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fanfiction: Family-portraits: Marriage of convenience

Family-portraits: Marriage of convenience

By Marea67
: Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary:  A few years after the fact, Scotty revisits this memories of  With friends like these.... .Written for [info]love_bingo 


Scotty smiles when he opens the box. It had been a long time since he had looked at its contents and seen the pictures from a life before he met Kevin and his family. The pictures slip through his hands. Faces of people he can’t remember, but also names he will never forget.

Andy and John? If they’re still together, they’d be celebrating their 10 year anniversary. He sighs. It says something, that he doesn’t know if they are still together or if they are actually still alive. He grins at an old picture of Jordan, taken not long after they had met. Time doesn’t change all people. Some people remain the same. Jordan is one of them.

His smile fades at the next picture. Frank and Daniel. He hasn’t even thought about them in nearly 4 years, not since their last argument anyway, when they had suggested that he only married Kevin for his money. A sarcastic smile plays around Scotty’s lips. If that had been the case, he’d probably be divorced from Kevin by now.

After all, the largest chunk of income comes from Scotty and the restaurant and not exactly Kevin’s law-practice, but it’s fine with Scotty. He hasn’t forgotten that Kevin was there, when he needed Kevin. He can understand why Daniel and Frank thought that Scotty would enter a marriage of convenience.

Kevin had it all. Money, a job, a home, a family. And Scotty knows, that, at that time, he was at the lowest point in his life. Broke, no home, no family to speak of and desperately clinging to his job. So, yes, for people who don’t know him, it must have seemed like Kevin was a ticket out of his misery.

And, of course, life got easier once he was with Kevin, Scotty can’t deny that. Kevin could nag, but in fact he was very generous and Scotty knows that Kevin quietly paid for bills, that Scotty pretended he didn’t know about, because if he did, he wouldn’t have allowed Kevin to do it.

When you’re broke, eventually you  must even compromise your dignity and principles to survive, but thanks to Kevin, Scotty had never felt like he had to compromise much. Kevin tried to let Scotty have some feeling of control and Scotty is still grateful for that.

He looks at the ring on his finger. Yes, his marriage had brought him a lot, but he married Kevin out of love and for no other reason, however, he can understand why people would have doubts.

The Walkers, and Kevin in particular, are high-maintenance, but at the same time, they’ve allowed him to grow and they’ve supported him. Even when he nearly wrecked his marriage to Kevin by cheating, and he knows he’s loved by a family, that take a lot out of him, but also gives it back when he needs it.

Frank and Daniel had been high-maintenance too, always negative, always complaining, and they never gave much either. He looks at the picture one more time before he tears it up. Some people, like Jordan, are worth remembering and hanging on to and some just aren’t.

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