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Fanfic: A night without kids - part 2 (final part)

A night without kids – part 2 (final part) 

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is owned by ABC, who, for ssome stupid reason canceled this show.
Summary: Following the events of 'Change partners and dance' and 'part 1' of this story, Scotty wakes up in the middle of the night.


The sound of the alarm hardly wakes him, maybe due to the fact that Scotty has quickly turned it off, so Kevin can hang on to that moment where you drift between sleep and waking up. Kevin has to admit that something can be said about waking up in the strong arms of the man you love.

He just wishes he wasn’t still so tired. He feels like he barely slept for two hours…
“Forget the alarm…” Scotty hums in his ear. “My mistake…” Kevin makes a little noise that he got the message and he relaxes in Scotty’s arms again, until he feels Scotty’s hand go through the hair on his chest with just that sweet tickling feeling.

He smiles, but assuming Scotty is just trying to soothe him back to sleep, he ignores it, until Scotty’s hand slowly move a little lower, starts drawing small circles on his belly that become bigger, but dismisses the growing arousal on Kevin’s part. Kevin breathes faster.

Kevin’s hand covers Scotty’s and he pushes Scotty’s hand on his erection, moaning softly at the pressure and rubbing up against Scotty’s body, noticing that Scotty is not unaffected either. He can feel Scotty’s warm breath on his skin when he laughs. Seeing no reason to torture Kevin any further, Scotty’s fingers take hold of Kevin’s hard cock.

Cocooned tightly by Scotty’s arm underneath him and the other one around him, Kevin doesn’t have much space to move and Scotty dictates the love-making. Kevin’s breathing becomes faster, following the movements of Scotty’s hand, while Scotty’s mouth on his mouth muffles any sound he tries to make.

Scotty slows down and backs away from Kevin, rolling Kevin on his back. His hand keeps stimulating Kevin and Kevin responds to the touches as he should, pushing up his lower body to silently encourage Scotty to go on. Scotty kisses his lips and his throat to then focus on Kevin’s nipples, softly biting the sensitive skin around them.

When Kevin’s moans become too tortured, Scotty moves down further, still playing with Kevin, just enough to keep him aroused. Kevin responds to Scotty’s touches and his breathing becomes heavier and stops altogether for a few seconds when Scotty’s mouth takes hold of Kevin’s cock.

The world seems to spin out of control for Kevin. Tired, still caught halfway between sleep and being awake, between lust and the desire to surrender, he can only whisper Scotty’s name and beg him to go on. Scotty’s fingers move inside him, making Kevin even more aroused. All the lines start to blur.

Kevin’s hands, at first, try to push Scotty away, but when Scotty doesn’t listen his warning, he can no longer hold back and he pushes himself deep in Scotty’s throat, no longer able to control the desire that overwhelms him. Kevin falls back on the pillow, drained and exhausted from the release.

He’s vaguely aware of Scotty moving around him, he distractedly considers that he should satisfy Scotty in return, but he hears Scotty whisper something about getting some sleep and the satisfaction covers him like a warm, heavy blanket, when he feels Scotty’s arm around him once more. Feeling safe and warm, Kevin drifts off to sleep.


Scotty wakes up to the smell of coffee and toast. He stretches out like a cat and rolls to Kevin’s side of the bed, which is empty right now. Lying on his belly he thinks about what happened last night. He had never known how superior it could make him feel to be able to satisfy another man, until he met with Kevin.

It had always been about his own feelings, his own needs and his own satisfaction first. If his partner, whomever it was at the moment, joined him in that moment than it was a lucky moment. It wasn’t until his first time with Kevin that something had changed in him.

He had been amazed by how this arrogant lawyer could be so shy in matters of love. Not that he was inexperienced, because Kevin knew very well what to do and how to do it, but there had been something in the way, that he gave himself when they made love that made Scotty understand, that somehow Kevin had no idea how beautiful, sensual and amazing he actually was.

Scotty had felt this need to be loved in Kevin and he had made it almost his personal mission to give Kevin what he was looking and he had discovered that satisfying Kevin had become as important, or perhaps more important, to him.  Just the knowledge that he, Scotty Wandell, could drive Kevin completely insane was just a delicious feeling.

He smiles at the thought, but turns over when he hears a noise at the door. It opens slowly revealing Kevin carrying a large tray. He carries it inside and pleasantly surprised, Scotty sits up.
“Breakfast in bed?” he asks quickly, before Kevin bends over him to kiss his lips.

“Thought you might like that.” Kevin replies, stealing another kiss before sitting down at the foot of the bed.
“The coffee smells great.”
“Spoke to mom. Olivia, Paige and Cooper are having a lot of fun in the pool.”

“Any word from Daniel?”
“Kitty left a message for me that he slept well, ate well and that Evan wants him for his brother…”
“We better keep an eye on him, wouldn’t want Kitty to accidentally take him with her back to Boston.”

Though Scotty is joking, of course, both he and Kevin can’t really laugh, remembering how Daniel had been kept from them for so long.
“We have to let Daniel go… I don’t want him shackled to us either…” Kevin gives words to Scotty’s thoughts.

“I know, this is why I think this is a good decision. For all of us. I know we can trust Kitty. She would never hurt Daniel or take him away from us…” Scotty acknowledges, glad that Kevin does not remind him that he once believed the same thing about Michelle and that perhaps he’s not such a good judge of characters.

Their eyes meet, they both know it’s on their minds, but Kevin also knows how much Scotty has been beating himself up over choosing Michelle as their surrogate and he doesn’t want to add more guilt to Scotty’s feelings. So, they smile at each other, each one happy that he doesn’t have to explain himself.

“I love you.” Scotty suddenly says and he’s surprised by how passionately those words leave his lips. Kevin seems to be equally shocked, because for a moment he doesn’t say anything, but just looks flabbergasted and then a bit shy.
“And I love you, baby.” Kevin finally manages to say.

Their hands touch slightly when they both simultaneously reach for the toast and Kevin gently caresses Scotty’s fingertips. They continue their breakfast and they talk about the wedding, Justin and Tyler, Nora and Brody, the work that has to be done tonight and if they should buy Olivia some new books.

As soon as they both had enough to eat, the tray is put aside, making it easier for Kevin to get closer to Scotty. Their topics become less important as Kevin places his hand on Scotty’s knee and a playful smile comes to Scotty’s lips. Kevin gets on his hands and knees, getting closer to Scotty.

Scotty slowly lies down on the bed and Kevin covers his body with his own. Their kiss is intimate and warm. Scotty’s hands caress Kevin’s back, drawing bigger and bigger circles until they land on Kevin’s ass and pushes him further down so he can feel how aroused Scotty is and so Kevin can realize that action needs to be taken…

This time it’s Kevin who takes care of the preparations, who knows exactly how to make Scotty beg to go on. This time it’s Scotty who gasps when he feels Kevin slip inside. This time it’s Scotty who’s is pushed to his limits of what he can take, but who’s not complaining about being kept on the verge of falling.

There’s something about having sex so early in the morning that seem to turn Scotty on and he loves to see the look of pure ecstasy on Kevin’s face. Scotty begs for more. He wants Kevin to move faster and to push deeper and harder. Kevin gives him everything he asks for and more.

With a loud moan Scotty finally climaxes and it’s stronger and more overwhelming than he had imagined and out of breath he lets Kevin take care of his own satisfaction, surrendering to the final hard thrusts, until Kevin finally reaches his peek as well and he collapses on top of Scotty…


They had planned to get out of bed early, so they could do a lot of things before Olivia and Daniel came back, but all their plans got cancelled. Instead, they fall asleep again, curled up in each other’s arm, tired, but satisfied and in the knowledge that their love is still strong and that it will only grow stronger with each passing day.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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