March 8th, 2013

actor luke macfarlane

Person of Interest guest part Luke Macfarlane

I actually liked the episode I saw. I had never watched it before, but I might pick it up. I liked Luke's part in it, but couldn't help that it reminded me of something.... I guessed who the murderer was rather quickly and I wasn't wrong.

Anyway, here are a few screencaps I made:

01. 02. 03. 04.
05. 06. 07. 08

I hope the linking works - I still have to get used to Imgur after years of  Photobucket. :)

About B&S season 7....

The next 'episodes' will be on:

24 March - 7.09 - It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to)
31 March - 7.10 - Our house
07 April  - 7.11 - Surfer's dream (this is a working title - might yet change, because I'm not quite satisfied with it)
14 April  - 7.12 - I remember yesterday
21 April  - 7.13 - Last Dance

As the last title suggests, it will be the last episode of the season and also the last of the series, as far as I'm concerned. Sorry!  :) 

And, knowing how clever you guys are, you must have noticed that there is a gap in time. I have a couple of weeks with loads of appointments, decision making and other commitments coming up and I won't be able to get much writing done. Plus, I have reasons to be concerned about my mom-in-law and also my dad, so I'm taking three weeks off, (of which I still have 2+ weeks left), so I can get myself organized.

I feel that I've left most characters in a good enough place, Kevin/Scotty in particular. :)

I will be writing whenever I can, but right now, I feel that 10 and 17 March are just not goals that I cannot reach while still delivering a story that is halfway good.  

So... I have this B&S question...

... what are your most precious scenes of B&S? Yes. I know, I know, anything that breathes K/S - ,  their first kiss, their second kiss, their third kiss, heir dance, their other 11 kisses, the proposal, the wedding, the two of them singing together to Daniel....

But I mean ASIDE from those? A moment of Kitty/Robert's wedding? One of Nora's moments? When Rebecca found out she wasn't William's? The Kevin/William scene. When Sarah collapsed on the stairs after Joe got custody?  When Luc fell into a tree-shredder after being hit by a car during that snow-blizzard when he tried to run away from that escaped lion that had already torn his arm off? ... O, no, that was just in my fantasy.... Forget that last one....

Come on! Shock me! Baffle me! Refresh my memories! (God knows they could use some serious brushing up)