July 30th, 2014


Fanfic:Saul's soul-mate

Saul's soul-mate

By Marea67
Saul, Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: The characters of B&S aren't mine. written with love, not for money.
Summary: The night before he gets married to Jonathan, Saul thinks about a few things.

A/N: This was supposed to be part of the "One the life of others" series, but I finished that one, without adding this one (and a few others) to it. Mainly because this story doesn't flow well. I know what I wanted, but couldn't get it quite right. However, I liked it too much to throw it away.

References back to episodes 2.07 "36 hours" (argument Saul/Kevin in Justin's room) and 2.15 "Moral hazard" (Saul coming out to Kevin).

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Just took another quick look at...

.. episode 2.11 "Missionary imposition'. What is it about that scene with Scotty crashing Kevin's 'tea-party' with Jason that always makes laugh out loud? I know, I love Matthew/Luke, but in all honestly, credit needs to be given also to Eric Winter. Jason's confusion is just as priceless as Scotty's 'it's not lobster...' or Kevn's horrified face when he realizes that Jason will stay for dinner. :)

A bit of psychological arm-wrestling...

It's not exactly lobster....

Tell him how good I do it... Soft-shelled crabs, Kevin, softshelled crabs....

.. I dare you....


THIS is going to be so much fun.....