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Fanfic: Forbidden Love

Forbidden love

By Marea67
 Kevin and Justin 
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Kevin/Scotty would be kissing if they were.
Summary: taking place between 207 (36 hours) and 208 (Something new) 
Written for[info]love_bingo


I will post 4 short-stories that should be read in this order: Love at first sight, forbidden love (this story), "Can't take my eyes of off you" and "Wedding in reverse".


“Hey, how are you feeling?” Kevin says, handing Justin a bag of candy.
“I wish someone would kill me.” Justin moans. “Forgotten how tough it can be to go through rehab, but at least I’m no longer puking my guts out and wishing to hurt someone to get drugs.”

“That’s progress, I presume.” Kevin answers dryly.
“Enough about my misery. Everyone wants to talk about how I feel and about what I need and I’m getting paranoia over the idea that Sarah, Kitty and Rebecca are conspiring to keep an eye on what I’m using.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, they’re just looking to find Kitty the ultimate wedding-dress…” Kevin sighs, worried that maybe Justin is still taking something.
“Still think it’s a cover-up.” Justin stubbornly says, but Kevin catches the hint of laughter in his eyes and he no longer feels concerned. Justin is just joking.

Justin adjusts the sheet on the bed. For some reason his leg hurts like hell today.
“Pain?” Kevin asks, seeing Justin wince.
“Can we talk about something else? I believe that thinking about it 24/7 doesn’t help. How about your misery? Care to share? It would be nice to listen to someone else’s problems for a change.”

“Got nothing to tell.” Kevin shrugs.
“I may have been drugged up, but I’m not entirely stupid. Plus, the walls are not that thick that I couldn’t hear you tell Tommy about Jason and how he never calls you…?”
“Oh.” Just that defeated little sound says more to Justin than he’d like to hear.

Justin just stares at Kevin, a trick he learned from Nora.
“I’m not going to screw this up. I’m in love with Jason McCallister.” Kevin replies, wishing he would sound more convincing. Justin still stares at him. “Besides, it’s not like Scotty would be interested in me anyway.”

“That’s not the same as you not being interested in Scotty.”
“Scotty broke up with me the first time. Then he walked away from me that Valentine’s morning. Not that I blame him, but he left… We’re just friends. It’s all strictly platonic.”
“And is that how you’d like it to be?” Justin asks point-blank.

He sees the little change in Kevin’s attitude as he tenses up and becomes defensive.
“I’m in love with Jason. I’m not going to screw this up.” Kevin replies again.
“Are you trying to memorize those words? So you won’t forget them, whenever Scotty is around?” Kevin doesn’t answer. He doesn’t even get angry, which probably concerns Justin even more. Justin reaches out to him.

“I’m sorry.” He says, not sure what he’s apologizing for, but he’s sure that Kevin just went from ‘ready to fight’ to ‘surrender’. Something Justin has said has hurt Kevin and that’s not what he wanted to do. “I guess, I’m just grumpy from the pain and I want everyone to feel miserable too. Besides I really like Scotty.”

“I like Scotty too.” Kevin replies softly, staring at his hands. “More than I should, I guess.” Then he looks up, meeting Justin’s eyes. “ But I promised Jason I’d wait for him and that’s what I’ll do. I’m sick and tired of being considered ‘not trustworthy’ in a relationship. I want to show everyone that I can be a good partner! Scotty and I? It can’t happen and it won’t.”

In the silence that falls between them, Justin wonders if what Kevin feels for Scotty might not be stronger than his feelings for Jason, and if that forbidden love will ultimately destroy Kevin and Jason, because Kevin is staying with Jason for the wrong reasons, but he doesn’t want to argue with Kevin any further, so he changes the subject.



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