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Fanfic: Change partners and dance.... 2/2

Change partners and dance…. 2/2

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Sarah, Luc, Gabriella, Seth, Paige, Tommy, Kitty, Brody, Nora, Saul, Jonathan, Olivia, Justin, Tyler, Scotty to end up with Kevin once again.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Dancing and more dancing.




“We have Nora’s blessing.” Saul says and Jonathan raises an eyebrow.
“Did we need that?” He teases and Saul look at him, slightly taken aback.
“No, no.. it’s just ….”
“I know, Saul. I was just teasing you…” Jonathan replies.

“I knew that.” Saul frowns however, because it is sometimes hard to find out if Jonathan is joking or being serious. Jonathan’s more laid back nature sometimes just clashes with Saul’s nagging worries.
“I never expected anything else. She just wants you to be happy.”

“Did she say that to you?” Saul wonders if Nora and Jonathan ever talk about him.
“Not explicitly, but it’s rather obvious. She loves you. You’re her older brother. She’s someone who wants the best for her family and that includes you.”
“And ‘the best’ would be you, of course?”

“Of course.” Jonathan replies without a hint of modesty, before he starts to smile again. “I love you. You mean everything to me. So, yes, I’m the best one for you.” Jonathan catches the way Saul quickly glances around, trying to figure out if anyone could have heard Jonathan’s words… So, feeling a little annoyed by the shame that Saul still seems to feel, Jonathan grabs him and plants a firm kiss on his lips, for everyone to see.




“I have to admit it. You dance better than I expected.” Jonathan says and Olivia glows with pride.
“I always loved to dance.” She says. “But no one ever really thought me. I just watched very closely when there was dancing on tv. And I tried to copy it.”

“I learned it a long time ago. All these dances that you young people don’t dance anymore. The waltz, the tango….”
“Could you teach me?” Olivia asks eagerly.
“I think I could.” Jonathan replies surprised by her question.

“Whenever you like?”
“Perfect… I will ask Kevin and Scotty if it’s alright with them.”
“Good idea.”

Jonathan is surprised by his own reaction. He never liked children that much, but somehow Olivia and Daniel had stolen his heart as had Paige and Cooper. Perhaps it is just because he considers them a part of Saul, and he loves Saul, but the feeling surprises him nonetheless.




“Uncle Jonathan is going to teach me to dance.” Olivia says enthusiastically when she starts to dance with Justin.
“I guess, he’ll be better at teaching you, than I would be.” Justin laughs.
“Yeah, I saw that.” Olivia replies with some sarcasm.

“Are you saying, I can’t dance?” Justin asks, mock-indignity on his face.
“You can’t dance.” Olivia confirms, knowing that she can say something like that to Justin.
“You’re breaking my heart….” Justin laughs.
“It’s not like no one told you that before.”

“Kevin did.” Justin has to say and then, remembering earlier this day, he continues: “And so did Scotty….”
“Take their word for it, Uncle Justin. Don’t give up your day-job…. And … Shouldn’t you rescue your lady in blue?” Olivia teases as she points to Tyler, who dances awkwardly with one of Luc’s nephews.




“Thank you.” Tyler says from the bottom of her heart. “That guy had 5 pair of hands and they were all over me.” She shivers and Justin pulls her closer.
“I love to be your knight in shining armor.” He replies and Tyler lets her lips brush against his. The little promise of a kiss hangs between them, but they don’t react on it.

“I’m glad you still wanted to dance with me.” Tyler then says quietly.
“I’m glad you still wanted me. Period.” Justin looks a bit embarrassed. “I had no right to pressure you like that. It took me quite a while to accept that my marriage with Rebecca was over as well. I had no right to assume that it would be easier for you.”

“It was easier and, at the same time it wasn’t. I didn’t want to be an added number on the divorce-statistics, but eventually even I had to admit that it just wasn’t working.”
“I agree. It takes a while to accept that .” Justin nods, surprised by his own wisdom in this.

“Then we both agree? No more pushing and pulling?” Tyler asks. “I would really like to be honest with you. Mike is a part of my life and I want to be able to mention his name, without you going all weird on me.”
“Agreed.” Justin says immediately.

“And I want you tell me more about Rebecca. She’s a part of you. She was your wife. You loved her at a certain point. Enough to want to marry her. There’s no reason to act as if she some total stranger….” Tyler’s words make a lot of sense to Justin and with a promise that he’ll talk to her, he pulls her closer.




She notices that someone cuts in and Justin smiles as he lets her go. Tyler turns around, straight into someone’s arms. For a second she considers to say that she’s not actually a guest, but then there’s the recognition.
“Hi, Tyler.” Scotty says with a grin.

“Scotty! Justin told me that you and Kevin got married.” She replies with a smile. She looks around at all the people dancing. “This brings back memories… A charity event… Kevin was so drunk…. Over you.”
“You were wearing a green dress…”

“… when we were all supposed to dress in black and white…” Tyler laughs.
“Didn’t help much that you guys had the ‘Wicked’ table…” They both smile at each other and continue to dance.
“I was happy to hear that Justin and you had found each other again.” Scotty says.

“Me too. I thought I’d lost him forever…. Isn’t it funny how we both broke up with the Walker men? And how we somehow manage to find them again?”
“Be careful what you get yourself into….” Scotty smiles.
“I have no plans to let my Walker-man leave again…” Tyler says with a little wink.

“I don’t plan to let go of mine either.”
“Your baby is so cute…. And that little girl dancing with Kevin? Justin said she’s your daughter.”
“Adopted. But, yeah, ours.”

“Such a lovely little family…”
“Thank you.” Scotty beams with pride. Tyler looks at him, remembering the somewhat mismatched, but cute couple that Kevin and Scotty had been and how they had matured into a responsible couple with children that seemed to fit so beautifully together.




“I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.” Kevin says quietly and he dances even closer to Scotty. Scotty can feel that Kevin is tense, trying to stay his own cheerful self.
“Why don’t we sneak out and go home?” Scotty suggests, quickly stealing a little kiss from Kevin, which puts a smile on Kevin’s face.

“What’s the point? Daniel will wake up halfway the night, we know that by now, and at this point, I think that neither of us is going to be able to get out of bed, if he starts to cry.” Kevin replies. “Besides, I don’t think Olivia is ready to go home just yet.” They both look at Olivia who’s dancing with Paige’s boyfriend.

“Yes, she’s still so excited about being at this wedding. She’d be heart-broken if we left so soon.” Scotty sighs. Seeing that Kevin is honestly tired, Scotty maneuvers the two of them through the crowd on the dance-floor and back to their table, where they sit down, trying to figure out who’s holding Daniel at the moment. They quickly get a reply when they see Kitty walk up to them, holding Daniel, while Seth carries a sleepy Evan.

“Hey, guys.” Kitty says. “Seth and I have been thinking… We’re about to go home, because Evan is tired, and so am I, to be honest.
Why don’t I take Daniel with me? Just for tonight. I know you guys probably don’t want to hand him over, but you two look like you could need some sleep and perhaps some time together…. Alone?... Without kids?” Kitty emphasizes. Kevin and Scotty look at each other, both knowing that Kitty is right.

At the same time: Are they’re ready to be separated from Daniel again? Even if just for one night?
“Kevin? Scotty?” Nora joins their little group. “You’re not leaving, are you?”
“We are, mother.” Kitty says. “And we’ve been thinking that maybe we could bring Daniel too.”

“Oh, good idea!...” Nora cheers as she turns to Kevin and Scotty. “You two look dead on your feet… Come on. And Brody and I will take Olivia with us. After all Paige and Cooper are staying at my place as well, to give Sarah and Luc some privacy… You two could finally have some time together. Sleep through the night. Have breakfast in peace.”

“If you want, Kitty and I can pick up Olivia from Nora’s place tomorrow afternoon and we’ll drop her and Daniel off at the restaurant.” Seth offers. Kitty nods insistently.
“What do you think?” Scotty asks, looking up at Kevin and he can see Kevin struggle with his decision.

“I owe you guys one night of babysitting at least.” Kitty then reminds them cleverly. “I remember how tough things were when Evan was just born, with Robert still recuperating and me on the verge of a break-down. You two were there for me, for Robert, for Evan. Let me do something in return.” She nearly begs and Scotty caves first.

“Alright. One night. We could use it.” He agrees.
“One night. We’ll bring them both back, say… two o’clock?” Seth asks and Scotty nods, that it’s alright with him. He takes Kevin’s shoulder and looks on the dance-floor to search for Olivia.

“There she is.” Kevin says. “Why don’t I tell Olivia about the plans? Meanwhile you can give Kitty what she needs for Daniel.” Scotty nods. For one moment their eyes lock and Kevin stops Scotty from going on. “I really want some time alone with you.” He says softly and Scotty nods with a knowing smile on his face.


Tags: character - jonathan, character - justin, character - kevin, character - kitty, character - nora, character - olivia, character - scotty, character - seth, character - tyler

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