October 8th, 2012

quote: get drunk?


... I'm bored out of my skull. I want to write, but I have no inspiration at the moment. So, I want your help. Remember "The  Random Word Generator"?  It would give a word and I would try to write a story by using it.... Well, I'm going to ask you to be my Random Word Generator. Give me a word and I will see it will revive my muses. :-)

Rules: not many. Don't go for the easiest words such as  'love', 'hurt', 'faithful', 'marriage', 'cheating'... and please, no 'extra-marital' or 'illigitimate child' either. They've been there, done that.

Think a bit out of the box, but not outrageously so.  Because, let's face it.... "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"? .... come on, Kevin/Scotty are not THAT gay! ;-)

I know that most of you want me to write K and/or S, but if you want to thrill me, shock me, challenge me, make it more interesting, have a different request, let me know. ;)

Oh, yeah, something else... NO Luc Laurent!!!!....


And now about "Season 7"...

... I didn't want to say anything, afraid to jinx what little inspiration I DO have, but I have the start of the season, a few ideas, some hopefully interesting plotlines and thoughts... I even have a few scenes written, but nothing definite.

I am working on it.

But don't expect it sooner than November, if not December. I sincerely want to give it a try, but I don't want the pressure of being empty-handed from week to week, so I won't be posting until I actually have a few chapters ready and things seem to make sense to me and I have an idea in what direction I want to go and who will be there.

However, this month is crazily busy with my kid's holidays and her birthday plans, changes in my plans (created by others) and people not doing what I expected them to or not sticking to their promises so far, so....

I make no promises, so that I won't disappoint anyone. :) but there WILL be a season 7. I just don't know when. :)