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Fanfic: Somewhere down the road 02/06

Somewhere down the road…. 02/06 

By: Marea67
Kevin/Scotty mainly
Rate: This chapter:  G
Disclaimer: B&S or K/S don't belong to me, but to ABC
Summary: What if Kevin cannot forgive Scotty, can they find their way back to each other?  Thanks to FatCat for reminding me of this beautiful Barry Manilow song.
Extra: Forgot to say: As this is AU - Jason (and Chad) are not a part of Kevin/Scotty's life. Robert died immediately after the accident.


Scotty is glad that it’s Monday and that they are closed today. He places the bag of groceries on the counter in the kitchen, hoping he hasn’t forgotten any of the ingredients, that he needs for a new recipe, that he wants to try. Seven messages on his answering machine. He sighs and presses the ‘play’ button.

Mrs Dayton. Cancellation. Mr Lopez. Scotty smiles. He likes Mr Lopez. Reconfirms his appointment for Thursday night. Could they perhaps do something special? He and Mrs Lopez celebrate their 20 year anniversary. Scotty grins. He can do that. He knows what Mrs Lopez likes. She always orders the same dish…

The third messages starts with silence, catching Scotty’s attention.
“….Hi….” It sounds very faint as if Kevin is miles away from the phone. Scotty’s heart skips a beat. “I thought I’d call you around this time, knowing you’d most likely not be home…. It’s easier to leave a message…..”

Scotty’s heart sinks. Kevin wants a separation. He knows it and his eyes become big and filled with fear.
“…. I’m sorry that it’s taking me so long to ….” The sentence breaks as does the voice. Leaving a message must be harder than he thought.

“…. I don’t have an answer… Sometimes I just want to come… home…” A sobbing sound. “And then, on other moments, I don’t want to see you ever again…. But I then I remember that I l….” For a moment Scotty thinks that Kevin will tell him that he loves him, but then there’s silence.

“…. Jason told me to call you…” Kevin’s voice is stronger as if he regrouped himself. “…. But I have nothing to say…. I don’t know…. I shouldn’t have called. …. Bye…” The line goes dead and Scotty sits down, dumbfounded. He plays the message again and again and again, before he lets his head sink on his arms and he starts to cry uncontrollably.


Scotty throws away the food. It tastes like cardboard anyway. After he had cried, he had fallen asleep, still sitting at the table, his head on his underarms. And now his head hurts and his eyes feel as if they don’t fit properly in their sockets. Empty and useless. That about covers it.

Someone rings at the backdoor. It’s too late for deliveries. He trudges to the door, not in the mood to talk to anyone just yet and he fears it’s one of the Walkers, just about the last thing he needs right now. But it’s not one of the Walkers.
“Jason?” Scotty can’t believe his eyes.

“Kevin told me which door to use…. Can I come in?” Jason asks and Scotty steps aside to let him in. He leads Jason to the restaurant and, out of habit, Scotty asks Jason if he wants something to drink.
“Coffee please… We need to talk.” Jason replies insistently. Scotty nods that he understands.

Scotty tries to buy some time, by slowly preparing the coffee, but it’s only about two minutes or so that he gains, because the machine is quickly done. He’s not sure what Jason has to tell him. He only now registers, that Kevin said he had talked to Jason and Jason just said that Kevin had told him how to get to the backdoor of Café 429... Obviously.... They talk.... To each other…

Scotty places the coffee on the table and sits down, waiting for Jason to talk to him. Jason puts his hand-palms together, buying some time, before he starts to talk.
“I called Kevin. This afternoon. I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved in whatever is going on between the two of you. It’s your problem and not mine.

But I got concerned about you, when I met you at the mall yesterday. I hate to say this, and, please, don’t take this the wrong way, but you look awful…”
“Thanks. Just what I needed to hear. You sure know how to boost a guy’s ego.” Scotty replies, but his voice is more resigned than angry.

“Not part of my job-description.” Jason replies with a hint of a smile. “But I did spend nearly an hour talking to him or rather talking into him, making him understand that what he’s doing is not working and that he’s doing you more harm and that he’s worrying his family and …” Jason stops, obviously not sure how to move on.

“What did he say?” Scotty asks.
“That he’d call you.”
“He left a message.” Scotty confirms, suddenly feeling incredibly tired and not sure if he has the strength to pull every word out of Jason.

“I know. He called me after he had called you. He was very hurt and upset. It was a lot harder than he expected it to be… Look, Kevin is scared that if he lets people know where he is, the family will come down on him like an avalanche, trying to ‘make things better’, but he’s still very confused about his feelings for you…”

Scotty rubs his face and suddenly blurts out:
“Sorry to interrupt you, Jason, it’s been a very long day and things are only slowly falling into place. How come that you can call Kevin? That you seem to know where he is? Why is he talking to you, when he’s not talking to the rest of his family? Or his husband?”

“Scotty, 4 months ago,  after he had collected his things here, he had left this place, he came to me. Said that he had driven around, not knowing what to do, until he suddenly realized that he was close to my church. When he came to me that night, he just needed a place to sort things out in his mind.

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t get the feeling that he came for me. And I looked at Kevin as a part of my job as a minister. He sought sanctuary and I gave it to him. He needed to talk, I listened. He needed to cry, I offered a shoulder and a box of tissues. That’s all…”
“That’s all?” Scotty asks, not entirely convinced. Jason sighs.

“He told me that he needed to get away. He was so angry at you, so hurt. He couldn’t believe that you had done this to him. You, of all the people he trusted, turned out to be a cheater. He said, that he feared he would hurt you, physically, if he ran into you again. He was so mad. So full of anger….”

“I bet you couldn’t wait to come between us.” Scotty says bitterly, knowing he’s not entirely fair to Jason. Jason frowns.
“You really hate me, don’t you? What did I ever do you? He broke up with me because he was certain that you were “the one”.

You asked him not to see me again, which he didn’t, until you betrayed his trust. I think it’s unfair that you’re somehow trying to put the problems with Kevin on me, and not have a good look at yourself and your own actions first. It was your cheating that drove him away, not my giving him a place to sleep.”

Jason looks angry and Scotty raises his hands in apology.
“I’m sorry. I’m not blaming you, but … I don’t know where he is, what he’s doing, what he’s living on, he hasn’t withdrawn cash from our account since he left, I don’t know what he thinks.

With every letter that comes here, I expect it will be a letter stating that he wants a separation. Whenever I miss a phone-call, I’m sick, because I think I may have missed him. It’s driving me insane that he will talk to Justin and now to you, but not to me. I’m his husband! … ...Kevin won’t talk to me in person….”

The last sentence is not so much directed at Jason, but at himself. Jason bites his lip, wondering what he should answer to this.
“I guess…” he then slowly starts. “… that he finally knows what I meant, when I said that it hurt too much to talk to him, when I was in Malaysia. I think that it would hurt him too much to hear your voice, to talk to you and not to be with you...”

Scotty thinks over Jason’s words, but slowly shakes his head.
“That would imply… he still cares for me?” Jason can see that Scotty is caught between believing in the possibility that Kevin is still interested and the fear that Kevin will never be back again. Jason sighs deeply.

“He loves you. That hasn’t changed. Í'm sure of that.”
“Then, where is he? Why is he not with me?” Scotty asks.
“That is, I’m afraid, my fault. I hadn’t expected it to take that long….” Jason replies, but when he sees the confusion on Scotty’s face he knows it’s time for an explanation.

“To my knowledge, no one knows where Kevin is exactly. The last thing that Kevin wanted, or needed, was the whole Walker-clan on his case about how he should handle your infidelity and his own part in it. He needed time to deal with it, without being harassed, guilt-tripped, pushed and pulled or manipulated.

God, I don’t have to explain the Walkers to you. They are loving and caring, but it can sometimes just be too much of a good thing.” Jason takes Scotty’s hands into his own as if to give him strength. “Kevin is Washington, taking care of some legal aspects for the McCallister-family.

He gets paid for his work through Courtney, Robert’s ex-wife. Courtney and the Walkers have nothing to do with each other, but Kevin and Courtney talked to each other several times, when Kevin was still working for Robert.

There’s not much love lost between Kitty and Courtney and Robert’s kids hardly see each other anyway. If I want to see my niece and nephew I have to go to Washington and, so far, Kitty hasn’t had the courage to see Robert’s kids.”
“That answers a few of my questions.”

“Thought so.”
“What exactly is he doing in Washington?”
“His job. As a lawyer. I have a large family, as you may recall. My grandfather had always put his trust on my father to take care of the family, so when my grandfather died, my father was put in charge of everything my family owned.

And my father set up a family-fund, so that we’d always be taken care of financially. When my father died, it was naturally assumed that Robert would take over the McCallister fund. I was too young to be really involved and, later on, too disinterested. Robert kept a firm grip on our family’s properties and money. He didn’t need my advice on that.

But when Robert died…. Things started to stir in the family. Robert was the glue that kept us together, but suddenly everyone wanted their piece… Which is fine with me, because they threw the fund in my lap and I don’t have the time or the knowledge to deal with it. I just want to get rid of it all and give everything back to the rightful family-members.

That is why Kevin is in Washington. It’s legally very complicated, because family members died, but others were added, some are divorced or widows. Everyone’s interests should be protected, as Robert would have wanted, and the job to split everything up, turns out to be more time-consuming than we thought.”

Scotty tries to get the picture right in his head.
“Where does he live, while he’s there? A hotel?”

“No. I gave him the key to an apartment I have there, so that he has his own space. He wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying with Courtney for such a long time. I think, that was a good idea, I understand from Courtney, that he’s not always pleasant company to have….” Jason replies in a calm, gentle voice. Scotty nods.
“So. Washington.” Scotty quietly says.

“Did Kevin allow you to tell me this?”
“No.” Jason immediately replies. “But after seeing you yesterday and my conversations with Kevin later on… I no longer agree with what he does. Months ago, he made a logical decision. Now, it’s getting out of hand.”

“What can you do?”
“Me? Nothing. You, on the other hand….” Jason reaches in his pocket with one hand, while he opens Scotty’s hands with the other. “… have this.” Scotty stares at the key and a piece of paper that Jason puts in his hands.

“What … are those?” He knows the answer, but it overwhelms him.
“The address of my apartment and the spare-key to it.”
“What am I supposed to do with these?” Scotty just doesn’t get it and Jason rolls his eyes with annoyance, wondering if he has to explain everything.

“Frame them for all I care.” He replies harsher than he planned and when he sees Scotty wince, he suggests gentler: “… Or fly over there and get Kevin to come back home.”
“You think I can?” Scotty asks.
“I think you must.” Jason replies.


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