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Fanfic: A little family at last

A little family at last

By Marea67
About: Mainly Olivia
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or their kids
Summary: Takes place after the events in 5.21


Olivia enters her bedroom and she feels exhausted but happy to be back at her own place. Her own bed, her own desk. She can hear Kevin say something, but she doesn’t quite get what it is he said and she can’t be bothered to tell him. She’s too tired after all that had happened tonight.

She had actually been surprised when, upon seeing Scotty show up at the group-home, her first concern had been who was with Daniel. Daniel had, after all, entered her space, taken away Kevin’s and Scotty’s attention, making her feel alone and rejected again. She had felt like second choice and not as wanted as Daniel.

When first Kevin, and then Scotty had appeared, both worried and afraid, it had confused her. Why would they even bother to do that? She had expected them to be happy that she was gone, so they could focus all their attention on Daniel. But somehow it wasn’t true. It wasn’t like that. They wanted her, they needed her…

It had made her feel better, less resentful over this little guy that had intruded upon her happiness. She drove back with Kevin, who talked about other things to distract her. Upon coming home, Uncle Saul had given her a speech about worrying him and about how scared Kevin and Scotty had been and she had felt bad about what she had done to him and Kevin and Scotty.

She had been worried about the punishment and she had been clearly happy, that she wouldn’t get grounded for running away. Kevin and Scotty had decided to let it go this once, provided she would never do it again. She doesn’t believe that she’s ever been more sincere in her promise.

She undresses herself and puts on her nightgown, she brushes teeth and brushes her hair. Finally she can climb into bed. Scotty is the first to come in and kiss her goodnight. He brings her a glass of water, in case she get thirsty at night and after a kiss and a hug he leaves his place on the bed for Kevin.

Kevin looks at her sternly and reminds her never to scare him again. It makes her smile, because it does feel so fatherly of him to say this. He smiles as well, taps her gently on the nose and repeats:
“Never. Again.” One last kiss and he’s gone as well.

She turns to her side, but she’s unable to find sleep. She turns on her back and stares at the ceiling, which doesn’t help much either. Eventually, she carefully slips out of bed, quietly opens the door to her room. She can see Kevin and Scotty on the couch, watching tv.

She crosses the hall to their bedroom, where Daniel sleeps and she walks over to his little bed. Apparently he can’t sleep either. He plays with his toes and looks up when her shadow falls over his body. She reaches out and gently caresses his face. It makes him smile carefully.

“I know.” She says softly. “I know it’s scary, but you have nothing to worry about. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’m your big sister. And we’re going to be alright, baby-brother..” He looks at her with confidence. The confidence of a child who still trusts the people  he depends on. A child who hasn’t been disappointed too many times.

Olivia’s eyes fill with tears, because deep inside she never wants him to get as hurt as she was hurt. She smiles at him and he returns the smile.
“Get some sleep now. I need it too.” She says and she covers Daniel’s body with the little blanket he kicked away. He sighs and closes his eyes as if he understood her.

She sneaks back to her room, thinking no one has noticed her little action, but on the couch, Kevin and Scotty hold the baby-monitor in their hands. They heard every word she said. Kevin sighs with tears in his eyes and when he looks up he sees his husband is equally touched.

“We’re going to be alright.” Kevin says very quietly, not sure if he’s trying to convince himself or Scotty. Scotty nods with an understanding smile. He kisses Kevin softly and Kevin leans into the kiss. Their fingers entwine and they continue to watch tv, finally at peace, now that both their children are asleep.


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