December 31st, 2013


New year's wishes

Well, last post of this year from me.

I've had a strange year where nothing went as I had hoped/expected/dreamed. If I was still as deeply depressed as I was several years ago, I would have cried that this year had sucked, but... it didn't. Not really.

I've laughed, cried, said hello's (and sometimes 'hello again, I've missed you, sorry that I've been gone for so long'). And I've said goodbyes (and not always with regret).

I've finally had the long conversation with my best friend, that I should have had 7 years ago when my life imploded. Open and honestly, painful sometimes, with a lot of tears cried by both of us. And we can finally move on as well, our 35-year friendship slightly crumpled here and there over the years, but still as strong as ever.

It was a year of evaluation, realisations and acceptance of facts with BOTH my head and my heart, especially on topics where those two had been disagreeing with each other previously.

And I realize, every single day: I have the most awesome daughter in the world!

I believe that 2014 will be MY year. No, let me rephrase that, because I don't believe, I KNOW. I've decided that it will be and it must be. Resistance is futile! :)

I know I haven't written that much this year. Kevin/Scotty are still there, just quietly waiting for me to sort out my mess, always there when i need them. I still conjure up stories, but nothing seems to translate onto my computer.

To those who were disappointed with me this year, I apologize.
To those who joined me this year, I say "Hello, nice to meet you."
To those who have left me this year, I say "Pity, but so be it."
To those who loved my work and those who were not impressed with it and commented with either good or bad reviews, I thank you and I'm grateful for each of you. You all teach me something.
To those who keep coming back for more punishment of my stories, see you in the new year.