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welcome to my fantasies
Well, that was it then, I suppose. 
13th-May-2011 10:05 pm

"Friday the 13th turned out to be doomsday for Brothers & Sisters and V: ABC has axed both shows. The Alphabet net also pulled the plug on rookie series No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Detroit 187 and Mr. Sunshine.

Though, as Deadline reported, the network was trying to find a way to bring back B&S for an abridged final season, in the end, the suits elected to free up their post-Desperate Housewives time slot for a new show. As a result, last Sunday’s B&S season finale is now, retroactively, the series’ finale."

Source: tvline.com

I have yet to read the official message from ABC, but Ausiello is usually not wrong about these things... 

Sigh, I can't even decide if I'm really sad. God, I'm going to miss Kevin/Scotty. Matthew and Luke created such a beautiful couple...
14th-May-2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, gosh! I didn't know! I feel like I'm gonna cry, now. Sorry, I read that thing about the abriged season, and was so sure about that, I felt relieved, and wanted closure. I guess I won't get it. I'll watch the season finale as the series finale, then. I'll post something more coherent about it later.
29th-May-2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
I don't know. I was hurt when it ended, it literally made me sick to think that I would no longer see Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane act together, but... all good thing must come to an end.

This last season was just not good (IMO). And I've grown to dislike characters that I used to like (Kitty, Sarah), the non-kissing between Kevin/Scotty annoyed the hell out of me. Especially considering the many times that Sarah/Luc got to suck face. THAT couple got so on my nerves so badly that I hardly could stand to watch them.

And reading what DMG had planned for season 6:
- more Kevin/Scotty parenting, which equals more no kissing
- Kitty sick and pregnant, possibly dying
- Sarah meeting Brody's family, as if Lori Lynn wasn't obnoxious enough. I want my Walkers not the Brody-clan.
- Justin/Tyler not running smoothly.

I'm glad the show ended when it did. Now I can dream on! :)
30th-May-2011 06:18 pm (UTC)
My first reaction was a punch in the gut, so to speak. But then, after a few days (and real life invading my thoughts 200% i.e. sex scandal involving a politician) I completely forgot about it, which sort of prevented me from taking the problem too much at heart.

I looked back at it with a new eye. Sad, but okay with it, because from the moment Baitz was fired, the new show-runners changed the premise of the show, the intention behind it, the same happened with many shows, a good example is Lost. Of course, not 100% of it can be bad, and I even admit the episode with Nora and Justin plotting a DNA test behind Sarah's back was quite funny, but really Sarah not being William's daughter is a bad idea in itself for so many reasons. Of course, they were looking for conflict, but they focused on outside conflicts instead of characters' conflict, which is even more of a waste because they made them happen but resolved them too fast. Way too fast! I could list everything that was wrong in my opinion, but I don't see the point. I'll focus my energy on the ideas that sprang up in mind-- the good thing that came out of the cancellation for me!

PS: I'll miss Matthew, and Sally and Calista the most. I still haven't gotten to watch the series' finale, it seems so... final. :(
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