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Fanfic: Somewhere down the road 06/06

Somewhere down the road…. 06/06

By: Marea67
Kevin/Scotty mainly
Rate: This chapter:  NC-17!  Again!
Disclaimer: B&S or K/S don't belong to me, but to ABC
Summary: What if Kevin cannot forgive Scotty, can they find their way back to each other?  Thanks to FatCat for reminding me of this beautiful Barry Manilow song.
Extra:  As this is AU - Jason (and Chad) are not a part of Kevin/Scotty's life. Robert died immediately after the accident.



“Kevin? Hi, it’s me. I don’t know if you’re there or not, but…” Scotty starts to leave a message. There’s a clicking sound.
“Hi, I’m here…. Was your flight okay?”
“Yeah, no turbulence or anything and Justin picked me up, like he promised he would.”

“Good. Glad to know you’re safely home.” Kevin replies.
“How are things in Washington?” Scotty asks hopeful.
“I think I might need two or three more weeks, I hope it will be faster, but I don’t want you to get your hope up.

I mean, Jason has to find time to come up here to sign away the fund. Courtney, Jason and I will have to go over all the paperwork one more time, the McCallisters have mostly approved the offers we’ve made, so there should not be an issue, but you never know. But once that’s been dealt with, it’s just a formality.”

“I hope it can get settled as quickly as possible.”
“We all do..... How are things at the restaurant?”
“Got back just in time. Mr and Mrs Lopez are celebrating their 20th anniversary tomorrow-night…”

“Awww. They are such as sweet and loving couple. Give them my congratulations, will you?”
“Yes. Of course. Ordered a nice bouquet of flowers for her and I will offer them a bottle of champagne when they leave.”

“Good plan.” Scotty can almost hear the smile in Kevin’s answer. “I have to go.”
“Yeah, me too… Can I call you tomorrow?” Scotty asks hesitantly.
“Sure.” The answer is short and Scotty isn’t sure, if it’s sincere until Kevin continues: “I’d love to hear your voice.”

“Talk to you tomorrow then. Bye. … And, Kevin? I love you.” He says quietly and he holds his breath waiting for Kevin's answer. How will Kevin react?
“.. And I love you.” Kevin replies. “Don’t forget to call me. I’ll be waiting to hear from you again.... Bye.”

Scotty puts down his phone and a sigh of relief leaves his mouth. They had both agreed, that they couldn’t save their marriage while being in different cities, which is why Kevin had sent Scotty back home, back to the restaurant, so that he could finish his own job for the McCallisters.

Once the work would be done, Kevin would return to Pasadena and they would try to figure out how to solve their problems. Scotty is glad that, at least, Kevin will talk to him again and that the lines of communication are open again. And somehow he’s not even surprised when Kevin calls him a few hours later, rather than wait for the next day.


“Nora Walker.” Nora replies harsher than she planned, rubbing her soaped up hands on her apron.
“Hi, mom.” She hears and she nearly drops the phone at the sound of the voice she hasn’t heard in 4 long months.

“Kevin! … Oh, Kevin!” She almost starts to cry. “Where are you? No, please, don’t hang up… I won’t ask again. Force of habit. I swear.… Justin told me the rules… I’m just… happy you’re calling me…” She brings her hand to her mouth, trying to control herself. “How are you? Can I ask you that?” She asks nervously.

“Yes, mom, you can ask me anything you want… I’m not going to hang up. I’m sorry that I haven’t called you in such a long time, but I needed time and space and …. You guys weren’t helping me… I felt under attack. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t get my thoughts organized.”

“Have you spoken to Sc…?” Nora starts, then remembers that Kevin doesn’t want to talk about Scotty. “Are your thoughts more organized now?” She therefore corrects herself.
“It’s okay, mom, you can mention Scotty’s name. I was tired of everyone telling I must get back to Scotty when I felt I wasn’t ready to do so. But Scotty and I had a long talk and…”

“You spoke to Scotty?!” she asks dumbfounded and she hears a little laughter in Kevin’s voice when he replies:
“Yes, Scotty was here in Washington with me and…”
“Washington? What are you doing there?” Nora makes an ugly face.

“Wow! You mean to tell me that the gossip hadn’t reached you yet…?”
“What gossip? Who should have gossiped? Why wasn’t I told?” Nora wonders out loud, but then her mind goes back to Kevin. “You and Scotty spoke to each other? Directly?”
“Yes, mom. That’s why I called. I have a favor to ask you.”

“Anything, honey.” She replies.
“I’m planning to come home, once I’m done here. But… I’m not sure if I’m ready to get back with Scotty straightaway… Would it be alright if I stay with you the first few days? Just so Scotty and I can … get to know each other again?”

“Yes, honey, of course… I’ll get your room ready…. Do you think that you and Scotty…?” She doesn’t dare to answer the question and Kevin sighs.
“We love each other. We have established that for ourselves. I don’t know if it will be enough though….”

Nora can understand that and changes the subject to something ‘safer’ and gives him updates on Sarah, Luc, Paige, Cooper, Kitty, Evan, Tommy and herself, assuming that Justin has kept Kevin up-to-date about himself. When she puts down the phone 20 minutes later, she feels so much better, knowing her son is coming home.


“No. Nora, I had no idea what Scotty was going to do. He just asked me to look after the restaurant, because he needed to get away for a few days.” Saul says putting his phone on his other ear so he can better cut the carrots. “I’m glad that Kevin and Scotty talked to each other though.

And it does explain why Scotty is so cheerful suddenly these last few days… I was afraid he had found someone else. I’m happy that ‘s not the case.” Saul confesses timidly. “I can’t wait for Kevin to come home.”
“Me neither, Saul. Though I wish he would patch things up with Scotty first…” Nora sighs.


A week later:


“Hi, did you miss me?” Kevin asks.
“It’s been a full four hours since your last call… Of course I missed you.” Scotty grins.
“It’s about 3 hours later here and I was just about to go bed and I … just needed to hear your voice…”

“Do you want to know what I’m wearing?” Scotty teases.
“Something tells me it’s not a thong.” Kevin replies immediately and Scotty laughs out loud.
“Now, there’s a thought for some promotion that might attract more customers...”
“But if you spill the hot sauce… Ouch!”

“Yeah, your right. So, sorry, you’re stuck with my white cooking uniform.”
“I love the mental image of peeling that of your body.” Kevin replies.

Scotty motions Angie to take over the kitchen for 5 minutes and he searches for a more quiet place.
“Why what are you doing?” he then asks.
“I’m in bed.”

“No, just looking at the pictures…. Thinking of you.”
“Is your hand busy?”

“Keep talking and it will be.”
“I thought sex wouldn’t be a solution.” Scotty reminds Kevin, a grin on his face.
“It gets me through the night.”
“If I ‘help’ you now, can I call you when I am finally in bed?”

“You can call me anytime you want.” Kevin replies, his voice is low and makes Scotty bite his lip to control his desire.
“Hold on. I’ll take the rest of your call upstairs. Why shouldn’t it be mutually beneficial?” Scotty teases and he hears Kevin laugh on the other side.


“Hi, Kev, it’s me Jase, I just called to confirm that I’ll be in Washington Tuesday-afternoon. I can stay at Courtney’s. It will be wonderful to spend some time with Sophie and Jack again. Courtney will also update me on the fund. Can we make our meeting on Wednesday?”


“Hi, Jason, just got your message.” Kevin says over the phone.
“I gotta keep it short. I have a wedding-speech to write and I completely forgot....  Is Wednesday alright with you?”
“It will be just a short meeting. Just quickly in and out and gone!”

“Now, that’s the Jason I remember.” Kevin jokes and even Jason laughs. “Jase? I haven’t had the chance to say thank you. I was shocked when I suddenly saw Scotty, I even felt a little betrayed, but I’m glad you did it.”
“You’re welcome… I’m glad you and Scotty are working on getting back together.” Jason replies.


“I know we were never friends, Courtney, but I thought we were getting along better than this. Could you not have told me that Kevin was in Washington?” Kitty asks. Courtney takes a firm hold of her phone and icily replies:
“I owe you nothing. Your brother made the rules, I simply saw no reason to break them.”

“Not even when he was feeling so miserable?”
“I don’t believe that his misery could be solved by you. If I had, I would have informed you about where your brother was right away. What your brother needed was to get back with the man he loved, and that was the only person Kevin did not wish to speak to.”

“But you eventually told Jason?”
“No. Jason met Scotty by accident and then he wondered about Kevin and Jason told Scotty about where Kevin was and gave him the spare-keys, so Scotty could let himself in the apartment. If you have an issue, take it up with Jason.”


“So, it was eventually Jason who got Kevin and Scotty back together?” Sarah asks. Kitty ‘mhmmhmms’ something.
“They are getting back together?” Kitty can hear Luc ask in the background. Sarah replies with a ‘yes’ and then goes back to her conversation with Kitty.

“Do you think it will work? Can they fix things between them?”
“If anyone can, it will Kevin and Scotty.” Kitty replies with confidence.
“I can’t wait to see Kevin back home.” Sarah sighs.
“Me neither…”


“Justin Walker…” Justin replies with a grumpy voice of someone who just got woken up by a call.
“Sorry, forgot about the time-difference.”
“Kev… bro…” Justin registers.
“Justin, I need your help….” Kevin now says.


Scotty puts away the dish-rag. He’s tired, but he smiles, when he realizes that it’s almost time to call Kevin. These last two weeks he has called Kevin every night. Although it’s the middle of night for Kevin, their midnight-calls have gone from mindless, funny nonsense to hot telephone-sex and everything in between.

They had talked a lot about what was going on, sometimes carefully touching on the subject of the cheating, Marcus, the loss of the baby and though it’s all too uncomfortable to discuss over the phone, they had managed to navigate through it and he believes it has made them stronger and closer too.

Scotty isn’t entirely sure if he’s happy that Kevin wants to stay with Nora first, before considering moving back with Scotty, but if that’s the way he wants to do it, Scotty will be the last to argue with him over it. He thinks that Kevin will have enough trouble keeping the family from interfering.

Suddenly he hears a noise and he looks up. He’s slightly worried, because he’s alone at the restaurant. Then he hears footsteps in the hall and he freezes. It doesn’t even sound like, whomever is coming in, is trying to be quiet about it. He opens his mouth to call out something, but then he sees a person show up on the doorstep.

Weekend-bag on his shoulder, house-keys in his hands, Kevin looks tired and a bit out of place. Scotty can’t believe that he’s really here and blinks a few times, convinced that the vision will disappear, but it doesn’t.
“Surprise.” Kevin says rather sheepishly and slowly a smile spreads across Scotty’s face.

“Kevin!” He crosses the kitchen in a just a few steps. The bag falls on the ground as Kevin spreads his arms a bit. Then they are in each other’s arms. The relief is so big for Scotty that he forgets all about the taking things slow. He kisses Kevin profoundly, breathlessly and with no intention of letting go.

Kevin just melts in his arms, quickly surrendering to the heated kisses he gets. They stand in each other’s arms, lost in a kiss that seems to last forever, until Scotty takes a step backwards.
“Are you just dropping by on the way to your mother…?”

He tries to keep his voice neutral, but he can’t help the little desperate and sad undertone of his question. Kevin frowns, swallows hard and looks at his hands that rest against Scotty’s chest. He can feel Scotty’s heart beat faster.
“No one knows I’m back, except Justin who picked me up at the airport?”

He looks up at Scotty, bites his lower lip, still not sure if he’s ready for this or not. A tense silence hangs between them as Scotty starts to get the meaning of Kevin’s words.
“It’s the middle of the night…. It would be … inconsiderate to drop in now. Nora is probably asleep and … you’d have to wake her up… and such…”

“Yes… inconsiderate.” Kevin echoes, a little smile starts to play around his lips.
“Maybe… you could stay here … tonight?”
“You weren’t counting on me either…” Kevin points out, a mild tease.
“But you wouldn’t have to wake me up.” Scotty reminds him.

“True.” Kevin smiles and Scotty smiles as well. Scotty turns off the lights of the kitchen and Kevin takes his bag and follows Scotty up the stairs. Scotty doesn’t turn on any more lights in their apartment than is strictly needed to get to the bedroom. Apparently it doesn’t bother Kevin much, because he follows Scotty straightaway.

The bedroom hasn’t changed much, neither has the bathroom and Kevin and Scotty share the bathroom like they always have. Like a well-orchestrated dance to which they haven’t forgotten the steps, they move around each other in the small space without bumping into each other.

They don’t talk, maybe because both are afraid that one wrong word will chase one of them away, but then they can no longer postpone the inevitable. They are both ready to go to bed. Scotty, last one to leave the bathroom, turns out the lights, while Kevin hesitantly waits in the middle of the dark bedroom.

Scotty caresses his face with a tender touch.
“We don’t have to do anything… If you don’t want to.” He offers, still remembering with a bit of shame how he pushed himself on Kevin, the last time they had been together. He can hear Kevin take a deep breath.

“I don’t know what I want just yet. ….” Kevin says in the dark and Scotty nods, closing his eyes tightly, to not let his tears of disappointment show. “… But I do know that I want to continue to grow with you, because I love you and I need you. I chose you, because I knew you were the one for me.”

Kevin turns on one of the lights beside the bed to have some more light. He takes Scotty’s face between his hands, forcing Scotty to look straight at him.
“Look me straight in the eyes and tell me the truth. Was he the only one you slept with?”
“Yes.” Scotty replies without hesitation.

“Just once?”
“Just once.” Scotty confirms.
“Was there someone else while we were separated?”
“No.” Scotty doesn’t even blink, just stares at his husband’s beautiful blue eyes.

“Are you absolutely sure?”
“No nasty surprises in a few months?”
“No…. And you? Was there someone else…? … I wouldn’t blame you, if there was.”

The fear of a positive answer is so clearly in Scotty’s eyes, that it hurts Kevin.
“No. There was no one else. I haven’t had sex with any other man but you, since the last night I spend with Jason, before he went to Malaysia. That was more than five years ago. I never even considered it.” Kevin replies and Scotty doesn’t doubt his honesty.

“Will you be able to forgive me?” Scotty asks suddenly.
“I think so. I’ve been working on that. Sometimes the resentment comes back full force, but most of the time I can control it… It will take time I presume.”
“I get that.”

“Scotty? Promise me something?”
“Next time that you feel that I’m not there for you… Yell at me. Fling dishes at my head. Throw a tantrum. Slam the doors… Just .. don’t cheat on me again. Please.”

“I swear, I won’t.” Scotty laughs with tears in his eyes. “Never again. It’s not worth it.”
“I agree.” Kevin nods. Scotty’s hand rest in Kevin’s neck.
“Can I kiss you? Please, I don’t want to wait anymore.” Scotty moans softly. Kevin moves closer, closing his eyes until he feels that Scotty’s lips are finally on his.

This time Scotty doesn’t have to push the subject. Kevin’s lets himself sink backwards on the bed and takes Scotty on top of him and Scotty rubs his body against Kevin’s. For a moment Kevin considers to say that he’s not ready to go this far just yet, but he can feel how hard Scotty is such a short time-span and he feels his own body react as well.

Who is he kidding? He no longer wants to wait either.
“Still top-drawer?” He asks out of breath, not even bothering to mask his desire. It takes Scotty a few seconds to realize what Kevin is talking about, but then a smile comes to his face as he reaches out.

Preparing Kevin doesn’t take long, because Kevin is just as eager as Scotty is and then finally, after nearly five long months, Kevin can finally feel Scotty slip inside him. The first few thrusts take getting use to again, but no long after his body is on fire. They become one with the same ease they always did before.

Scotty claims Kevin’s mouth and Kevin loses himself quite easily in Scotty’s arms, pushing up against him, begging for more, until all self-control goes overboard and neither of them can tell who came first, not that it would have really mattered anyway.


That night, Kevin only wakes up once. For a few seconds he wonders where he is and then he remembers. Scotty’s arms are tightly around him and Kevin smiles at the soft pressure on his body. He’s not sure where they’ll go from here, but he had a wake-up call he won’t ignore.

From this point on, he can only hope for the best. He’s not entirely sure he can trust Scotty just yet, but he loves Scotty, so he’s willing to give it another go. If there’s one thing these last months have proven him it is that he can’t live without Scotty, so he’s going to have to find a way to live with him… And that is what he will do.


Maybe we've only just begun, maybe the best is yet to come
'Cause somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn't really matter when, but somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours, will come to see
That you belong with me 
~ Barry Manilow




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