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Fanfic: Wedding in reverse

Wedding in reverse.

By Marea67
 kevin, Scotty and some more
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Kevin/Scotty would be kissing if they were.
Summary:  chronicles the events of Kevin and Scotty's wedding-day in 2.16 - Prior Commitments 
Written for[info]love_bingo
A/N.: I know it 's orginally "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", but the original prompt for the love_bingo  was "Something borrowed, blue, old and new" and it fitted my story better. :)


I've post 4 short-stories that should be read in this order: Love at first sight, Forbidden love, Can't take my eyes off of you and "Wedding in reverse"(this story)


Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new


“Oh, for God’s sake, here.” Kevin hears Robert say and he sees him play with his wedding-ring before handing it over to Kevin. It feels warm in Kevin’s hand.
“Here we go.” Tommy’s hand reaches out to Scotty, placing his own ring on Scotty’s hand. There's nervous laughter all around.

Kevin can see the warm smile on Julia’s face as she’s holding up Elizabeth. A quick glance at Kitty shows that she’s alright with it as well.
“You can only borrow it though. I want it back.” Robert quickly whispers and Kevin smiles.

As Scotty places Tommy’s ring on Kevin’s finger, Kevin can’t think of anything else than the fact that he’s about to get married to the man he loves with all his heart. And as Robert’s ring slips on Scotty’s finger, Kevin somehow feels that his use of the words ‘love and devotion' doesn’t quite covers the real extend of his feelings.


“You and Scotty deserve this night to be as romantic and memorable as anyone else’s.” Nora tells Kevin and Kevin can only watch that woman, standing there in her blue dress. That woman who never gave up on him. Who loved him at his best and his worst, who loved him before he came out and who defended him tirelessly afterwards.

She always told him to believe in himself, to be proud of who he was, even when others weren’t. It was the determination in her that gave him strength to believe that he could love like her. Unconditionally. If only he would find the right man. And he had. He finally found that man to love.

Her words move something in Kevin. He walks up to her and she looks a little worried.
“Thank you.” He says and he hugs her. “You gave us a wedding.” And he lets his tears come without holding back, because he finally understands that he does deserve this wedding, because, as Nora always taught him,  he’s not a lesser human being, just because he happens to be gay.


Scotty’s thumb caresses the cufflinks in the small box.
I wore them the day I married your mother. They’re yours, son. And I will give them to you the day you marry.” Wally had promised him years ago. Scotty had eventually asked if he could get them sooner, but Wally had said no. Only on his wedding-day.

Scotty had forgotten all about them. At first, he believed he would never get married, because two men could not get married. Then he found out there were are ways to make a commitment, but he could not find the right guy to get committed to. And by the time he met Kevin, he had forgotten all about the cufflinks.

A vague memory, that is what they had become and, yet, here they are. His father’s cufflinks. Old, but still beautiful. To Scotty it feels as if Wally is quietly giving his blessing to this relationship. The only reason why Scotty is holding them now, is because his father gave him his cufflinks today, because this is the day that he sees as his son’s wedding-day.


The first to welcome Scotty into the family is Nora. In the kitchen, it becomes apparent to him, how happy she is to add him to her family. Sarah is next to call him ‘brother-in-law’, although, officially, he’s not yet married to Kevin.

He hands over some cookies to Paige and Cooper and something about the way that Cooper suddenly calls him Uncle Scotty makes him aware that his ‘family’ has been extended with a niece and a nephew. He’s about to become their uncle. And to Scotty, who never had much of a family to begin with, it feels so strange and so good. 

But he doesn’t have time to worry about it for long. Kitty enters the kitchen and welcomes him with a kiss and the words that it all smells great and that her new brother-in-law must be the best cook ever. She rushes off to find Sarah and leaves Scotty alone with Robert.

“You know,… I think you and I are the lucky ones to get married into the Walker-clan.” Robert says unexpectedly. “They’re a handful, but they’re there when you need them. You may not always like it, but it’s a fact…. Of course, if you ever tell Nora I said this, then, like a true politician, I will deny all of it.” Robert grins.

“I think she already knows. that you feel that way.” Scotty replies with a wink.
“I wouldn’t be surprised.” Robert replies, slightly more sarcastically. “The Walkers are better at prying information out of someone than the CIA is.” Scotty can’t disagree, but excuses himself, because he has to get dressed.

On his way up he sees Justin and Tommy enter and then rush upstairs.
“No worries, bro.” Justin wraps an arm around Scotty’s neck. “Kevin is here. He can’t wait to marry you and, above all, he’s sober.” Justin informs Scotty. Tommy laughs.
“Unfortunately, so are we.” he says.

“I’m supposed to be sober.” Justin reminds his brother. “Welcome to the family, bro.” He lets go off Scotty and moves to his own room and misses Julia exiting Tommy’s old room.
“Hi. Seems like everyone is here.” She smiles. “Welcome to the family, Scotty.” She kisses his cheek and leaves Scotty alone to get a bottle for Elizabeth.

He closes the door behind him and leans against it. He hadn’t really thought of what it meant to marry Kevin and get married into the Walker-family, until just now. For Kevin to become his husband isn’t just a new step in their relationship, it also means that Scotty finally has a family and that is something new to him as well.

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