September 25th, 2014


Fanfic: Missing scene 6.01.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.01 Here comes the rain again.

About: Bertha/Scotty
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Scotty discovers that he has inherited a hotel, because of his mother. But why?


“Hi, mom.” Scotty starts, once he hears Bertha pick up.
“Oh, hi, honey.” She answers, her voice remarkably distant.
“Are you alright?” Scotty can’t help but suddenly feel some concern. He hasn’t really been there for his mother lately.

“Yes, just a headache. I was asleep when you called. Why are you calling me? Is everything alright with you and the kids? … And Kevin?” She adds Kevin’s name almost as an after-thought and any concern that Scotty could have felt evaporates again.
“I have bad news. I was informed of the passing of Wesley Corvin. You knew him?”

It’s eerily quiet on the other side. After what seems an eternity, but would probably be just a few seconds, Scotty hears:
“Yes…” He can hear his mother swallow something away. “Yes, I knew him. He was… A friend.”

Scotty is glad that she can’t see his face and see the disbelief on it.
“That … ahm… friend… left me a hotel… Is there anything I should know? Something that he knew and I don’t?” He prays that his mother will not give him another ‘he’s your father’ story, because he’s still digesting the fact that Sarah is Brody’s and not William’s.

“No.” His mother replies almost insulted. “I don’t know why he left you something. He was just a friend, who moved to California with dreams of richness beyond compare. He would make it big. Be famous…. And that was the last I heard of him.”
“Famous last words, huh?” Scotty tries to sympathize.

“Something like that.” Bertha acknowledges.
“So…? Should I accept?”
“Why not? If he was determined to leave it to you?” Scotty can almost hear Bertha shrug.
“I don’t wish to offend you or… perhaps… open up old wounds?”

“What do you mean by that?”
“I know, from dad, that mr Corvin was more than ‘just a friend’. I know the name of Mr Corvin, because dad once said that you had planned to marry him instead of dad…?” He hears a loud sigh on the other side.

“Whatever happened between Wesley and me had absolutely nothing to do with you, or your dad. He wasn’t who I thought he was… And whatever happened between me and him…. I don’t wish to discuss it with you, because it is of no consequence to you. Wes was a stranger to you. And, ultimately, also to me.”

Bertha is so resolute in her words, that Scotty knows that he shouldn’t ask for more.
“Thank you for answering my question.” He says politely. “I have to go.”
“You’re welcome, honey…. I’ll talk to you soon….” Bertha says and Scotty is the one who hangs up.



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.01.02

MISSING SCENE 02: 6.01 Here comes the rain again.

About: Kevin
Reason for rejection: Would have blown the shock at the end of the episode, when Kevin meets up with our favorite psychopath Alex Grodin again.
Context: Kevin found out that Robert had taped his conversation with Stanton (episode 4.23), which might be the reason for his accident. Kevin wants revenge.


Kevin presses the ‘play’ button again and he hears the voice he knows so well...

“Stanton.” Robert acknowledges.
“Sorry about the accommodations, but it wouldn’t do either of us any good if we were seen together.”
“I don’t know. Are we doing something wrong?" Robert asks 'innocently'.

“You’re coming to the end of your term. You’re gonna need a job. And I think I have one for you. I’m a donor at the Cardwell institute. And I know they’d be thrilled to have you. I can guarantee you 7 million a year.
“7 million? Now.. that is… generous. And conspicuous.” Robert points out.

“We can direct most of it to an offshore account if you want. And it’s not generous when you consider the good you’re gonna do for us. Seven million doesn’t even cover the paperclips on this project.

"Well, the committee meets next week to approve the contract and I think I can get the votes. I don’t see any real opposition.”
Robert speaks carefully.
“And if there is?” Stanton asks.
“I’ll take care of it.” Robert answers.

This tape would have put been a serious problem to Stanton, Kevin has to recognize it.
“Why, Robert? Why put your life in danger like this?” Kevin whispers. “I told you not get to involved with that Prince of Darkness.” Kevin remembers his warning to Robert during the tennis-benefit. “Why couldn’t you have listened to me? Just once?”

He skips certain parts of the tape and listens to Stanton’s threat once again:
“… that’s why I was so surprised to hear that you’ve been talking to Rawling. A lot. What was your plan? Were you taping our conversations? And who were you reporting to besides Joe Rawling?”

“You were misinformed.”
“I’m very thorough when it comes to a billion-dollar contract.”
“My conversations with Rawling have nothing to do …” Robert tries to defend himself, but Stanton cuts him off.

“Here’s the deal. You walk back your plan with Rawling, and you destroy whatever evidence you’ve collected, or I’ll use every ounce of influence I’ve got to make sure your wife couldn’t get elected dogcatcher. Good night senator.” And those are the last words on the tape.

“You’re going to pay for this, Stanton, even if it’s the last thing I do… Robert didn’t deserve this… And, right now, I can only think of one man insane enough to want to help me.” He picks up his phone and dials the number of the prison he knows too well. “I’m Mr Alexander Grodin’s lawyer. I need to speak to my client.” Kevin says, determination on his face.



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.02.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.02 Upside down (dizzy does it make me).

About: Joe/Paula
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Joe and his 1st/3rd wife Paula have taken the kids (Gabe, Paige and Cooper) hiking.


“Are the kids asleep?” Joe asks. Paula nods.
“Completely knock out. Even Gabe… This was a good idea. The kids needed to lose their energy…”
“I agree. Tomorrow, they’ll be much calmer.”

“I hope so… Joe, I’ve been doing some thinking and … How would you feel if we invited Sarah and Luc over for dinner when we’re back home?”
“Sarah and Luc?” Joe puts away his guitar. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I sometimes suspect that she still carries a grudge against you.”

“This back and forth between her and me has gone on long enough. I was angry when you got involved with her, after our divorce, but … I have to admit, she was a good stepmother to Gabe, and I hope she feels the same about me in relationship to Paige and Cooper.

So much has changed. You and I got married. She’s now remarried too. And from what Gabe told me about this Luc Laurent, he’s a decent guy. I think it would be great for Gabe, Paige and Coop as well, if Sarah, Luc, you and I would get along much better than we have so far.” She looks at Joe, expectation on her face.

“If you really think it will help?” Joe asks himself.
“I do. Wouldn’t it be fun if next year we could take Sarah and Luc along as well? Sarah did like camping?”
“Yes. She did. Probably still does.” Joe nods.

“I talked to her briefly when I went to pick up the kids and I think that she might be open to the suggestion. I know the Walkers are very close-knit...”
“… more like a suit of armor.” Joe mumbles.
“… but I think it will benefit our children if we would give this a try.”

“Sweetheart, if this is what you want, then go for it. I have no objections.” Joe smiles and picks up his guitar again to play a bit, not sure if he’s really willing to get to know Luc better, but if Sarah and Paula wish to make the first step, he’d be the last one to try and stop them.



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.03.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.03 Bang! Bang!

About: Kevin
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Kevin has decided to kill Stanton to get revenge for Robert's death. Here he's in the parking-garage.


Kevin checks his briefcase one more time. The gun with silencer lies flat on its side.
“I must crazy, what am I doing….?” He wonders. He looks at his watch. Time is ticking and he knows that he has to make a decision. “I have to do this. Kevin, just get out of car, walk up there and shoot him… just do it. You know he deserves it.”

He closes his eyes and leans back. He breathes slow and deep.
“Relax. You’ll betray yourself.” He whispers to himself. He clears his throat. His fingers slide once again over the gun. He’s not so much scared to use it, as he is at getting caught shooting Stanton.

Then his fingers move over the tapes. They’re all here.
“There’s no way back. He knows that I have them. He could become a danger to Scotty and our kids.” He convinces himself. “There’s no turning back now.” He closes the briefcase and gets out of his car.

He places his briefcase on top of his car. He locks up.
“If I get arrested…” He wonders if he’ll ever see this car again. He straightens his clothes, using the window of his car as a mirror. He lets go of the breath he’s been holding and looks at himself.

He had expected to look more guilty, more suspicious, but he looks like he always does. A sophisticated and confident lawyer. Only difference is that this time his confidence doesn’t match his real feelings.
“Let’s do this.” He tells himself. He takes his briefcase and walks up to the elevator.



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.03.02

MISSING SCENE 02: 6.03 Bang! Bang!

About: Stanton
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Kevin has decided to kill Stanton to get revenge for Robert's death. Stanton has no idea that he has escaped death. Yet, Stanton could have been a potential danger to Kevin and his family.


Now that he’s finally alone, Stanton puts the tapes, that Kevin gave him, on the table.
“You know, senator, I wonder why that brother-in-law of yours showed up. For a moment I seriously thought he was really going to kill me…” He lets the tapes roll between his fingers.

He doesn’t doubt that Kevin gave him everything there was. He wants to protect his family, which is natural. Stanton feels the same about his own family. He looks at the quickly compiled file on Kevin Walker, but can’t find anything that would make him a real threat to Stanton, especially now that he no longer has the tapes.

“You’re a lucky man, Mr Walker. I’m letting you off the hook.” Stanton grins, letting Kevin’s file disappear in the paper-shredder. “I’m sure you’re too aware of your lovely little family to cause me grief…” And after a last look he eventually shoves the picture of Kevin, Scotty and Olivia in the shredder as well.



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.04.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.04 If you can’t stand the heat…

About: Gabe, Paige and Cooper
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Things go terribly wrong during the hiking when the kids see Joe and Paula get involved in a terrible accident, that kills Paula.


When the doctor enters, the first thing he sees are three kids huddled together. Well, maybe not exactly kids. Paige and Gabe would be insulted if referred to in that way, but definitely not adults either.
“Hasn’t the mother been informed?” He asks the nurse.

“She’s in France. It may take a while for her to get here.” The nurse answers impatiently. “We’ve also tried to locate other family, but the kids seem to be too much in shock to answer our questions.”
“I’ll talk to them.” The doctor says. He walks up to the three and sits down with them.

“Hi…” He starts. Paige looks up.
“It may take your mother a while to get here…. Is there anyone else we can call?” He asks. There’s nothing in Paige’s eyes, no recognition, no thought. “Come on, love, I know it’s been a shock, but…”

“Grandma?” Cooper says softly, lifting his head. There’s a reaction.
“What’s her name?” The doctor asks.

“Grandma.” Cooper repeats, seemingly not able to say more. As if the little voice of his half-brother wakes him up, Gabe blinks.
“Her name is Nora Walker. Paige, give the doctor Nora’s number…” Gabe orders.

As if on automatic pilot, Paige hands the doctor her phone, after scrolling for Nora’s telephone number.
“Nora is your grandmother?” The doctor asks again. Gabe shakes his head.
“She’s their grandmother. Not mine. Not really.”

Complicated then. He clicks on the number and in a few seconds he hears a kind voice.
“Hi, Paige.”
“Nora? Nora Walker?”
“Who is this?” The voice sounds anxious all of a sudden.

“My name is doctor Green. I have here Gabe, Paige and Cooper Whedon. I understand they are your grandchildren?”
“Yes. Well… Yes..” She answers. She obviously doesn’t want to explain the 'complication'. “Are they alright? Where’s Joe? Or whatshernameagain…. Paula!”

“I’m afraid that I have to inform that you that Paula Whedon was involved in deadly fall. Joe Whedon is unconscious right now as well. The kids are fine, but … they could use a friendly face. We’ve managed to reach …. Sarah Laurent?” He reads Sarah’s name from a piece of paper.

“My daughter is in France, celebrating her honeymoon… Oh, god… I’m on my way. Can you give me the exact name of the hospital and the floor where I’m supposed to be?” As he waits for her, he sees Paige walk up to him.
“Your grandmother is coming.” He says and he sees a look relief spread over Paige’s face.



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.05.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.05 A fraction too much friction

About: Luc
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode. (Does he ever?)
Context: The reviews for the latest exhibition of Luc's paintings are very negative. Luc takes it badly.


Luc grabs his brush and begins with the first lines of his new painting. He knows he shouldn’t let it get to him, but the reviews bother him. Bland. Uninspired. Wings clipped. Fogbank. How could they say that about his work? He had worked so hard. He had put his heart and soul into them…

“Why had none of the Walkers had bothered to show up? If only Nora had been there… Or Saul… They know so many people. They could have spoken to journalists… Perhaps people would have understood.” He flings another color on the sheet. “Where was Kevin? I can understand that Scotty had to work, but Kevin… He could have been there…”

He puts his brush aside and grabs another one. A finer one. He adds diagonal lines over the other lines. Crossing lines… Cross-paths… Somehow he’s not connecting to Sarah anymore… His lines may touch the others, but his own lines of communication aren’t touching Sarah’s.

“It is all my fault. I should try harder to not be jealous, to be supportive, but I don’t understand why Sarah has to give all her time to Joe and Gabe. …” Luc tells his painting, while he picks up some black paint and a brush with a wider stroke. He zigzags the lines all over the painting, trying to connect to it somehow, but it’s not working.

He steps away from the painting and he sits down to look at it. They are right. The painting doesn’t speak to him, it doesn’t reflect him. The brighter colors have disappeared under the black, grey and brown strokes. The colors are drowning in a sea of misery… And so is he…



Fanfic: Missing scene 6.09.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.09 I just died in your arms tonight.

About: Walker Telephone tree.
Reason for rejection: No idea.
Context: When Alex gets killed in an attempt to save Kevin, who's under attack from Michelle, no one wants to go to his funeral, leaving Kevin all alone to deal with this...

Collapse )


Fanfic: Missing scene 6.12.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.12 Stand by me

About: Nora
Reason for rejection: No idea.
Context: Cooper has befriended a boy named Roddy. But Roddy is a danger to himself and others. Cooper has told Nora all about it. Basically this answers the question: "Whatever happened to Roddy?"


“Mrs Walker. What a wonderful surprise to see you again.” The principal, Mr Reese, gets up to welcome Nora. “Though I’m surprised. I can’t imagine Sarah, Kitty, Thomas, Kevin or Justin responsible for anything current. And Paige is no longer with us either…. So, I can only assume that it’s about Cooper?”

“Yes, it is. I hate to bring this to you. I’ve purposely not discussed this with Sarah, because I didn’t want her to create a problem. Perhaps, as a grandmother, I’m more capable of taking a step backwards and look at the grand picture, rather than at the small details…. Well, at least, I hope that there is a grand picture.” Nora sighs, wondering how to approach the subject.

“What is it about? How can I help you?” Mr Reese asks.
“It’s a boy. He’s in Cooper’s class. His name is Roddy. Roderick is his full name, I think. Cooper befriended the boy… But now he has found out that the boy isn’t such a good friend…”

“I think I know who Cooper is talking about… Indeed a troubled young man. Troubled family. We were hoping that the influence of his aunt, who’s now looking after him, and the transfer to a new school would make a change in his life.”
“He’s ruining Cooper’s life.” Nora points out, not wishing to make it sound softer than it is.

“What happened?”
“First he threw rocks at an old cat. Cooper was horrified. He hates animal abuse. Then this Roddy set a barn on fire. The fire caused the owner to have a heart-attack. Something this Roddy found very amusing.” Nora’s lips form a straight line, showing her disapproval.

Mr Reese makes notes and he nods.
“I already suspected that it wouldn’t last long until the boy would get in trouble again. I’m truly sorry to be right.”
“I’m sorry you’re right too…. It’s having a bad effect on my grandson.”

Nora, at this point, can’t bother to show too much care for Roddy. Her shoulders sink.
“Listen. I’m not stupid. I raised 2 daughters and 3 sons. I get pranks. I get mischievous behavior. I get that kids play and do stupid things sometimes. I can even stretch the ‘boys will boys’ line very far. God knows, I’ve stretched it many times for my own sons.

But the behavior that Roddy has, according to Cooper, shows something far more dangerous. I think that that young man is on a very wrong path…. I don’t know if you remember a boy called Alex Grodin? A friend of Kevin’s?...” She stops and watches how Mr Reese digs through his memory.

“Yes…. I remember him. Hopeless case. Not a stupid boy, just.. no one who would stimulate him to do something with his life…. I wonder what became of him.”
“He turned out to be a psychopath who nearly killed Kevin, his husband and two of Kevin’s friends. He got shot and killed when someone else tried to kidnap Kevin’s son… It’s complicated…”

Nora’s answer shocks Mr Reese. Yet, she's relentless.
“I can see Roddy go the same way Alex did. There was no one there for Alex when it could have mattered. No one cared to step up for him. No one helped him. Everyone just stood by as the boy sank away deeper and deeper in misery.

Which is why, now, I’m here. Hearing what Cooper told me about that child, Roddy, I’m not going to idly stand by and do nothing. He needs help. He truly needs someone to take charge. Cooper is in no position to help Roddy. No more than Kevin could have helped Alex. Roddy needs professional help before he gets lost.”

Nora looks at Mr Reese, somehow expecting some sort of miracle. Mr Reese nods quietly.
“Yes. I can see that you’re right. We had hoped for another outcome. But.. we have to face it… We are in no position to give the young man the help he truly needs…” He accepts reluctantly.

“I just want Cooper to stay out of this… It can’t lead back to him. If this Roddy would take revenge on Cooper…” She doesn’t finish her sentence, thinking back of all the issues that had come between Alex and Kevin.
“Don’t worry. Roddy will never know about Cooper’s involvement.” Mr Reese promises…