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Fanfic: Love at first sight

Love at first sight

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Kevin/Scotty would be kissing if they were.
Summary: based on 1.02  "An act of Will"
Written forlove_bingo 


I will post 4 short-stories that should be read in this order: "Love at first sight" (this story), Forbidden love, "Can't take my eyes of off you" and "Wedding in reverse". The other 3 parts will be posted shortly.


Kevin is about the last person to believe in love at first sight. At age 34, he no longer believes in that romantic nonsense, created for high-school girls, who are swooning over some guy on the cover of a novel and hoping that their future ‘love-of-my-life’ will come even remotely close to looking like that.

Kevin puts aside his file. In general, the case of Mangopean Insurance is the standard fraud case, one he can most likely do with his eyes closed. This gives him time to ponder on ‘questions of life’ like the one about the term ‘love at first sight’, as Gina, the receptionist had described the man she had met last weekend.

How often would it actually happen? Just by looking at the people around him, he can’t really think of anyone who really had that happen to them. What he knows about his parents, Nora and William grew in their relationship and it hadn’t been instant fire, though Nora had been impressed with William but “Being impressed” is not the same as “Love at first sight”. Right?

Or Sarah and Joe? Practical, no-nonsense Sarah and the more bohemian and free-spirited Joe, how unlikely could their love be? Though, if he’s honest, Kevin realizes that hidden in Joe is a man who can be very practical in his own way and Kevin knows, from personal experience, that Sarah doesn’t always do the most practical thing, especially not if there’s wine involved.

He tries to remember that far back, but he cannot remember Sarah really being taken by surprise or talking about how shocked she was or anything. Kevin would like ‘Love at first sight’ to be recognizable as such. The bolt of lightning that crashes into you when your recognize your soul-mate……. He smiles over his own romantic notions.

So, how about Kitty and Jonathan? Mhmm. Kevin makes a face. He prays that Jonathan is not Kitty’s ‘soul-mate’. The man is very handsome, but Kevin cannot imagine that Kitty is in love with Jonathan to begin with, let alone that it happened ‘at first sight’. Maybe after the first glance at his Republican background, his bank-account and his car.. No, that's nasty. Kitty has flaws, but she's not like that… but she's not the 'at first sight' kinda girl either.

He thinks about Tommy and Julia, Tommy had fallen rather quickly for the beautiful Julia and it’s not so strange. Even Kevin can see the beauty in Julia, though it doesn’t raise his temperature. But can you call that it love at first sight? It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her before, maybe a spark of interest that got ignited…

His buzzer sounds. Kevin quickly adjust his shirt and tie and walks up to the door to let his next client in. The man is tall and his beautiful blue eyes takes Kevin’s breath away. There’s tingling feeling running along his spine and he sincerely hopes that he won’t get too aroused that the client will notice.

“I’m Kevin Walker.” He says and he’s surprised by how much in control his voice sounds, considering that his heart is beating faster and that he has to strongly resist the need to brush the hair away from the young man’s eyes.
“I’m Scotty Wandell.” The man replies and suddenly Kevin wonders if love at first sight isn't possible after all.

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