marea67 (marea67) wrote,

fanfic: Key to my heart

Key to my heart

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary:  There are many ways to go to Rome.... .Written for [info]love_bingo 


“Scotty, this is delicious, really, .. a key… straight to my heart.” Kevin says, his mouth still half-full from the bite of cake with strawberry-filling, that Scotty had brought to their breakfast-in-bed.
“That’s what you said about the chocolate-muffins....” Scotty replies dryly.

“Those too.”
“...And the red velvet cupcakes I made last Sunday….”
“Mmmmm, now those…..” Kevin smiles widely at the memory of not only last Sunday, but other occasions as well, where Scotty had brought cupcakes. .

“… And the pancakes Monday morning…”
“… yeah, but…”
“… and the filled apricot cookies…”
“So? I have a lot of spare keys.” Kevin defends himself.

“Yessss, and you’ve spread them around, haven’t you?”
“There are different ways to get to my heart. Food is one of them.”
“Are there others?” Scotty now wants to know.
“Hot sex?”

“Of course. I could not have missed that one.”
“Good music.”
“Okay, point of argument there, our ideas of ‘good music’ differ.” Scotty points out and Kevin frowns, before quickly stealing the last crumbs from his dish.

“You’ll come around to seeing things my way, once you’ve reached my … maturity....” Kevin replies with a dash of fake arrogance that only makes Scotty laugh out loud. “... Being family… is usually a good way to my heart too.”
“No argument there.” Scotty smiles lovingly. It’s true after all. Kevin loves his family.

“I’m not sure about a fancy car, or new gadgets, they tend to make me nervous that maybe I’m not smart enough to understand them, but I’d definitely go for guys in hot suits and great ties.”
“I’m a cook and I never wear a tie.” Scotty frowns.
“Ah! But you are the exception that confirms the rule. You have to have one of those.”

Kevin grins and Scotty can’t help but laugh.
“True.” Scotty nods. “It does get exciting when you break your own rules.”
“Of course a good taste for wine helps.”
“Indispensable even, with your family.” Scotty nods with wisdom.

“You make us sound us like we’re a couple of drunks… Ah-ah! No comment!” He warns, and Scotty closes his mouth again. Kevin takes Scotty in his arms and kisses him. Scotty lets his head rest on Kevin’s chest, quietly enjoying the moment, until he asks:
“So, which of the keys do I own?”

“What do you mean?” Kevin asks, already halfway forgetting their conversation, as he caresses Scotty’s back and imagines what he wants to do with Scotty next.
“How did I ever get a key to your heart? Which of the spare-keys do I have?”
“You don’t have any of the spare-keys.” Kevin replies, looking up as if Scotty has lost his mind.

“None. Why would you? You don’t need them. You walked in my office, years ago, and took the master-key. The one that opens all the doors. It took me a while to figure out who had pinched it, but I’m okay with it now.”

The answer is so matter-of-factly that Scotty starts to laugh.
“You’re an idiot…. But I love you…” Scotty says tenderly.
“And I love you.” Kevin replies, carefully pushing Scotty on his back, so he can kiss him and finally do something with the plans he had made to make love to Scotty.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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