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Fanfic: Somewhere down the road 05/06

Somewhere down the road…. 05/06

By: Marea67
Kevin/Scotty mainly
Rate: This chapter:  NC-17!  
Disclaimer: B&S or K/S don't belong to me, but to ABC
Summary: What if Kevin cannot forgive Scotty, can they find their way back to each other?  Thanks to FatCat for reminding me of this beautiful Barry Manilow song.
Extra:  As this is AU - Jason (and Chad) are not a part of Kevin/Scotty's life. Robert died immediately after the accident.


“I know that sex won’t solve anything…” Scotty replies, but just touching Kevin has awoken a hunger in him. The hunger to be with Kevin and it’s torture to Scotty to stand so close to Kevin, after all these lonely months, and not being allowed to touch him. He clenches his fist to control the feeling of nausea that comes up

He can’t remember even wanting Kevin more than he does now. As if Kevin senses Scotty’s need, Kevin turns away and puts some distance between Scotty and him.
“Do you have a hotel or something else arranged? This place doesn’t have a spare-bed.”

His question is so practical, that it takes Scotty a few seconds to realize the full meaning of Kevin’s question.
“No. I thought….” He doesn’t finish his sentence. What had he been thinking? That he could sleep with Kevin straightaway?

He had been so focused on getting to Washington, that he hadn’t thought of what he would do, once he got there. The fact that Kevin doesn’t offer him to stay, hurts him somehow, though he can understand why Kevin hasn’t.

Kevin looks at his husband and feels an awkward blush come to his cheek at the mere thought that they might share a bed again. What is wrong with him? Scotty is his husband and he has seen more of Scotty’s body than anyone else…. Unless you count this Marcus-guy, Kevin adds in his mind.

“I’ll call Courtney and I’ll explain it all to her, maybe I can stay in her spare-room, so you can stay here.” Kevin hears himself say and he picks up the phone. Scotty is with him in two steps.
“No! Don’t!” Scotty takes the phone out of his hand. “We’re still married. We could…”

“… But we won’t.” Kevin cuts him off and he’s nervous, because Scotty’s physical closeness makes him uncomfortable. “I’ll take a room at a hotel or … something.” There’s a desperation in Kevin’s voice that hurts Scotty.
“Just don’t. Please.” Scotty stands even closer to Kevin now.

Kevin tries to avoid direct eye-contact, but when he looks up his eyes meet Scotty’s.
“Kevin…” He sees the pain of rejection in Scotty’s eyes, but can’t do anything about it, because Scotty cups Kevin’s face in his hands and kisses his lips.

Kevin tries to move away from the kiss, but behind him is only a wall and he ends up trapped between Scotty and the wall. Scotty puts more pressure on the kiss and Kevin grabs Scotty’s shoulders to push him away, but Scotty only enforces the kiss even more, leaving Kevin out of breath, but surrendering very slowly to the kiss.

Hesitantly the grip on Scotty’s shoulders becomes less tight, until Kevin no longer pushes Scotty away. Instead Kevin’s hands start to move up. He wraps his arms around Scotty’s neck, pulling Scotty even deeper into the kiss. Without breaking the kiss, Scotty takes his hands away from Kevin’s face. He lets them rest casually on Kevin’s hips, before moving to the back and further down, over Kevin’s ass to pull him closer.

Kevin moans, embarrassed by how his body betrays his desire by giving him an erection strong enough for Scotty to notice. Kevin’s hardness makes Scotty more aroused as well and he starts to tug at Kevin’s clothes. Kevin protest softly. It’s too much, too soon, with so much left unresolved.

But Scotty’s fingertips caress his naked skin under his shirt and it makes his knees buckle. Somehow Scotty has managed to unbutton his shirt and the sleeves slide down Kevin’s arms as Scotty pushes the shirt off Kevin’s body. It falls on the ground, but neither of them notices.

Out of breath, Kevin breaks the kiss and tries to put some distance between Scotty and himself.
“Please, don’t…” Kevin begs, knowing in his mind that this would be a mistake, but his body screams for Scotty’s soft touch.

Scotty easily breaks through Kevin’s defense, kissing him again. Kevin’s words of refusal become fainter, as Scotty ignores them and Kevin become more incoherent under the pressure of Scotty’s body against his own.

“I want to make love to you.” Scotty whispers, close to Kevin’s ear, sending shivers down his spine. Somewhere deep inside Kevin knows that it’s not a solution, but the longing to feel Scotty against him, inside him, makes him unable to fight Scotty’s touches, especially when Scotty’s fingers caress along the zipper of his pants, tracing the hardness underneath.

“No... please... don't.. .” Kevin whispers, nearly coming at the touch alone, and knowing he's too eager for Scotty to go on. 
“I want you…” Scotty replies. “… the bedroom?” He asks and Kevin waves at some door not far away from them. Unable to really let go they manage to get inside the room where the bed waits for them.

Scotty doesn’t wait. He kisses and caresses Kevin, keeping him aroused and wanting, as he pushes Kevin down on the bed and undresses him further. Kevin reaches out to Scotty, helping him out of his clothes, until Scotty can finally lower his body on Kevin’s. Kevin pushes up against him.

He makes a little hissing sound, when he realizes how good it feels to have Scotty in his arms again. What happens next becomes a blur in his memory. All he will remember afterwards, is Scotty mouth on his, Scotty’s body against his own and Scotty’s strong hand around his cock, driving him near insanity.

Their kisses are sloppy, the noises they make are near-grunts, as both try to be as close to the other as possible. The months of lonely separation take their toll. Kevin’s able hands know very well how return the favor to Scotty and Scotty soon begs for his own satisfaction.

Scotty is more demanding than tender and Kevin doesn’t accept it without some wordless negotiations to show Scotty what he wants. It’s a struggle, but they both find pleasure in it. It reminds them how well they know each other and that they both know how to satisfy the other.

Kevin is the first to come, gasping Scotty’s name as Scotty takes him over the edge, but it gives him satisfaction to know that Scotty is not very far behind and that he hasn’t lost his own magic touch when it comes to driving Scotty to his climax. They stay close to each other even after their breathing has become normal.

Kevin is too satisfied and too lazy to fight and Scotty is no mood to start the argument all over again either. Kevin’s sleepless night and Scotty’s minor-jetlagged-but-major-emotional day make that they fall asleep in each other’s arms. Emotionally tired and physically satisfied they temporarily let go of all problems to find some peace in their dreams.


Scotty wakes up and opens his eyes. He’s alone in the bed. As usual. He closes his eyes, feeling sad and nearly drifts back to sleep when, with a shock, he realizes that Kevin should be here.
“Kevin?...” He quickly gets out of bed. “Kevin!?”

He runs out the bedroom, slightly disorientated because he’s not sure about the lay-out in Jason’s apartment just yet.
“I’m in the kitchen.”

Scotty doesn’t know if he should be happy with these words. He’s glad that Kevin is still here and hasn’t run off, but at the same time he had hoped to wake up in Kevin’s arms, maybe seeing them take the first step to healing their relationship. The fact that Kevin didn’t stay with him, makes him nervous to enter the kitchen, but he knows he has no other choice than to face Kevin.

“Good morning.” He says, seeing Kevin at the breakfast-table.
“Morning. Coffee?”

“Two.” There’s something unreal in seeing Kevin make him breakfast.
“Here you go.” Kevin says and Scotty starts to eat, not sure what to say right now.
“You don’t have to work today?” He eventually asks to have something ‘neutral’ to talk about. Kevin gives him a particular look, but then smiles, almost forgivingly.

“I called Courtney, took a day off, she already thought you’d be here. Jason told her....” Scotty starts to blush at the stupidity of his question, after all, it’s way past nine o’clock, so if Kevin would have worked, he would have been long gone.
“Where do we go from here?” Scotty now asks, not sure if he can handle the pressure any further.

“I don’t know.”
“We made love last night. I’m the first to admit, that I shouldn’t have been so pushy, but….” Scotty starts to apologize, realizing with some shame, that Kevin had at first refused him and that he had pushed the matter by getting Kevin too aroused to fight.

“You once told me that we always seemed to end up doing ‘it’, but it that it would get us nowhere. And that is exactly how I feel right now. The sex was good. And… I guess I still love you. I can’t deny that either, but … beyond that … I don’t know what else I can promise or offer you…” Kevin replies as honestly as he can and he bites his lip.



It's very busy at the airport, so Justin waves when he sees Scotty look in his direction. He sees a thin smile on Scotty’s face at the recognition and Scotty walks up to him. Justin tries to look behind Scotty, hopeful to see his brother, but then he realizes that Scotty is alone and that Kevin hasn’t come back with him.



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