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welcome to my fantasies
Reminder: This Sunday: New episode of B&S. Watch it! 
5th-Mar-2011 01:41 am
Please, all, go watch it. I know many of us are disappointed with the show, especially with the lack of tenderness for our favorite couple Kevin/Scotty, but if this show gets cancelled, we'll most likely never get to see Matthew and Luke work together again. Spread the news, get people to watch.

Four promo-pics under the cut, for those who don't wish to get spoiled.

1. 2. 3. 4.

And because he's always cute: Matthew Rhys.

5th-Mar-2011 11:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the pics. I especially love seeing Kevin and Scotty so happy. I want tomorrow to get here so badly on one hand so I can watch this episode but to know that its like 5 weeks till the next one after that sucks. I just saw another preview for the Body of Proof show. Ive seen several for this show to like 2 of Brothers and Sisters in the last month. I dont know where ABC's priorities lie but it seems just a little lopsided to me. I really dont see why we need another CSI type show but I'm biased because I REALLY, REALLY dont want to lose B&S. I dont feel like their story is done yet. I know they cant go on forever but I'm not ready to let go of them either. Sorry for the ramble/rant (again). I just got really fired up after seeing that preview.
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