May 22nd, 2012


about that message about Luke

Not sure what happened, but when I tried to access Luke's account or the movie again, I couldn't get them anymore, even though I could easily access the Imdb accounts for Matthew and Ioan, so it would seem that the problem isn't with Imdb as a whole. 

So, I must assume it was just a joke and they are working to correct it. Glad I didn't post it last night, when I was still in a state of shock.If the short movie does re-appear, I will unblock the previous message again. :)
scotty funny

Luke's short project...?

Reposting this: It would seem that I cannot make direct links to Imdb here on LJ. I tried it with Matthew Rhys' account too, just to see if it was only about Luke, but no, cannot link straight to his account either. I got an error-message whenever I tried. So, please, if you wish to know more, copy-paste the url-adress and read for yourselves. :)

I read it last night and thought I'd already gone to sleep and had some weird dream, so I decided to go to bed and GET some sleep, but now, the info is still here, so:

Added on Imdb for Luke Macfarlane

Erection:  (short) (completed) 2012

Synopsis: (Red added by me) Can Dean (Luke Macfarlane) get an erection in time to save his relationship with his girlfriend Selby (Bonnie Swencionis)? In bed, the day before he leaves town, the couple struggle with his flaccid penis.


Ahm... right... well... I think... Maybe, I should.... I don't know... (Mind goes blank) ... Well, you guys, I'm kinda speechless at the moment.... I think that anything I will say can, and will, be used against me, so I'll just shut up!