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welcome to my fantasies
Fanfic: A night without kids - part 1 
22nd-May-2011 09:38 pm
kevin/scotty kiss orange

A night without kids 1/2 

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 ! - Yeah! I finished it!
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is owned by ABC, who, for stupid reason canceled this show.
Summary: Following the events of Change partners and dance, Kevin and Scotty arrive at their place, without their kids.


It’s eerily quiet when Kevin and Scotty enter their house. For the first time in a long time it’s just the two of them. No Olivia. No Daniel. The restaurant is already closed so there’s no noise coming from there either, though, the noises of the restaurant usually don’t reach their place to begin with.

“This… is weird.” Kevin says and Scotty smiles at his words.
“Yes, it is. It feels a bit … empty…. But at least we’ll have the place to ourselves…” He says hopeful.
“Yes, that’s nice.” Kevin says, distractedly picking up one of Daniel’s toys.

“Come on. This morning you were trying your best to get me in to your bed,….” Scotty reminds Kevin, walking up to him from behind and taking the toy out of Kevin’s hand. He wraps an arm around Kevin and kisses his neck, but Kevin turns away with a sigh.
“You didn’t want me.”

“I wanted you, but I was tired.” Scotty says, making another attempt to get Kevin get in his arms.
“And now I’m the one who’s tired.” Kevin replies, turning away from Scotty once more. He takes off his jacket and leaves for the bedroom.

Scotty gives him a puzzled look, wondering if Kevin is just playing hard to get, or if he’s actually really tired. He follows Kevin into the bedroom.
“Kev? Are you okay?” He asks, when he sees Kevin sitting on the bed, looking rather undecidedly.

“I don’t know. I just feel weird… Like I felt when I quit my job with Robert. I knew I had made the right decision, but somehow, the next day I just sat there on the couch and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I feel the same way now. We’ve hardly had some time to stop and think about everything that has happened these last few weeks.

Michelle, Daniel, Olivia, Sarah’s wedding, rehearsing for Luc’s dance, work …. Just to have everything run in a organized way took up all our attention and suddenly that’s all gone… Michelle is gone, Daniel is with Kitty, Olivia with mom, Sarah and Luc are married,…

We even kept our schedules clear because we thought that we’d have to be up early for Daniel and Olivia, which we don’t have to do now. It’s all this sudden freedom that freaks me out.”
“I thought that some time to ourselves would be a good thing?” Scotty asks.

He sits down next to Kevin and wraps an arm around his shoulders to pull him closer. Kevin looks up at him and sighs.
“It should be… But now there’s just us…”
“And?” Scotty still doesn’t understand where this is going.

Kevin shrugs, plays with his hands a bit, before he carefully explains:
“It’s been a while since we actually had time to do this… really take time for sex, not some quick bit of satisfaction, but ….” Kevin suddenly jumps up, claps his hands as if he wants to break his thoughts and continues:

“What am I whining about? There’s you, me, no kids, bedroom… Let’s get it over with… Turn off the lights, will you?” He starts to undo the buttons on his shirt, not noticing the flabbergasted look on Scotty’s face.”
“Wow! Your ‘let’s get it over with’ is such a turn-on.” Scotty says sarcastically.

“What? Oh, come on. You know what I mean.” Kevin says, without even looking at Scotty.
“No, I don’t. I hoped we would finally have some time to make love with each other, without getting interrupted. I guess, I hadn’t realized that ‘having sex with Scotty’ was a just another chore on your list of ‘things to do before I can finally have some sleep’.”

“No. That’s not it. It’s just… We finally have the opportunity, so we must act on that, because God knows when we have the chance again. It’s all so… desperate. I want to enjoy doing this and not feel like I have to perform a trick before my time with you is up again.”

Scotty calms down and relaxes a bit, glad that things are not as bad as he had feared.
“I know what you mean, there is a bit of a ‘now or never’-feeling to it, and I appreciate that you don’t want it to be like that between us, but I … I don’t want to spend my precious time with you, arguing over this, when we have more entertaining things to do.”

“I agree. So, just… let’s do it…” Kevin says.
“That does sound better than ‘get it over with’.” Scotty jokes.
“Bad choice of words.” Kevin agrees.
“Then perhaps you should stop talking.” Scotty takes Kevin is his arms.

Finally Kevin looks up at him to let their mouths meet each other. His lips part to receive Scotty’s tongue in a warm and intimate kiss. Scotty’s sweet moan of appreciation gets silenced by a familiar sound. Scotty let’s go of Kevin, by the second bleeping sound.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He says, picking his cell-phone from his jacket and he watches Kevin do the same.

“It’s from Kitty…. A picture of Daniel, sound asleep in Evan’s old bed….” Kevin sighs and he lets himself fall on the bed. Scotty lies down beside him.
“Olivia just texted that she and Paige will sleep together in Kitty’s old room… Lots of exclamation-points. She’s so excited.” Scotty’s smiles as he and Kevin exchange phones to see the picure of Daniel and read Olivia's text.

Kevin and Scotty’s phones both let know that there’s a message. From Paige.
“No worries. Confiscated all phones, so you 2 can finally… ‘sleep’. - Nora” It’s followed by a smiley and Kevin and Scotty smile at each other and Scotty pushes Kevin on his back, to crawl on top of him.

“And now, I no longer want to wait.” He undoes the fly of Kevin’s pants with ease. “I want to be inside you.” He impatiently claims Kevin’s mouth.
“Make love to me.” Kevin moans under the pressure of Scotty’s hand. Scotty kisses the side of his throat and Kevin pushes himself up closer to Scotty, guiding Scotty’s mouth.

His hands roam where he can touch Scotty’s body, trying to undress him, but Scotty’s mouth is too distracting and it makes his hands uncoordinated.
“Scotty!” Kevin’s tortured moan makes Scotty look up. “I want you. Now… Just don’t take so much time. I don’t want to wait…. We can always… do it again later….”

Scotty grins, happy that Kevin is more eager now. He nods that he agrees and there follows a struggle between them as they try to get undressed, without giving up on kissing or touching, but eventually, with a sigh, Scotty lowers his naked body on Kevin’s, making Kevin moan softly at the pressure on his body, and one part of it in particular.

“Not too heavy?” Scotty asks sweetly and Kevin shakes his head. “Good, because I’m almost there where I want to be….” His lips brush against Kevin. “… inside of you….” He applies more pressure to the next kiss. “…. Making love with you…” The kiss intensifies. “… and coming like I’ve done before…”

“Shut up.” Kevin replies, demanding Scotty’s lips back on his mouth. His lips part to let Scotty’s tongue in, as Scotty holds Kevin’s head steady between his hands, barely giving him space to move, but Kevin doesn’t plan on struggling the kisses too much anyway. The kiss is long overdue and they both appreciate the fact that they finally can lose themselves in each other once more.

“Good?” Scotty asks, after breaking the kiss. Kevin can only nod, as he dreamingly looks up to his husband. “Want more?”
“Just more kisses? Or … .more?” He asks teasingly. “Remember I read the fine-print.”
“You’re such a lawyer…. You’re going to get it all.” Scotty laughs, reaching out to the lube.

Kevin turns over, giving Scotty easy access to his body. Scotty caresses his back, kisses his neck. Scotty’s tongue licks Kevin’s skin, warm and hot, only to blow softly on that same spot so that the warm and cold moments can send shivers down Kevin’s spine. Kevin’s pushes back to the intruding fingers, showing Scotty how ready he is.

Scotty’s breathing is too fast, he’s too aroused and Kevin knows he’ll never last long, but he doesn’t mind because he’s too close to the edge as well. He grabs the pillow upon feeling Scotty come inside him and he closes his eyes tightly.
“Oh, my God.” He whispers softly and Scotty stops immediately.

“I’m sorry, am I hurting you...? Am I going too fast? ”
“No. Go on. I had almost forgotten how good it feels when you do this…” Kevin replies. “Just don’t stop, just do it...” Scotty obeys immediately and the next thrust makes Kevin’s lips part.

Scotty takes over, controls Kevin’s body with ease as Kevin’s constantly growing louder moans follow Scotty’s thrusts. For the first time in a long time there’s no reason to be quiet or to hold back on their passion and they both take their chance. Scotty presses Kevin further onto the mattress, pushing deeper inside him.

Kevin feels how his head is pulled back and Scotty claims his mouth for a few seconds, only break the kiss.
“I can’t ….” Scotty stammers softly and Kevin knows that Scotty is losing control. His hand moves underneath him. He wants to come together with Scotty.

“Just a little more…” Kevin begs.. “Just… Not now… Just a little longer….” And Scotty tries, he really does, but it’s a hopeless fight. His desire for satifaction takes over. There are just few more hard thrusts that make Kevin call out his husband’s name, but eventually Scotty has to give in and fortunately Kevin is right there with him….


He’s pretty sure, he most have dozed off a bit. After all, there’s nothing more delicious than falling asleep with Kevin’s back firmly pressed up against his chest and belly. Scotty smiles and reached out for the alarm and sets it for a time two hours later. He knows that Kitty and Nora wanted to give Kevin and him an restful night without kids, but Scotty has other plans ….


1st-Jun-2011 07:12 am (UTC)
**** ... poor Kevin..yeah..it's kind of surreal (BTDT)...feel like your soul shouldn't be inside your body... :D...****

I know, I've had that same feeling when I lost my job. I was really happy to be fired, because I no longer enjoyed the work-place (the work, yes, but company, not so much) and I always said to myself, "If I get fired, then I'll sleep in, clean the house, I'll do this and that and I'll finally have some time to myself."

But the reality was that Monday was my last day at work and Tuesday at 8am (my usual time to leave) I sat on my couch staring at the tv-screen (turned off), dressed, breakfast eaten and wondering: "Now what?" - Silly, huh?
5th-Jun-2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Aren't we just have the same fate...twins the past life? I got fired last year as well, just because two ex-colleagues opened their own company (with help from our retired ex-boss), then the firm (my ex-employer) found out, interrogated me for information (HR and boss and supervisor), I told them we used to be close at work but it doesn't mean we're friends outside work. Told them really have no information more than they do (which is really a fact, but for them opening a company I knew, they even invited me, but I turned the offer down due to my own reasons. But it was not my position to give anyone info. Plus the firm has no right neither, people left their firm can't do things for a living?)! Thing is the ex-colleagues approached the firm's clients later (it was an international law firm) and the big partners panicked. Need to find a scapgoat. Even they couldn't find evidence on me (because they wouldn't, and I didn't do anything), so they used some kind of lame excuses saying the department is overloaded with too many manpower, so they have to let me go. You know, I hate how it turned out, but I don't cherish a bit to work with that firm. You were doing better than me. Cuz the next morning I didn't even wanna wake up and get dressed. But I managed. Then I got to catch up on B&S. The only worst part, was when Kevin lost his job. Late season 4 Kevin was so me, totally connected to him you know.
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