October 13th, 2013


Fanfic: Just a quiet holiday 07/?

Just a quiet holiday 07/?

THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty ( with Chad & Jason dropping by occassionally)
Disclaimer: Merely borrowing the characters, no harm will come to them. (I think...) Written with love not for money.
Rate: I'm going for NC-17 eventually. :)
Summery: Scotty could use a vacation.... So could Kevin...

Sorry, but last night's chapter was inadvertently posted as the 5th chapter, but it was in fact the 6th. (Thanks, Rosario, for pointing it out!) Correction has been made. And now... On to chapter 7!!!! ;D

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