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2.16 ms 00015: Could it be magic?

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00015

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.

Here's the fifteenth:
Could it be magic?
By Marea67
About :  Kevin/Scotty
Rating: NC-17, this scene was cut, because it was considered too sexually explicit! So be warned.
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: Thanks to Julia and Tommy their wedding-night islike a fairy-tale after all.
“You… you are all I really have. All I really need. You are my safe haven, my home.” And suddenly Scotty looks so shy, so fragile, that Kevin takes him in his arms.
“Come here.” For a moment he just holds Scotty very close, before he suggests: “Why don’t we go to bed? It’s been a long and emotional day.” He feels Scotty nod against his shoulder. He takes of his jacket and hangs it on the chair. Scotty goes before him to the bedroom, where he slides open the door to enter.
There is a small clicking sound and the cd-player starts to play soft, romantic music. Astounded Kevin and Scotty see that the room has been decorated with many strings of bright-colored Christmas-lights and when they switch on, they are bathing the bedroom in a sea of soft light, giving the room a fairytale-like feeling.
The bed has been made up with dark blue, almost black satin sheets and the air is scented with the smell of roses and they discover their bed is covered with rose-petals.
“Wow.” Is all Scotty can think of to say.
“It must have taken Tommy some time to rig this up.” Kevin says in awe.
“Unless you know someone in your circle of friends… then this is definitely Tommy’s work. He did something like this for his class’ senior prom too.”
Next to their bed is a bucket with a bottle of chilled champagne and long stemmed glasses. Scotty can barely read the card in the pale light, but deciphers the words “Enjoy yourselves. Tommy & Julia.”
“If this what I get when I say I don’t want a fairy-tale shindig, I wonder what they would have done, if I had wanted a marriage with everything on it.” Kevin’s voice trembles a bit under the emotions he’s feeling and Scotty smiles. Those Walkers will never seize to surprise him.
Scotty opens the bottle and fills the glasses and he hands over one glass to Kevin.
“Then we’d better not disappoint them and let this go to waste.” Scotty says in low voice. They both sip the champagne, keeping eye contact, feeling a necessity for politeness towards those who gave them this spectacular gift, but at the same knowing they both want something else. Scotty puts his glass back on the small table, takes Kevin’s glass from his hands and places it next to his.
Their kiss is long and slow with every intend to enjoy this as much as possible. Kevin starts to undo the buttons on Scotty’s shirt, without breaking the kiss. His fingers occasionally come in touch with Scotty’s warm skin and he feels the muscles of Scotty’s stomach contract with the anticipation. Once he’s ready with the buttons, he makes an end to the kiss and slowly moves until he’s behind Scotty, his fingertips sliding in a horizontal line over Scotty’s skin, crooking behind the fabric of Scotty’s shirt and taking it with him, he lets the sleeve slide off Scotty’s arm, then he takes the other side and just as slowly he takes care of that sleeve as well, exposing Scotty’s upper-body.
Standing behind Scotty he places his hands on Scotty’s waist, before softly kissing his shoulder and neck. Letting his cheek caress the skin on Scotty’s back and shoulders, he alternates between the stroking of skin to skin and the way his lips plant little kisses. Completely relaxed Scotty enjoys Kevin’s sweet tenderness. He’s in no hurry to finish this night. But he has to admit that it is exciting to see how much Kevin invests in seducing him.
Kevin finishes his little round by gently moving back to the front of Scotty and end up where he started. He kisses Scotty on the lips and Scotty pulls him closer. The fabric of Kevin’s shirt is soft against his skin, but it is not what he wants, he needs to feel Kevin against him. He manages to open a few of the buttons on Kevin’s shirt, but can no longer wait and tugs the shirt over Kevin’s head and it lands somewhere on the floor and now Kevin is undressed from the waist up like him.
With one hand behind Kevin’s head he is not giving Kevin a chance to back away from the breathtaking kiss, his other hand caresses Kevin’s back and he can feel his movements being mimicked by Kevin. Kevin sits down on the bed. Scotty hardly notices that Kevin unbuckles his pants, he’s too busy enjoying Kevin’s lips on his stomach. His clothes pool at his ankles and Scotty kicks them away, all along encouraging Kevin to go on. Kevin’s warm mouth closes around him and Scotty is momentarily lost in too many sensations, for Kevin knows how to use his mouth and his tongue to turn Scotty on. And he knows exactly how Scotty likes it.
Breathing loudly Scotty withdraws from Kevin’s lips.
“Too much….” He moans and that gets him a mischievous smile from Kevin. He’s so smug Scotty shakes his head and smiles:
“I hate you and I’m so going to get you for this.” He pushes Kevin backwards on the bed and Kevin scrambles to move up further on the bed. He’s trying to “fight off” Scotty, but quickly concedes and it doesn’t take long for Scotty to drop Kevin’s remaining clothes on the floor and do some ‘researching’ of his own….
What follows are sweet, careful, tender kisses all over Kevin’s lips, chest and further down. Kevin squirms underneath him, wanting those lips on one place in particular. And finally, after enough teasing Scotty gives in. He enjoys to do this to Kevin, to use the pressure of his lips and tongue to drive Kevin absolutely crazy. He is unaware that the soft sucking noises he makes as he plays with Kevin, are just as arousing to Kevin.
Scotty knows that Kevin is close and stops abruptly, causing Kevin to moan in complaint. Scotty laughs and letting Kevin complain not so silently, he returns to kissing Kevin, stretching out beside him and then slowly covering Kevin’s body with his own.  
“What?.... Why did you stop now?” Kevin asks, out of breath.
“Flip a coin?” Scotty suggests with a smile and it takes Kevin two seconds to remember what that means.
“No need.” There is a certain pain in Kevin’s voice as he softly pleas: “Please, take me, make me yours, claim me. I don’t want you to ever doubt… for a single second… that I belong with you. Heart, body and soul.” In the dim lights Scotty looks down on Kevin’s face, he sees the love in his eyes, a darker shade of blue due to the excitement. His lips swollen from the kisses. His confidence in  Scotty is taking his breath away. But in his eyes is also a worry. As if he is scared that what he has to offer is somehow still not good enough, not acceptable enough.
Scotty lets his lips brush Kevin’s to an almost kiss and just when Kevin wants to finish the kiss, Scotty lifts his head.
“Kevin Walker,” his voice is just louder than an whisper. “Do you have any idea… any idea whatsoever.. as to how much I love you?”  He can feel Kevin relax and he sees the smile spread across his face.
“Maybe not… Care to show me?” he replies. Scotty smiles and Kevin doesn’t have to ask it twice, his mouth is on Kevin’s and his hands find every sensitive spot on Kevin with their feather-light touch until Kevin moans underneath him. Begging for more he pushes up against Scotty as Scotty is preparing him. Until Scotty's delaying becomes unbearable. He brushes Scotty’s hand away.
“Enough. Stop teasing. I want you. Now.”
“Kevin, I don’t want to hurt you…..”
“You won’t. Just do it.” Kevin now orders, turning on his stomach and pushing himself up. Even if Scotty had wanted, he could no longer wait either. He sees a little grimace of discomfort on Kevin’s face when he is penetrated, but Kevin relaxes under Scotty’s hands, that are caressing his back. And Scotty really tries to stay in control, to bring Kevin pleasure, to avoid the inevitable. But Kevin is an experienced lover, knowing very well how to use his muscles and body to get Scotty to move faster.
And Scotty listens without hesitation, increasing the thrusts as he feels Kevin respond to him. He closes his eyes, let’s his body take over. He is vaguely aware that Kevin is trying to touch himself. Automatically his hand follows Kevin’s, closing around him. He is so hard and so ready, that Scotty needs but two, three little squeezes to send him over the edge, calling out Scotty’s name.
He feels the shockwave running through Kevin, it takes his own breath away. A strong last thrust, he closes his eyes and lets Kevin take him over the precipice with a little tortured noise.
It takes a moment for Scotty to be able to move again. He carefully withdraws, letting his hand slide over Kevin’s over-sensitive skin. Kevin shivers and Scotty lies down beside him, pulling up the sheets to cover them. 

The cool silk comes in touch with their hot skin. In the multi-colored light Scotty can see Kevin and he has never seen Kevin this relaxed and trusting before. 
Kevin turns a bit, so he’s on his side, Scotty mirrors his action and they take a few moments just to look at each other, with a bright smile on their faces.
“It was an amazing day.” Scotty eventually says. 

Kevin nods and tracing Scotty’s face with his index-finger he’s suddenly overwhelmed.
“You’re mine, all mine.” Kevin says, astounded by how good it feels to say it.
 Scotty starts to laugh. And to Kevin’s happiness he turns out equally possessive:
“That deal cuts both ways, Mr Walker. You are also mine now, and that’s not negotiable.”

Suddenly Kevin remembers their champagne and he turns to the small table and takes both glasses. Sitting up they both enjoy the still cold drinks and Scotty realizes how thirsty he was. 
But after some sips, they quickly return under the sheets, snuggled up close to each other.
“Scotty, there is something I wanted you to know about the vows… there was so much I wanted to say. How much I love you, how honored I am that you want to be mine, how empty my life was without you…. But looking at you, I couldn’t remember a single word.”
“Don’t worry, it was not like I was so incredibly articulate or original in my vows…” Scotty replies bowing his head a bit. “But really your love and devotion was all I needed…” he kisses Kevin softly. They are both enjoying the silence in the room now the cd-player switched off.
“God, I’m so tired.” Kevin says between two kisses. He’s almost falling asleep. Scotty smiles.
“What did you expect after a night in a car?”
“With 2 highly irritating brothers, complaining about the road-trip that was their idea…..”
“You met my parents….” And suddenly Scotty starts to chuckle.
“Sure, remind me of what an idiot I am.”
“No, you’re not. That was the craziest thing anyone has ever done for me. And I am so grateful to you…..”
He kisses Kevin again, but this time Kevin stops him halfway.
“Please, love, I’m tired. Really tired.”
“Me too.” Scotty replies and crawling close to Kevin, he sighs contently and closes his eyes. Kevin takes one last look at his husband and then closes his eyes as well…
The END.
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