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Fanfic: Look who I met for dinner

Look who I met for dinner

By Marea67
About: Jordan, with a dash of Scotty and ... naturally Kevin somehow gets involved. :)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: Jordan goes to a party and hears something.

A/N:  This started with an idea based on Parvesh Cheena saying that he would never be ''the leading man" in a movie. But after 5.07 it stalled and went nowhere. It somehow changed  into another storyline, that just didn't work for me, and after a while I forgot what it was, and it  turned into something completely different from what I ever had intended it to be. It's been quietly sitting on my computer, going nowhere. I don't want to delete it. I see no reason to change it. It just is what it is. A story. Hope you'll enjoy it. :)


“I just don’t think it’s a good idea…” Jordan sighs.
“I think it’s a perfect idea.” Scotty replies, stirring the sauce that is in front of him. “You met a really nice guy, who wants to take you to a party.”
“At his parents’ house. He wants to introduce me to them.”

“Well, that’s sweet, isn’t it?" Scotty wonders.
“That’s not the point…. I feel… weird.”
“Weird?” Scotty asks.
“I’m not sure, if I’m ready to be ‘the boyfriend of…’.”

“It beats spending Saturday-night alone on the couch, feeling sorry for yourself.”
“Yes. It does. And Leo is a nice guy, but I’m not in love with him. He’s just a friend. I have the feeling that he only invited me because he wants to antagonize his dad. …. I’m not that annoying, am I?”

“For the sake of our long running friendship I shall not answer that question.” Scotty’s wise reply is accompanied by a teasing grin, a hand that ruffles Jordan’s hair and a kiss planted on the back of his head. Jordan smiles.

“I don’t know… I mean, it’s not like I’m in his league or anything.” Jordan sighs, stealing a cookie from the plate that Scotty put on the table.
“Reason more for you to go. You shouldn’t feel any less than him, just because he’s…”

Scotty tries to remember which of Jordan’s many friends is Leo.
“The blond surfer-dude, with the Porsche under his ass?” Jordan helpfully discloses. Scotty makes a face to betray his confusion. How can Jordan have a boyfriend like that?

“His mom and dad have this mansion, they are filthy rich, but he likes to have ‘normal’ people around him…. They make him feel so ‘normal’… Guys like me are like a different species to him. We’re the ‘exotic’ ones… I know that sounds weird. If he wasn’t such a sweet guy, I’d think he’d be a psycho.

But for exotic little me, he’s most willing to forget the yacht in the harbor and sit in my run-down old car. That is, if he’s not too busy spending his holiday in Acapulco in a five-star hotel. To which this ‘normal’ friend isn’t invited.”

“You couldn’t afford it.” Scotty points out practically.
“I know. Still, he could ask.”
“Knowing you can’t afford it?” Scotty once again points out. “Painful.”
“You’re so Kevin sometimes.”

“If by that you mean that I’m practical, then, thank you, I don’t mind being Kevin.” Scotty replies with a smile.
“How are you and Kevin holding up?” Jordan tries.
“Don’t change the subject.” Scotty warns.

He adds the sauce to the pasta and turns back to Jordan.
“Just go to the party, be introduced to his parents, have fun, eat caviar, drink champagne and who knows what might happen between you and this… Leo?”
“Oh, please, he’s nice and all, but not my type.” Jordan dismisses the thought.


“Well, I have to admit, Jordan, you’re not what we had expected.” Leo’s father, Jack, is the one who says those words, and Leo laughs nervously, but Jordan merely replies politely:
“Neither are you, sir.” No, indeed, Jordan had expected some terrible, homophobic person, but in fact Jack is trying to be very nice.

“Jack, please, just call me Jack.” Jack nods, handing over a drink to Jordan. Jordan feels uncomfortable and he feels watched, but he ‘casually’ looks around the big study. He reads the titles of the books in the bookcase, that decorates one of the walls. He doesn’t know many of them and it makes him feel like he never read the right books.

Behind him, the family and some friends talk about something, that is undoubtedly very, very important, but Jordan doesn’t really care. The family is nice, but terribly boring. The house is huge, but doesn’t feel pleasant. The garden is beautiful, but uninviting. The drinks are expensive and Jordan doesn’t like the taste…

He sighs, maybe he wasn’t cut out for the life of the rich and famous after all. He’d kill for a beer and a hamburger. He stares at some pictures, all nicely framed, and then he cannot help but picking up one of them.
“That was 15 years ago, with an old friend of mine, William Walker.”

Jordan nearly drops the picture-frame, startled because he hadn’t seen Jack come closer to him.
“I thought so.” Jordan replies. “That it was Mr Walker.” He explains needlessly.
“Don’t know what I would have done without him.” Jack says with a serious nod of his head.

“May I ask in which way?” Jordan asks slightly curious.
“With Leo. When he came out, I didn’t know what to do. But William was great. Told me exactly how to handle it…” Jack’s nods became even more respectful and Jordan rolls his eyes.

The question ‘Ostracize your son and don’t speak to him for several years?’ burns on his lips, but he holds his tongue.
“What advice did he give you?” Jordan asks instead.
“To do what he had done.”
“Which was….?”

“Love his son regardless of his sexual orientation.” Jack replies and Jordan nearly chokes on his drink. “He was proud of him and never had anything but the best to say about him….” Jack goes on. “It showed me that I could be proud of my son, … even though he’s gay…” Jack says with pride and Jordan wonders if the man knows how insulting his words sound.

He closes his eyes and counts to ten. It’s going to be a long night.
“That is very generous of you.” Jordan’s fake smile takes the sting out of his sarcasm. He tells himself over and over again, that this man obviously thinks he’s a supportive dad. Just like William Walker.

This thought puts a cynical smile on Jordan’s face. He puts the frame back on the shelve.
“Did you know William?” Jack now asks.
“No…. A friend of mine is married to his son….” Jordan stammers.
“Which son? Justin or Tommy?” Jack asks with serious interest.

“My friend Scotty is in a committed relationship with Kevin Walker.” Jordan stiffly corrects himself.
“Ah… yes… I see… Sorry. .. It hadn’t occurred to me…” Jack looks uncomfortable and Jordan smiles.
“No, it usually doesn’t.”
“So, has Kevin been married long?”

“Three years.”
“Really? I remember William telling me once that Justin and Kevin couldn’t hold on to their relationships for more than 3 days.”
“Don’t know about Justin, but Kevin and Scotty are still together.”

“Do you have plans in that direction for Leo?” The question takes Jordan by surprise. Across the room he can see Leo, looking as bored as he feels and Jordan, for the first time, notices a sadness on his face, a restlessness in his movements and a certain disdain for his surroundings.

Slowly he starts to understand why Leo likes to be at Jordan’s place. Around ‘normal’ people. Everything in this house breathes a cold, distant atmosphere, where Jordan’s house is place to crash and to have fun. A place filled with bright colors, where all friends are welcome at all hours of the day and night… His place feels alive compared to this mausoleum!

“… because to tell you the truth, last time we were in Acapulco, he couldn’t wait to get back home and your name fell a lot.” Jack continues, much to Jordan’s surprise. “I therefore sort of expected…. Well, I thought that…” Jordan listens to Jack’s stammering.
“I haven’t thought it about it yet.” He replies.

“Ah, I see.”
“To tell you the truth, tonight has been an eye-opener for me. I’ve certainly come to see Leo in a different light.” Jordan says not explaining any further what he means. “If you will excuse me?” Jack nods and Jordan crosses the room with an unexpected ease, something he has learned when he and Scotty would still wait tables.

He pops up beside Leo and takes him by the elbow. Leo apologizes and steps away from the guests to be alone with Jordan.
“What is it?” Leo asks.
“Why don’t we go home?” Jordan asks in reply.

“What? No. I don’t want to go home just yet. I wanted you to meet my parents….”
“Met them..”
“… see the place where I grew up….”
“Seen it.”

“… I wanted… I wanted…” Leo doesn’t know how to go on. “Okay, here’s the thing… I thought that you were pushing me away, because I didn’t let you get closer to me… I mean, I never asked you to meet my family, my house, my life… I don’t want you to get the impression that you’re not ‘good enough’ or something. Because…. I just love your life, your place, your friends so much better than my own… Above all, I really, really like you….” He stammers.

“I really like you too.” Jordan now smiles, as he realizes that it’s true. He’s not sure if he’s in love, but it does feel good to be with Leo.
“I’m glad with that.” Leo laughs. “I was afraid that you might dislike my parents. I know my dad can be trying too hard sometimes, but he does try to be supportive of me, even though, I know, he doesn’t like that I’m gay….” Leo replies and Jordan thinks over his words.

Sure, he heard all the stories about William, but obviously William had learned from his mistake, he had warned Leo’s father to not make the same mistake. He had told his friends that he cared about his son and he had spoken with pride about his son. Jordan tries to weigh the importance of these words against what he knows about William

He knows that, deep inside, Kevin is still in pain over the way William treated him and he wonders how Kevin would feel to find out that his bad relationship with his dad had saved the one between Leo and his father.
“Jordan? … I was talking to you.” He suddenly hears Leo say.

Jordan looks up with a shock, suddenly aware that his mind had been somewhere else entirely. He smiles apologetically and takes Leo’s arm.
“Why don’t we drive by Café 429 and see if we can harass Scotty?” Jordan suggests. “I need to talk to Kevin…”


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