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Fanfic: Remember dancing?

Remember dancing?

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty (and Jordan drops by again) 
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: Scotty gets a reminder of dancing


“Oh, come on, Scotty.” Jordan tries to persuade him over the phone. “Olivia will stay with Nora for a night and that means that you and Kevin can come with us…. Come on… I miss you.”
“Jordan, I’m serious. Just because Nora wants her four grandkids to sleep over, doesn’t mean I can go to the club.”

“What’s stopping you?”
“Kevin. He has to work.”
“You know what they say about all work and no play….” Jordan tries. Scotty nods on the phone.

Kevin looks up at the mention of his name.
“What?” He asks and Scotty covers his phone.
“Jordan wants me to go with them to Cinnamon Jack’s, early birthday celebration for Mario, as he won’t be in town next week.” Scotty replies.
“If you want to go, go! I’ll be busy all night, working on this case, so I won’t be able to give much attention to you. Go out and have fun. Tonight you can, you planned the night off, Olivia isn’t here, no reason to feel guilty.” Kevin encourages.
“You heard your husband, honey!” Jordan says from his side of the line and Scotty sighs.


Scotty looks around and he feels out of place. This used to be his place, his scene. No karaoke tonight (Thank God!) but the music drones and Scotty remembers how he used to lose himself in the almost hypnotic beat. He watches other men and some women. Arms in the air, lost to the beat, dancing close to each other.

Something tells him he should go for it. Just get on the dance-floor, feel that beat vibrate in his belly and get someone to dance with. As if he reads Scotty’s mind, Mario grabs Scotty’s hand and takes him to the dance-floor. Scotty nearly drowns in the music. It’s way too loud and the bodies dancing up against his make him feel trapped.

There was a time when it had felt sexy, just to have someone rub up against him, turn him on, a promise of what might happen, …. or not. Now, it just feels uncomfortable. It’s not any of them he wants to dance with. Scotty tries to relax, but it’s not working. Some guy really dances up close to him and the scent of his sweat makes Scotty feel sick.

With a little pushing and shoving he manages to get off the dance-floor and he heads straight for the door to get out. It isn’t until he smells the cool air outside, (he wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘fresh’) , that he stops. A few seconds later he feels a hand on his shoulder. It’s Jordan, looking concerned.

“Are you alright? I saw you go all shades of green on the dance-floor?”
“I’m fine now. I’m okay. I just…” How can he explain this to Jordan?
“Not your scene anymore, huh?” Jordan says with a sad smile. “I’ve seen it happen so many times before.”

“I really wanted to go out and have fun tonight, but it somehow feels ‘wrong’ to be there, even though Kevin told me to have fun and I know he won’t mind if I dance with another guy, especially considering that he hates dancing… I don’t know…” Jordan smiles when he sees Scotty’s face.

“Hey! It will be fine. Just go home. I’ll tell Mario you’re just not up to it. He’ll understand.”
“You think so?”
“Sure.” Jordan grins.


Kevin pours a drink and sighs. The case turned out to be easier to crack than he had expected. The mistakes some people make… He shakes his head. He’s sure he can win this case. What he’s not sure of, is what to do next. He wishes Scotty was home and he tries to ignore that little voice inside him that wonders who Scotty is dancing with.

Meanwhile, he also tries to silence the reminder that Scotty cheated on him before. He should have faith in Scotty. Scotty had been doing his own part to make things right between them again and Kevin wants to trust him again. He wonders if he should text Scotty that he’s coming to Cinnamon Jack after all. Or would that come across as him checking up on Scotty?

To be honest, Kevin doesn’t want to go to Cinnamon Jack. Though the relationship with Scotty’s friends run more smoothly now than before, and he knows he won over Jordan completely, he still feels uncomfortable with them whenever they go to Cinnamon Jack. He feels that people still remember how much of an idiot he had made of himself with that karaoke-night, 4 years ago.

He plays with his drink. If he takes a sip, he can’t drive. That would be a good excuse. He’ll doesn’t have to go, to a place where he doesn’t want to be, … But Scotty is there. Tough choice. Or maybe not.

He puts down his drink and takes his coat, turns out most of the lights and is just ready to head for the door, when he hears the key in the lock. Scotty enters and is surprised when he sees Kevin standing there, phone in his hand.
“I just texted you that I was on my way to Cinnamon Jack’s.” Kevin says, rather comically. Scotty’s phone buzzes.

“So you did.” He says, looking at the screen. “There’s no need. I’m home.”
“Why is that? You were looking forward to an evening out with your friends.”
“Yeah, I was.” Scotty replies, hanging up his coat and hanging Kevin’s on top of it.

“What went wrong?”
“Some guy danced close to me and it reminded me of the countless nights that I didn’t go home, because I spent them someplace else, with some guy who’s name I couldn’t remember in the morning and I would probably not recognize if I’d see him a week later…”

“Ah, the “I’m an old married man”-syndrome.” Kevin replies. “I know how much you love to dance and you know how much I don’t like to dance…. I’m sorry that being married to me is ruining your fun….” Kevin says, feeling a bit guilty..
“Don’t be silly. I could dance with whomever I wanted, but I didn’t want it.”

Kevin looks on as Scotty lets himself fall on the couch and he looks a little bored. Kevin takes a deep breath and walks over to the cd-player to put on some soft music. He walks up to Scotty and reaches out to him.
“Can I have this dance…?” He asks sweetly and grins. “I’ll even let you lead.”

Scotty smiles and gets up and then he feels Kevin close to him. The gentle press of another body against his own. It turns him on. It is a promise of what, he knows, will happen later tonight. He bows his head, brings his lips in touch with Kevin’s. Though they continue to move to the rhythm of the song, they both focus on their kiss.

“I love you.” Scotty whispers between two kisses and Kevin takes his breath away with yet another kiss. Scotty’s embrace tightens and Kevin knows that they won’t make it to the second song or the second dance, but that’s alright. Then their kiss deepens to a point where they no longer hear the music and all they can think about is going to the bedroom...


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