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Fanfic: Tear it all down

Tear it all down.

By Marea67
: Olivia
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S
Summary: Why Olivia tore down the fort. (Story based on 5.16 “Home is where the fort is”)


She wakes up and she feels disorientated for a moment. It’s warm in the fort and she realizes it’s because Kevin is sleeping beside her and he has his arm wrapped protectively around her. It feels weirdly comforting, but also limiting. She shifts carefully, but Kevin doesn’t wake up.

His hand just slips to the ground and he makes a little noise. Zebulon’s terrarium has just enough light for her to see Kevin and Scotty sleeping and she can see how Scotty, without waking up, responds to Kevin’s little moan, by nestling closer to him. Kevin smiles and sleeps on.

It’s sometimes still confusing for her, that two men have adopted her, but every time she sees Kevin and Scotty together, it all makes perfect sense to her. She knows that they try not to be too touchy-feely with each other when she’s around, and she knows they only kiss when they think she’s not watching, but to her, it’s like they simply belong together.

She’s been told by Jill that other kids may tease her for having two fathers, but she’s been with Kevin and Scotty long enough to know that she can handle that. Kids will pick on you and if it’s not one thing, it’s another. She looks at them again and she wraps her arms around her knees.

It’s still hard for her to be open to them. People have abandoned her so many times, that it’s still so hard to trust that there could actually be someone who will not leave her behind. She had been shocked when Kevin and Scotty had suddenly joined her in her fort. She had been sure that she had to break it down, but they hadn’t asked that of her.

They had followed her into her world, her place and … it hadn’t felt threatening at all. She looks around. The place is a tangle of objects and sheets and things and pillow-cases and more stuff. And amidst it all, lying on the floor, are Kevin and Scotty. They are right there with her, like they had promised they would be.

And Monday she would go to school, as they had promised her. And she gets tutored very often so that she will not fall behind in school, just like they had promised her she wouldn’t. Could it be that maybe, just this once, she could trust someone to stick to their word?

She sees movement from the corner of her eye. Zebulon has moved away from his spot. She smiles. She loves that gecko so much. She taps against the glass and it seems as if Zebulon looks right at her.
“You know what?” She whispers. “I think we’re going to be alright.”

Zebulon moves his head, almost as if he nods. She grins and looks over her shoulder at the two sleeping forms on the floor. She crawls closer and carefully lifts Kevin’s arm to duck underneath it. Kevin makes a little noise and she can see him open his eyes. She nestles closer.

She can see how a bright smile comes to his face and she’s so happy it almost hurts. No one had ever been really this happy to see her. Kevin goes right back to sleep, his arm is once again tightly around Olivia, but she no longer minds. She closes her eyes and with thoughts of breaking down this fort, she goes back to sleep as well.


And if you wish to read something else: Today I posted the first part  of my non-B&S story  "Play your part" here: It has 20 chapters that will be posted in 4 parts over the next days. The story is finished except for the last (20th) chapter. So, no worries. :)

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