marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Paperclips


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: PG-13-ish
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Oh, come on, it’s just one page, but let's say that the inspiration was all about Joaquin and eps 5.15  "Brody"



"Busy as usual?” Scotty asks, placing a coffee latte in front of Kevin on his desk.
“I’m in deep thoughts.” Kevin replies, not very convincingly.
“Silly me, here I thought you were torturing the paperclips … again…” Scotty smiles, taking a chair to sit by Kevin’s side.

“So, what were you deep thoughts about?” Scotty asks now.
“Do you think we’ll be good parents to Olivia?”
“We won’t be perfect, parents never are, but I’m going to try my best…” Scotty answers after some thought.

“Yeah, me too, but… I watched Paige with Joaquin and how none of the others took it really serious, where, silly as the project sounds, it serves a purpose.”
“I’m just glad Joaquin didn’t end up in my kitchen. I would never have forgiven myself for turning Paige’s child into muffins.” Scotty tries to keep a straight face.

“Ha-ha.” Kevin replies, though he can’t hide a little smile of his own. “I should really punish you for being so casual about it.” Kevin replies. For a moment, Scotty is baffled because Kevin sounds so serious and slightly angry, but when he looks at his husband he sees the wicked smile on his face.

“What would you do to me then?” Scotty asks, leaning so close that his lips are just inches away from Kevin’s. Kevin studies Scotty’s face for a few seconds, before making the gap between them even smaller.
“I think I would …” Kevin starts, but then he takes Scotty’s wrist rather unexpectedly.

He gets up, takes Scotty with him and pushes him on the small couch, where Scotty gives a small moan of discomfort, when Kevin covers his body.
“Oh! You’re right, this is an uncomfortable couch.” Scotty manages to say between two kisses.

“Part of the punishment.” Kevin whispers teasingly, letting his hand unzip Scotty’s jeans. He can hear Scotty gasp under Kevin’s touch and he grins. He kisses Scotty’s lips one more time, before moving down. He pushes up Scotty’s t-shirt so he can kiss his belly and Scotty stretches out a bit more to give Kevin more access.

Scotty’s fingers caress Kevin’s hair, his hand gently nudging Kevin to move even lower. Kevin does aim his kiss a little lower, but doesn’t move closer to the intended target. Instead he lets his tongue caress the soft skin on Scotty’s belly and with a shock Scotty’s pushes his lower body up, closer to Kevin’s warm mouth.

“Uncle Scotty? Uncle Kevin?” They hear Paige call out and the two men freeze. Kevin makes an annoyed sound.
“Paige is so her mother’s daughter.” He says, but Scotty can’t help but laugh.
“Will just get off me? She’ll be here in a few seconds.”

Scotty isn’t sure if he should panic or have a fit of laughter. Kevin gets up and quickly straightens his clothes.
“Punishment isn’t over…” He warns Scotty, before exiting his office. A few seconds later Scotty can hear him greet Paige and he smiles. He can’t wait for the rest of the punishment.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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