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welcome to my fantasies
picspam: thanks for the memories 
1st-May-2011 11:50 am (UTC)
Lovely! You went to Cardiff before? That's really cool! I saw a video on youtube from Merlin's lead actors where they went there and the other part near Snowdonia (I forgot the name of the place now) to do a documentary-like thingy for the show where they are like tracing the footstep of anything abuot the Arthurian lengendary. The place is beautiful! My friend went to the Netherlands last year as well, and she let me saw lots of pictures! Wow! I'd say it's a lovely place. If I will have the money in future, I'd really love to visit the Wales, Ireland, UK (Liverpool actually, where my cousin lives), Germany and Netherland. I guess I will have to win the lottery! LOL!

And you're definitely right, the end seasons for X-Files was such a frustration. Agent Dodget was good, but the conspiracy became too much at last! Make sure don't let your daughter get there! LOL! Now I need to go catch up with the fics! TTYL!
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