December 1st, 2010


OMG! It's been 3 years ago

.... that I wrote/posted my very first B&S fanfic. I nearly forgot.

I still sometimes get comments on my older stories and then I read them again. I have my favorites and I sometimes wonder if those who read my stories have them as well?

I should have written something fluffy for K/S, or at least Kevin, to mark the date. (Sorry for Luke Macfarlane, but I seem to have fallen for Matthew Rhys all over again! He's amazing!

I'm however not really in the mood to write, though there a few plot-bunnies hopping around in my head, but I can give you guys this drabble:


It has taken Scotty a long time to see all the different layers that make Kevin who he is. Insecurity covered by arrogance, pain hidden under sarcasm, a strong man who can be as vulnerable as a child. So many masks. Kevin knows his own flaws: high-maintenance, self-centred, needy ... all of them true. However, as Scotty watches Kevin sleep, he can see the other aspects: loving son (in-law), caring brother (in-law), dedicated lawyer. And, above all, the forgiving husband who tries to give all the love he has to offer Scotty and who deserves to be loved in return.

The end