March 19th, 2017


Me again

I usually don't get emotional over my own stories, because by the time I post them, I've written them, rewritten them, corrected them, read them a few times and added and deleted so much that I'm done getting feelings.

But tonight I stumbled on Memories and it made me cry. I find myself in the same sort of situation as Nora. Cleaning out room for room, drawer by drawer, seeing things again I hadn't seen in a long time.

I miss my dad so much more than I can say. I was cleaning out his shed where he kept all his tools. It was rather easy to throw things away. I was on a roll. I don't have much emotional attachments to tools anyway, so I thought it would be easy. Then I see his dust-coat... and I'm in tears and no longer feeling able to move on. So weird.

Oh, well, moving on.... I took a day off and tomorrow I'm going back to his house. It's only a few little things now. Maybe 1 day of work.... I hope.

ETA: Come to think of it, maybe I'll have a drink and a toast in each room of the house too, when I'm done. Just raise my glass to those two amazing people who raised me and who I miss daily and I never realized how important they were to me until it was too late to tell them.