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Something's missing

Something's missing

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Kevin/Scotty. If I díd, they wouldn't be missing something, now would they?
Summary: I blame Tiffanie for this! She put this idea in my head.... ;)

Take this story with a grain of salt. I'm just working through the frustration I feel over the lack of kisses between Kevin/Scotty.


“Why don’t we kiss anymore these days?” Scotty asks, drawing faces on the paper before him, that should be used for next-week's work-schedule.
“What do you mean?” Kevin asks, looking up from the file, that he’s working on. “We kiss… sometimes… not that often, I admit…”

“No, seriously. When was our last time….?” Scotty asks. Kevin frowns. He can’t come up with a real good answer straightaway, but after some moment he starts to smile.
“Valentine’s day! Your kissed me!?”
“On the head! It’s Valentine’s day! Why didn’t I kiss on the lips? You’re my husband!”

“Okay, I’ll bite… Why didn’t you kiss me on the lips?”
“I felt …. blocked! As if I hadn’t somehow earned the right to kiss you on the lips yet…”
“Not earned..? You cheated on me, I forgave you… Any couple has their make-up kiss after that.”

“We didn’t really have our make-up kiss.” Scotty can’t help but pout.
“Not really, but … we did plan to go to Vegas and make up for that.”
“But that is not the same! Besides, we both know we never made it to Vegas. We never even made it to the airport, because Angie, who would replace me, got called away.”

“Her father had a heart-attack. Not exactly her fault and she felt so guilty over it too, the poor girl.”
“... so, we didn’t have our planned ‘Second Honeymoon’ either.”
“I’m not denying that…” Kevin replies, thinking even deeper.

Scotty looks at him, hoping that Kevin will finally see his point.
“Can I say something that is really silly?” Scotty says quietly.
“I sometimes feel like… This is going to sound really silly….” Scotty apologizes.

Kevin motions with hand that Scotty should go on.
“I sometimes feel like there are two groups of people writing our lives. One group is responsible for the so-called drama in our lives, where we have this perfectly sex-less marriage.

You know, one of those couples, that you see on tv, that have no friends and no job to go every day, or any other outside activities unless it’s required for a scene. And because we’re a gay couple, we don’t have half as much kisses as the straight couples around us and everything that is even remotely sexual happens 'off-screen’.

And then, there’s this other group that writes about that ‘off-screen’ life, that includes shower-sex, kitchen-sex, bedroom-sex, sex on the beach,… well basically, all the fun things in life. Where we laugh, dance, kiss, touch. Where we argue, but after that we concentrate on making up by making out and have hot sex on the couch.

Or, sometimes, they write about us getting chased by a psycho-murderer who wants to kill is…”
“Do you know what I think?” Kevin asks. Scotty shakes his head. “That you’ve had enough red wine for tonight. Here. Give. I’ll finish that glass for you.”

“Kevin! … I’m serious!” Scotty frowns and Kevin rolls his eyes, before he snaps his fingers as if he just got a brilliant idea.
“Sex!... When we have sex, we kiss!” Kevin points out. Scotty thinks about this, but shrugs.

“Nah. That falls in the category of ‘ what happens off-screen’. No one ever sees us having sex.”
“So….? You want some audience when we have sex?” Kevin asks. He feels a little insecure, because it wouldn’t really be his cup of tea.

“No! Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t need an audience when we have sex…. But I do believe that some would love to watch us do it.” Scotty smiles teasingly.
“Yeah, I can think of a few as well… You know what?! You’re right and I’m going to fix this. Right now! Get over here. I want to kiss you senseless!”

“Sounds good to me!” Scotty laughs and he quickly joins Kevin on the couch. They move a little closer and Kevin can see Scotty’s lips part, waiting for the kiss that he wants so badly. He smiles and moves closer and just as his lips are to touch Scotty’s, the phone rings. Scotty makes an annoyed little noise.

“Lemme guess. Your mother?”
“Nope. Sarah.” Kevin says looking at the display.
“Naturally.” Scotty replies, throwing his hands in the air and he gets up, while Kevin accepts the call. “And if it’s not her, it’s someone else.” He sighs and he leaves for the kitchen.

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