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welcome to my fantasies
I should post something about watching B&S tonight, but I won't ... 
9th-May-2011 12:02 am
... I've reached a point where I'm so frustrated over this show that I can't be bothered.

This entire season has been very disappointing and tonight we'll see the marriage of a couple I absolutely loathe. I just makes me sick to think about how they will dominate the last episode of this season and maybe the last of the show all together.

I'm sure the show pulled out all the stops for their favorite  'power couple'. (Yuk!) The fact that McKitty could get ONE kissing promo-picture, Justecca and Kevin/Scotty NONE (the one of K/S kissing only came 2 years later) where Sarah/Luc gets FIVE fucking pictures just goes to prove how unimportant the others were.

And, of course my frustrations about this godawful couple is linked to the fact that K/S are NOT allowed to kiss, but I really started to hate Sarah/Luc when it suddenly dawned on me last week, what had bothered me so much about the statement as to the reasons why  K/S can't kiss.

I ended up wondering why THIS season K/S kissing would suddenly be considered as 'taking the attention away from other couples'. What other couples? Robert is dead, Rebecca is gone. I can't imagine they'd complain.

Besides, other couples like Robert/Kitty and Justin/Rebecca never seemed to have felt threatened by Kevin/Scotty's kisses before.  They had their own share of fans who followed their favorite couples as religiously fanatic as I did mine. And these couples could still have been strong couples if Lowe and VanCamp wouldn't have left.

I don't think that Tommy/Julia, Sarah/Joe, Sarah/Graham or Nora/whomever-the-5-episodes-boyfriend-is-this-time ever felt that the 'attention' was taken away from them. It can't be Jonathan or Brody because the decision to not have K/S kiss was taken long before they became part of the show.

Yet suddenly THIS season K/S 'takes the spot-light away from other characters'? Ahm, yeah, whatever!

I know I don't like Sarah/Luc much, but it is THE couple they are promoting (and in my case, shoving down my throat) this season and somehow it makes me very uncomfortable to be even more suspicious about them, but they are the couple who are mostly 'benefitting' from K/S not 'stealing the attention' by kissing.

It might be just my (extreme!) dislike for that couple that gets stronger with every kiss, hug, sexy moment, etc they have, when K/S don't, but I still think it's suspicious.

So, no. I'm NOT promoting tonight's episode. That couple has received MORE than enough attention from this show and it won't be getting any from me.

I'm bracing myself for the fact that Kevin/Scotty will not be getting closer than this:

And Gilles Marini can boast all he wants, that Sarah/Luc's wedding will be "the best"., but I honor the marriages gone before:

That of Kitty Walker and Robert McCallister, the commitment ceremony of Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell and the one between Justin Walker and Rebecca Harper.

To claim that their weddings were 'not as good as...' is downright insulting! Because McKitty and Justecca ALSO made me all wipe a tear or two, regardless of whether they were my favorites or not.

11th-May-2011 12:05 am (UTC)
Hon, I didn't get to read this earlier, hopefully you've calmed down a bit now ::hugs::. Remember the other day we're talking about couple(s)that could have benefited from K/S not 'stealing the attention' by kissing? I didn't mean to really give it a thought, cuz from 5x18 Never Say Never onwards, I basically felt disgusted whenever other couples kissed, I just FF all of those scenes and didn't let myself watch. Then I was watching some previous episodes and there's something that struck me. I totally undertand and agree with your theory, and Sarah/Luc is definitely one of the suspicious ones, but I do think there's another couple. Don't hate me, cuz I'm thinking Saul/Jonathan.

And I'm not saying it's RC's doing neither. I remember reading an article before (or it was an interview article, I'm not sure about that). Mr. Ron Rifkin seemed not entirely happy that although Saul was out in Season 2, his gay love life was rare and there were a lack of development on that. And then my head went to all these questions :
- so what if he was asked to cut episodes this season, and he bargained with better Saul storyline
- he's a friend of Ken Olin, one of the producers, has he taken any benefit from that
- and was Ken Olin not happy about this turn of event also, so he's not directing a lot of episodes this season
- Saul/Jonathan is the only other gay couple on the show and their storyline could contradict any K/S development (hence, stealing the spotlight). RF has all the reasons to believe he can't compete with young men kissing
- and then I couldn't help compare RF and GM. RF sure has been in this industry for so many years, so in general he should be more 'powerful' in certain ways than GM.
You know, all those questions above, they bugged me so bad and I just kept going places my head couldn't handle!

I was so angry and kept telling myself in my head like I have multi-personalities disorder, you know, 'Hey, it's just a TV show, don't get so mad!' 'No, you love that couple and someone doesn't let you see their affection or something just as natural as kissing and now you can't get all those drafted wallpaper done because of them' Wow! I thought I was going crazy there! LOL!! But really, what do you think? Although I do think Rachel Griffiths has nothing to do with this, Sarah has never quitted sex (wasn't I even phrase that right? :D) since season 1 and Sarah/Luc basically actually already started in S4.

Hey, you can kick my ass back to my LJ, if you want me to rant there instead. I meant to check for fanfics and looked like I have to wait til later again, cuz the sun's up again!
11th-May-2011 07:42 pm (UTC)
No. I'm not angry with you. :)

And I can see where you're coming from and I agree with your theory, except that I don't feel that Saul/Jonathan were a focus-point of the show, the way Sarah/Luc are and don't forget that Rachel Griffiths does carry some clout as well. She was after all a bigger star than either Matthew or Luke, but the part of Sarah hasn't been worked out so well these last 2 years. It must be very frustrating for her too. She's an amazing actress, but like almost everyone else this show doesn't take that into account.

GM would simply benefitting from the way this couple was pushed forward.

I know, it might as well have been anyone else, or just some lame excuse from the writers, or a cover-up for an decision for the higher-ups. Who knows. All I know is that it's frustrating.

Now, I'm off to write some fanfic. ;)
11th-May-2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
Ooops...I just answered at *my* rant page and read this. ;)

First you're off to writing some fanfic???? Yay!!!

Second, yes, I know, it's terribly frustrating. Like I just answer to your reply, sometimes I felt so bad for K/S. All my expectations (and it wasn't even like I was expecting explicit hot nude in bed scenes) has turned into disappointment from episode to episode. Like you said, I also didn't expect it coming too soon after 'Resolved'. But still, Valentine's Day without one? And in Never Say Never, when everyone was seated at the table and started their f*cking kisses, I already knew K/S was gonna sit there and they won't be having any equal rights. How sad was it when I looked at that scene, when Kevin and Scotty were at the end of that table and what...sulk!!?? I said I will not watch that scene or think about it again.

Anyway, just for something happy at the moment, so we can distract ourselves somewhere else. I just came back from Matthew Rhys Online (and usually when I was there, my insanity reached a very high places LOL)! I just wanna say, I found him extremely cute whenever he said the word 'Don't'. I really don't know if it's a tailor-made Kevin personality from Matthew's part (cuz Kevin's all American :D), so I'm gonna dig out some DVD and 'research' for it tomorrow! :D

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