January 11th, 2011

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Fanfic: Ice-cream


By Marea67
Rate: R for innuendo
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: K/S talk about … well, … ice-cream ... amongst other things.
Extra: I'm cleaning up my computer and also my story-files and I ran into a story I started 3 years ago and just never finished, a large chunk of "Ice-cream" was a part of that old story.  Now, I may have used it before, because I actually like it so much and I sometimes cannabalize other stories that don't move to help those that do go somewhere. I'm however not sure if I actually did it with this. I THINK I may have, but I cannot remember where/when/what story. And maybe it's just because I've read it SO often. I don't know. So if anyone has read this before, I'm sorry. I did re-write a bit to fit it more into this season's context, (instead of season 2) so maybe "Ice-cream" will still seem 'fresh'. ;)

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