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Fanfic: Dinner!


By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty (duh!), Nora, Sarah, Kitty, Justin and even his colleague Dan shows up.
Rate: In general G.
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters aren't mine. Just borrowing to have some fun.
Summary: Scotty has a new recipe. 

The phone rings, but Nora’s in no mood to pick it up. She sulks in the kitchen, because it’s raining outside and it ruined her plans to do some work in the garden. So she leaves it up to the answering machine to do his job.

“Mom? Hey. It’s Kev. Hope you’re not drowning over there. Listen, if it gets too boring, just come on over to the restaurant. Scotty made a pasta-dish. New recipe. Delicious. You’re welcome to join. Bye.” She shakes her head with a smile. Tasting Scotty’s food sounds good. She can always put what she made in the fridge for tomorrow. Oh, wait…


“Scotty? Mom just called. She can’t come. Justin said he’d eat with her tonight. She already made dinner.”
“Fine. No problem. I’ll keep the rest in the freezer. Table for two it is.” Scotty smiles lovingly and manages to steal a kiss from Kevin, before Kevin returns to his office to work.


The phone rings, but Nora has her hands full, so she lets the answering machine do his job again, this shouldn’t become a habit, people will think she’s dead on the floor.
“Mom, I’ve just taken another shift from someone who’s sick. The rain has caused quite some accidents, so I won’t drop by tonight for dinner. Sorry. I got to go.”
“Oh, Justin.” Nora sighs.


“Scotty?! Mom just called! She’ll join for us dinner!” Kevin yells at his husband, who’s in the kitchen.
“Alright! I’ll take care of it!” Scotty yells back and Kevin returns to his office, to try and pick up where he left off.


Nora finally manages to get to the phone to erase the two messages when she sees there’s third one. She probably missed it, because she was out with Lily. It’s from Kitty.
“I found this new recipe and I plan to make it tonight….” Kitty starts.

“Dinner with Scotty starts to sound even better now.” Nora says without even listening to the rest of the tape. She can’t because the backdoor opens en closes and Sarah breezes in.
“Mom, is it alright if I eat here with you tonight?” Sarah asks.
“Of course. But why?”

“Luc has dinner with a gallery-owner, Paige is with her friend Agatha, Cooper has the birthday-party for Andy and I’m too tired to lift a finger and make a sandwich.” She falls down on Nora’s couch. Nora nods.
“I have enough food in the fridge…”


“Scotty?! Forget about mom! She’s staying home. Sarah is staying with her for dinner.” Kevin yells, not sure exactly where Scotty is.
“No need to shout.” Scotty comes up from behind the bar. “So we’re back to just us?”
“Yes. Isn’t it great? Just you and me, hot meal and who knows what more hot things we can up with?” Kevin wraps his arms around his husband.
“Ooooh, I plan to make something come up.” Scotty promises with a wink.


“I just called and cancelled dinner with Scotty and Kevin.” Nora puts her phone down.
“Wait! What? What did Scotty make?” Sarah wants to know.
“Some pasta-thingy…” Nora plays it down.
“Mom! You should have told me… Why didn’t you ask if I can come too?” Sarah asks.


Kevin exits his office.
“In here.” Kevin finds Scotty in the storage room.
“Mom wants to know if it’s alright if she brings Sarah?”
“Oh.” Scotty says, not sure if he’s disappointed or not. “Sure. Whatever. There’s more than enough.”


Nora is about to call Kitty when the phone rings.
“Hi, Kitty…” Nora starts, but Kitty cuts her off.
“I invited you for dinner tonight….”
“About that…”

“Forget it. I just ruined it…”
“What h….?” Nora starts but Kitty is, once again, faster than her.
“… Evan distracted me for just seconds and the flames were sky-high… Guess it will be pizza tonight.” Kitty sounds so sad and Nora sighs.

“I was going to tell that I would have dinner with Kevin and Scotty, I could ask if you can come too? Don’t know if Scotty made enough.”
“He always does…. Ask him. Ask him!”
“Get off the phone then.”


“Scotty? Have you made enough food? Kitty cremated her dinner and now she and Evan want to come as well.” Kevin asks. Scotty smiles insecurely, feeling that this evening is not going according to plan.
“Of course I have. There’s more than enough.”
“Good. I’ll tell them they can come.”


“Say what you want, but I’m starving.” Dan says. Justin laughs.
“You’re always hungry…” He points out and Dan grins. “Know what? We’re close to Café 429, why don’t we check if my brother and his husband still have something to eat. The last call was a false alarm anyway… I need a few minutes off.”

Dan doesn’t even blink anymore when he hears Justin talk about his brother and his husband. At first it had sound weird to him, but Justin is so matter-of-factly about it, that he can’t really hear the difference anymore when Justin talks about his family.
“We can’t just drop in unannounced?” he asks.

“Dan, it’s the only way to drop in….”
“I’d prefer it if you called them first to ask if it’s alright.”
“I know my family.” Justin defends himself.
“But I don’t.” Dan replies.

“Now what? Please, don’t tell me they cancelled. Everything is almost ready.”
“It’s Justin…. He wants to know if we have something to eat for him and Dan?” Kevin asks. Scotty looks around, feeling slightly panicked.

“I could add extra salads and some other small things….” He starts. “Yeah, sure. They can come.”
“I’ll tell Justin.” Kevin quickly gives Scotty a kiss. “Thanks, you’re amazing.” And Scotty can see that Kevin is genuine, so he smiles shyly.


One thing that Scotty has to say, is that the Walkers are thorough. They had all crashed his kitchen, but the place looked spotless again. His new pasta-dish attempt had been a huge success, even Evan wanted some more and Dan had, slightly overwhelmed by all the Walkers, given a compliment about how delicious it had been.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.” Kevin says. “Oh, Justin called to apologize that he and Dan had to eat and run, but there was an accident.”
“It’s a fine with me. It was rather noisy by the end.”
“Yeah, the red wine certainly loosened some tongues…” Kevin smiles.


Nora leans against the closed door, suddenly aware how empty and quiet the house is. She smiles happily at the memory of Sarah, Kitty, Kevin and Justin all at the same table. There’s the soft clicking sound of dog’s paws on the floor and Lily gives her an aggrieved look. Nora nods.

“I know, baby.” She coos. “I’m late for your walk and your food.” Lily’s tail moves gently and she puts her snout in Nora’s hand. Obviously Nora is forgiven. “Come on, girl, food!” She doesn’t have to say it twice, Lily is already halfway the kitchen. Nora smiles lovingly and follows Lily.


Evan is asleep before his head hits the pillow and Kitty looks at her son. It’s evenings like this, moments like this, that she misses Robert’s arms around her, smiling with her. She takes a deep breath, wipes away the tears that come to her eyes and shakes the thought of Robert away. She turns around and goes to bed. Alone.


“Oh! You’re home!” Sarah says surprised, when she sees Luc on the couch watching tv.
Oui, it was all a bit boring. I missed you.” Luc smiles. She bends over to kiss him, but he turns his head away.
“Sorry. There was a lot of garlic in my meal. I can still taste it.” He says. Sarah nods that she understand. No kissing. 


It’s the last few thrusts that make Scotty gasp, his hands losing grip on Kevin’s body as he goes over the edge. Underneath him Kevin sighs contently. Scotty collapses on Kevin and he smiles, unable to move away, but eventually he has to, he’s too heavy for Kevin to stay long. Kevin moans and his mouth searches for Scotty’s.

“That was amazing.” He whispers.
“That’s because you’re so fantastic in bed.” Scotty replies.
“Only in bed?” Kevin asks not-so-innocently.
“Don’t fish.” Scotty laughs.

“We should do this more often.”
“What? Have a confusing Walker-meal?”
“No. Sex. We should have more sex.”
“Give me half an hour and you'll get what you want.” Scotty promises with laughter and he kisses Kevin again.


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