December 3rd, 2012

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"The busy world is hushed"...

Well, the fans of Luke Macfarlane will get a nice little Christmas-present from "Los Angeles Theater Works". In the week of 22 Dec to 28 December LATW will air the play "The busy world is hushed", a radio-play starring Jill Clayburgh and Luke Macfarlane.

Here is the link for latw where you can listen to the play, starting 22 December and for one week only. For a bit more on the play and how you can order the disc: The busy world is hushed.

Btw: How funny: Just noticed that next week they will play 'The seagull' with Calista Flockhart and T.R. Knight (speak about Luke-related news ;P )
kevin/scotty AU

Fanfic: Family or friends? 3/5

Family or friends? 3/5

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Like I said, NC-17 is inevitable.
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S. Written with love not for money.
Summary: AU. A friend of William Walker asks Kevin a favor. Kevin isn’t interested… Not at first anyway.

As this is an Alternate Universe, this means that the characters CAN be different than in the canon-version. If you can't handle that the characters will act in an uncharacteristic way, don't read this story. Nobody's putting a gun to your head, saying that you MUST read it. That is your free choice. It is my free choice to write the characters the way I want them to be in this story. ~ Love and peace.  :)

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