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2.16 ms 00014: One hell of a good explanation

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00014

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.

Here's the fourteenth:
One hell of a good explanation.
By Marea67
About : Kevin/Scotty
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: After telling Sarah about Ryan, Kevin comes home … very carefully and quietly. 

Kevin sneaks in, as quietly as possible. It is highly probable that Scotty already went to bed and….
“You’d better have one hell of a good explanation.” A voice in the dark says, nearly giving Kevin a heart-attack. He turns on the light.
“Scotty! What… what are you doing sitting here alone in the dark?”
“Good question.”
“Sh.. shouldn’t you be in bed by now?”
“You know, Kevin, this is our wedding night…. Why on Earth should I be asleep, when I should be doing all sorts of dirty things with my husband…. But … wait… no, wait… the reason why I am NOT having ‘the time of my life’, is because MY husband decides to pull a very interesting disappearing act.”
“Are you angry?” Kevin asks in a small voice.
“Let’s see. You run away on this night of all nights, while I am having a difficult conversation with my dad. I could have used a shoulder to cry on after that, but all I have to do with, is some small note, which somehow does NOT make me feel better. You’ve been gone for nearly an hour and a half, while I’ve been sitting here alone… having enough time on my hands to think about a few things. 

You creep into the house, like a thief in the night, because for some reason, you believe I would go to bed to sleep, as if nothing happened, after being abandoned my husband. And now, you are asking me, if I’m angry…. Wow! What gave it away?”
“Your sarcasm?” Kevin tries.
The look Scotty gives him is not friendly, to put it mildly. Kevin sits down next to Scotty. His face is all serious as he takes Scotty’s hand into his.
“How did the talk with your dad go?” He asks, full of interest. For a moment Scotty is surprised. He expected some apology, some explanation, some story that would be all about Kevin, the Walkers or whatever, but the tenderness Kevin now displays breaks through his defenses. He can’t help it. His anger is melting away.
“Bad.” He answers eventually. “Mom had already gone to bed and he was alone. He was touched that I called him. Told me he really wanted to be with me, but mom…..” Scotty swallows his pain away and Kevin puts his arm around Scotty. Scotty lets his head rest against Kevin's shoulder. He so needs the comfort that being with Kevin provides. “It hurts, Kevin. Why couldn’t my mother be just a little bit more like yours? Your mother did everything she could to make our day special for us. I am so grateful for that.”
“Me too. Mom can sometimes go overboard, but I felt it was really special to see all these flowers around us. To know my mother had picked them and decorated the room to make it so pretty and then, to be allowed to stand there with you and tell everyone in the room how much I love you…. Very special.” He kisses Scotty’s hair. “… Your dad?” he then gently reminds Scotty.
“He was upset, said he felt that he let me down. He was glad you gave me his cufflinks. He was quite impressed with you. Said that you very well-spoken, friendly and courteous. Which was more than my mom was. He apologized for her….” Kevin shrugged. He didn’t care much about his mother-in-law’s hostility and ….. It suddenly dawned on him.
“I have a father- and a mother-in-law. That’s … weird.” He smiles.
“Well, I have to do with only a mother-in-law, but it seems she will keep me busy…”
“Yes. Well. You’re better off without your father-in-law.” Kevin’s voice is raw and hard. And Scotty sees the anger on Kevin’s face. The shift is unsettling.
“What happened?” Scotty asks.
“Remember how we found out, a few days ago, Rebecca was not our sister?” Scotty nods. “Well, this lead to Sarah asking herself the inevitable question, if the “R” didn’t stand for Rebecca, who does it stand for?”
“Couldn’t it be that your father just thought….”
“That is what we believed, but today I remembered something….” He quickly tells a stunned Scotty what he remembered from his father and then about Ryan and the shocking conclusion:
“… Looks like dad had yet another affair, resulting in yet another illegitimate child. And… and tomorrow, Sarah and I are going to mom and tell her…. Break her heart all over again.”
Scotty is shocked. He doesn’t know what to say. The peculiar uneasy feeling creeps up again. God, will William ever stop hurting his family?
Kevin seems lost when he looks at Scotty and his voice breaks as he softly declares:
“I’m not my father.” It is nothing more than devastated whisper. An apology for something he hadn’t done and wasn’t his fault. “I am not my father. I am not like him. I wouldn’t cheat on you. I love you. I am not… him! Scotty, ….  I know you have every reason to doubt me… but I’m not my father… I swear… I am not like him…”
“Kevin, why should I have a reason to doubt you?” Scotty asks.
“I cheated on Chad and on Jason. I can imagine that this would make you think that I would cheat on you too. And with my father’s record….”
“Like you said, you’re not your father…. I would not have gotten into this marriage if I believed you could cheat on me in the near future. I’m in love with you, but I am not crazy enough to accept everything from you. I wouldn’t have accepted your proposal if I believed that you’d end up hurting me. ” 

“Besides I think the only one you cheated on was Jason. It was not like Chad went home, alone and miserable. that night. If I remember correctly Michelle was rather talkative 2 days later, giving me far more data then I needed….”
“So, you have faith in me?”
“Yes, I do. I love you.”
“So, am I still allowed to sleep with you tonight or do I sleep on the couch?” he asks Scotty, giving Scotty his best puppy-dog look. Scotty shakes his head and smiles.
“Not enough space on the couch for two.” He hesitates for a moment and then softly says: “I need you. I want to be in your arms tonight.” He stops and swallows away the lump in his throat. “My talk with my father made me realize that… my parents are far away and not really a part of my life anymore. You… you are all I really have. All I really need. You are my safe haven, my home.”
… to be continued: 
After the commercial break ;-D
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