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welcome to my fantasies
I should post something about watching B&S tonight, but I won't ... 
9th-May-2011 12:02 am
... I've reached a point where I'm so frustrated over this show that I can't be bothered.

This entire season has been very disappointing and tonight we'll see the marriage of a couple I absolutely loathe. I just makes me sick to think about how they will dominate the last episode of this season and maybe the last of the show all together.

I'm sure the show pulled out all the stops for their favorite  'power couple'. (Yuk!) The fact that McKitty could get ONE kissing promo-picture, Justecca and Kevin/Scotty NONE (the one of K/S kissing only came 2 years later) where Sarah/Luc gets FIVE fucking pictures just goes to prove how unimportant the others were.

And, of course my frustrations about this godawful couple is linked to the fact that K/S are NOT allowed to kiss, but I really started to hate Sarah/Luc when it suddenly dawned on me last week, what had bothered me so much about the statement as to the reasons why  K/S can't kiss.

I ended up wondering why THIS season K/S kissing would suddenly be considered as 'taking the attention away from other couples'. What other couples? Robert is dead, Rebecca is gone. I can't imagine they'd complain.

Besides, other couples like Robert/Kitty and Justin/Rebecca never seemed to have felt threatened by Kevin/Scotty's kisses before.  They had their own share of fans who followed their favorite couples as religiously fanatic as I did mine. And these couples could still have been strong couples if Lowe and VanCamp wouldn't have left.

I don't think that Tommy/Julia, Sarah/Joe, Sarah/Graham or Nora/whomever-the-5-episodes-boyfriend-is-this-time ever felt that the 'attention' was taken away from them. It can't be Jonathan or Brody because the decision to not have K/S kiss was taken long before they became part of the show.

Yet suddenly THIS season K/S 'takes the spot-light away from other characters'? Ahm, yeah, whatever!

I know I don't like Sarah/Luc much, but it is THE couple they are promoting (and in my case, shoving down my throat) this season and somehow it makes me very uncomfortable to be even more suspicious about them, but they are the couple who are mostly 'benefitting' from K/S not 'stealing the attention' by kissing.

It might be just my (extreme!) dislike for that couple that gets stronger with every kiss, hug, sexy moment, etc they have, when K/S don't, but I still think it's suspicious.

So, no. I'm NOT promoting tonight's episode. That couple has received MORE than enough attention from this show and it won't be getting any from me.

I'm bracing myself for the fact that Kevin/Scotty will not be getting closer than this:

And Gilles Marini can boast all he wants, that Sarah/Luc's wedding will be "the best"., but I honor the marriages gone before:

That of Kitty Walker and Robert McCallister, the commitment ceremony of Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell and the one between Justin Walker and Rebecca Harper.

To claim that their weddings were 'not as good as...' is downright insulting! Because McKitty and Justecca ALSO made me all wipe a tear or two, regardless of whether they were my favorites or not.

10th-May-2011 10:00 am (UTC)
You know, maybe I wouldn't hate them so much if Marini wouldn't have this particular way of talking about himself, his character on the show and the story-lines he gets.

I keep telling myself that I should be glad that ONE B&S actor (even if just a wannabe) does something to promote that show, but he has this way of saying things that just rub me the wrong way. This promoting Sarah/Luc's wedding as 'the best' was yet another way of doing it.

I agree with what you say about the power-couples and why Kevin/Scotty and McKitty worked so well. But that 'certain something' is indeed missing in Sarah/Luc.

And every time I tell myself to not let it get to me, to bite my tongue. I can't count the number of times that I planned to post something about it and then halfway my rant thought: "Let it go!" and that I deleted what I'd written, not just on the B&S forum, but also on other forums and here in LJ as well.

But sometime one just needs to get rid of one's frustrations and my time was last Sunday! ;)
10th-May-2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
Marini does seem to overhype a lot. It's not Sarah/Luc have actually generated any media attention really. It's always about Kevin/Scotty and Kitty/Robert with media sites, so it's even more silly on ABC's part to deny viewers Kevin/Scotty.
11th-May-2011 12:08 am (UTC)
Hi darkestboy! This is FatCat from B&S forum. I just wanna say hi while I just happened to post below you.

Sorry Marea, I know this is not a coffee shop. :P
11th-May-2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Hi FatCat. Hope you're keeping well.
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