been at William’s house before and, so far, she always tried her hardest not to think about his wife and children. But William died and at the funeral they had suddenly become incredibly real. And then Justin had shown up at her place… And then Nora herself. With Saul. She shook her head. What a nightmare moment.
Standing at the door, ready to leave, she remembered seeing Nora stand before her, when she replied to the knock on her door. For one moment she thought that Nora had found out, but Nora had introduced herself as if Holly didn’t know who she was. Holly felt lucky that Nora was still in the dark about her and William. William’s death was painful enough without having to fight his widow.
She got into her car. And as she drove away from her house, she thought about the invitation. She must have made a good impression on Nora to be invited to her house like that. For a moment she indulged in a little fantasy about how she and Nora could be friends, Nora not knowing about her past with William. No one knew, except maybe Justin, but he wouldn’t tell. It almost felt like getting a bit of William back.
William. God, she missed William. And at the same time she didn’t. She knew he was dead. That hurt. She pretended he was with Nora and not able to see her. That eased the pain. Slightly. She was used to not having him around, but it was hard to handle that he would never come to her again, that she would never hear his voice on the phone or just to have him suddenly standing on her doorstep, when she least expected it.
She parked her car and hesitated before getting out. She was nervous. A part of her, just wanted to go home and not do this. But she had to. For William. She quickly looked at herself in the rearview mirror, ran her fingers through her hair, checked her lipstick. She smiled at herself. Everything was alright. She was going to enjoy herself tonight. She just knew it. And with confidence in her heart she walked up to front-door of Nora’s house.
The End
Tags: character - holly, series - 39 steps

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