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welcome to my fantasies
Fanfic: Belated Valentine's Day gift 
15th-Feb-2011 08:56 pm
kevin/scotty valentine rose
Belated Valentine’s Day gift.

By Marea67
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Not really one needed I just wanted my boys to frakking kiss on the Valentine's Day episode and even then THEY were the only (still married!) couple who didn't ... So brace yourselves; plenty kisses coming up!


“Oh, come on, Jordan. He spent hours at the airport waiting to catch a plane that would fly him all the way from Orlando back to me. There has to be something I can do in return.” Scotty looks at his best friend, sitting across him at the North Light

“You cooked him a meal…” Jordan points out.
“I warmed up a dish we didn’t use the night before.” Scotty corrects him.
“Alright. Buy him flowers…”
“Too cliché.”

“I’d end up eating most of them. He’s not that into chocolate.”
“Bake him some red velvet cup-cakes…” Jordan suggests with a grin. Scotty laughs.
“We’ve been eating too many of them, for them to be special for a Valentine’s day.”

“Buy him a tie… He can never have enough of those…”
“That and cufflinks would be presents I’d buy for my dad’s birthday, not as a belated Valentine’s gift for my husband….”
“My boyfriend liked them.” Jordan frowns.

“Maybe there is a reason why he’s your ex now?”
“Turn the bitching down, will you? He met someone else… with more money…. which shouldn’t be too difficult in my case.” Jordan sighs with a sad look on his face. Scotty sits a little closer to Jordan.

He is the idiot who misses out on a wonderful man.” Scotty offers his words of comfort.
“You’re really getting good at lying.” Jordan replies, not entirely unhappy with Scotty’s kind words though.
“Married to lawyer, bound to rub off somehow….” Scotty shrugs and he winks.

“Okay, what else can I come up with…. Dinner? In some other place than Cafe 429, for a change?” Jordan focuses on Scotty’s problem again.
“Not a good idea. I kinda screwed that up last time…” Scotty confesses.
“How can you screw that up?”

“I ended up getting in an argument with the chef, because we didn’t agree on something….”
“Was it terribly embarrassing? In the way, that would have you walk out of the restaurant with a beet-red face…?”
“It was embarrassing for Kevin… I was too insulted and angry to be embarrassed.” Scotty sighs.

“Kevin vowed he’d never take me to another restaurant again…”
“Double ouch! So no candle-light dinner, huh?”

“Not unless I cook it myself or …. Jordan, I love you, you’re brilliant!” Scotty sits up straight.
“Thank you. Does this mean you’ll finally divorce Kevin and marry me?” Jordan asks with a grin on his face.
“Not a chance, but thanks for the proposal.” Scotty grabs his coat. “I know what to do.” He ruffles Jordan’s hair and gives him a kiss on the cheek “Got to go!”

“Hey, what will you do?” Jordan asks.
“Tell you tomorrow!” And with those words Scotty is gone.


“You’re crazy, you know that, don’t you?” Kevin laughs as he sits down opposite of Scotty.
“Crazy about you.” Scotty admits.
“That too. But seriously? A hot-dog place?”
“Seemed like the safest place to go.”

“Safest? Have you seen this place?”
“I try not to look around. At least we both agree it will be bad, so I won’t embarrass you by asking for the chef.” Scotty laughs.
“Are you sure you won’t go up to that guy, because you have a better recipe for mustard?”

“Mhmmhmm, … now that you mention it…” Scotty makes a face, after the first bite.
“Don’t you dare!” Kevin warns and Scotty laughs, taking another bite.
“I just wanted us to have an evening without any fuss, or restaurants, or telephones... I just want the two of us, celebrating a belated Valentine’s Day.”

“Well, you succeeded. These are delicious.” Kevin says.
“You’re kidding, right? … They’re disgusting. The bread is soaked, the sausage barely warm and so drenched in sauce, that I wonder if they aren’t trying to hide the fact, that these hot-dogs are past their selling-date!” Scotty seems horrified.

“Exactly! That is what makes them delicious.”
“I don’t want to have that discussion with you again.”
“Why not? Last time we tried to settle an argument over food , it ended with us having hot sex on the couch….” Kevin teases.

“Yeah, and God knows where we’ll end up having sex this time…” The words come out of Scotty’s mouth before he realizes what he’s saying and Kevin starts to laugh.
“Can I offer a suggestion?”
“No, you cannot! Not while I’m having dinner.”

“Why? Is there somewhere some golden rule, that I never heard of, that you’re not allowed to discuss sausages, while eating one?” Kevin winks, not-so-innocently, licking the sauce off his fingers and sucking on his finger just a little longer than necessary, making Scotty look away.

“Guilty thoughts?” Kevin teases.
“Not guilty… Naughty.” Scotty immediately returns.
“Sounds even better…”
“I suggest we finish up quickly with these and I’ll let you in on my thoughts…”

“Best offer I’ve had all night.”
“Night is young…” Scotty warns with a smile. “There may be better offers…”
“As long as they come from you… I’m sure I’m going to love them..” Kevin caresses Scotty’s hand with the tip of his fingers, oblivious to those around him.

Scotty swallows hard, getting slightly aroused by the touch and what it suggests is coming.
“I… I think that we should get ourselves something to drink.. something with a lot of ice.” He says softly and Kevin starts to laugh.


The elevator door opens and Kevin and Scotty are almost too late to get out, because they’re distracted by their kiss. Then it takes them some time to get to their room, because they just can’t let go of each other long enough to really focus on where they’re going.

They cool down a bit when one of the other guests opens a door and steps out to go to the elevator. Kevin quickly opens the door to room 418 and without even bothering to turn the lights on, he pulls Scotty back in his arms. Their coats land on the floor, on top of the small overnight-bag that Scotty brought.

They kiss until they both out of breath and Scotty pushes Kevin slightly away to moan:
“We need a bed, couch, anything. Now.”
“Mhmm-mhmm.” Kevin agrees, breaking free from yet another kiss. He turns on one of the lights and closes the curtains, while Scotty starts undressing himself.

Now that they have the privacy of their own room at the hotel, Scotty grabs Kevin’s t-shirt and pulls it over his head and throws in top of his own shirt. Kevin closes his eyes with a little moan as he feels Scotty’s hands on his chest. Scotty is pushing him softly towards the bed, takes the cover away with a swift movement, so he can push Kevin down on the bed.

He can see how Kevin’s hands tremble as he undoes his pants and it makes Scotty impatient for more. So he quickly gives Kevin a helping hand. He can feel Kevin react to his touch, the hardness under the fabric leaves nothing to the imagination. It takes a bit more wrestling with clothes, but eventually Scotty’s body is on Kevin’s.

Making love to Kevin becomes Scotty’s only mission. His hands find their way, touching, caressing, relaxing Kevin, preparing him and Kevin encourages him to go further. Kevin just simply surrenders to Scotty’s touches, too lost in all those wonderful feelings to really disagree with Scotty on anything.

Kevin turns over when Scotty asks him to and not long after, Scotty is deep inside him. His taller body covers Kevin’s easily and Kevin can only hold to the sheet as Scotty’s thrusts slowly pushes him further up on the bed. The slow movements quickly become more uncontrolled, until Scotty cries out Kevin’s name and his grip tightens around Kevin as he comes.

Kevin gasps for breath, not satisfied yet, but unable to do something about it with Scotty so heavy on him. Aftershocks run through Scotty’s body and Kevin can feel him shiver, until they both lie still waiting their breathing to calm down and Scotty is ready to shift his body.

Kevin slowly turns on his back, keeping his eyes closed. Scotty’s hand caresses his belly, slowly moving down.
“Oh, yeah.” Kevin moans. Scotty’s fingers slip around Kevin’s hard cock. He’s so hard that the touch nearly hurts.

“Please, Scotty, …” He begs and gently pushes Scotty’s head down, in a silent request. “Please, … just… please.” Scotty’s mouth replaces his hand and, so close to the edge, something seems to explode in Kevin. He holds Scotty’s head in place, until he feels the last drop is spent and only then does Kevin collapse back on the bed. 


“Happy belated Valentine.” Scotty says with a smile, once again kissing Kevin’s lips.
“You didn’t have to, you know.” Kevin hums. “Not that I mind….” He quickly corrects himself.
“Yes, I did..” Scotty sighs.

He wraps his arms around Kevin to hold him even closer.
“You went through all the trouble, to surprise me and all I did, all day, was moan how unromantic you were for not even sending me flowers or a postcard. And instead of showing you how happy I was, that you were home, I whined to you about how Saul’s plan had back-fired…”

“I was glad I was there, so I could cheer you up.”
“Me too… but it was a bit unfair. I was so wrapped up in my own problems and anger that we had missed such a great opportunity….”
“Yes… I thought that being neurotic and selfish was my job.” Kevin jokes.

Scotty kisses him again, just to shut him up.
“I just wanted to tell you, that I love you and that I’m grateful, that you went through all that trouble with the airport and all.” He then says.
“It was worth it. You make that I want to celebrate Valentine’s day.” Kevin sweetly answers.

Scotty smiles and pulls up the blankets a bit more. Kevin turns in his arms, his back is firmly against Scotty’s chest. Scotty kisses his hair and whispers once again that he loves Kevin. Kevin smiles in the dark and takes Scotty’s hand, resting against his belly.
“I know.” He whispers back. “And I love you.”

15th-Feb-2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
Aaaaaaawwwwww :) *_* Awwwww


It's... is... awwwww :)
16th-Feb-2011 12:16 am (UTC)
Awwwww, thank you! ;D
16th-Feb-2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
I loved the scene at the end of the program (even though there was no kiss). It was a realistic couple scene. Also loved how you expanded on it in your story. You're a talented writer. Keep it up.
14th-Mar-2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry, I somehow missed your message. Thanks you for liking the little story and for leaving a message. :)
16th-Feb-2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Love it. Yeah it bothered me that Kevin surprises Scotty and it seems that he got an earful right away. I really wish we'd have seen the surprise. I'm kind of kicking around a missing scene of sorts.
16th-Feb-2011 09:14 am (UTC)
I know! I felt the same, but I was also surprised by how sweetly Kevin tried to brighten up things for Scotty. For once, he was supporting Scotty, rather than the other way around and I felt it should be noticed. :)
16th-Feb-2011 11:47 am (UTC)
Right. I loved that Scotty had his own story for a change and that they came together at the end. I absolutely adored that little 'dinner' scene. I just felt like the hype from Kevin (which I loved too) at the bowling alley deserved the surprise. Sure I'd love to see more of them together but as much as I want that I also want them to have a story. And not be wasted like Sarah and Luc pawing each other all the time. Although I think they(we) do deserve at least some pawing after this year. And there I go rambling really not saying anything.
16th-Feb-2011 02:26 pm (UTC)
I must say that apart from the fact that there was no kiss I really did like the end scene they had together....it felt like a 'real' couple moment and had echoes of that "only realistic couple on the show" feel. (A bit more lovin would be nice though :p)
Oh and BTW.....loved this fic...sweet, hot warm and fuzzy! Great job!

19th-Feb-2011 07:11 pm (UTC)
I agree, the scene in the end was nice, but the kiss on the head was just not satisfying my needs. Other than that Kevin/Scotty are still my favorite. I'm sure that whatever lies ahead Matthew and Luke will help me through it with their amazing acting. They make B&S worth watching.
17th-Feb-2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
Loved the bit with Jordan at the beginning - well done!
19th-Feb-2011 07:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I missed Jordan. :)
19th-Feb-2011 08:47 am (UTC)
*fans self* In reality, the temperature actually dropped and it's pretty chilly in Hong Kong today. But now I think I can walk around in my t-shirt and shorts!! *g*

“That too. But seriously? A hot-dog place?”
And I was having dirty thoughts already! Can't help it! :P
Even in the episode, after Saul told Jonathan that Kevin and Scotty were upstairs, and I was having all kinds of image in my head what were they doing upstairs...but of course...what else could they be doing... *nudge, nudge...hotdogs?*

I can imagine Scotty asked Kevin what happened to his hair, and Kevin would make faces and complained that Justin teased him about it and called it 'Airport head'. Scotty would say and proceed to kiss that better, and Kevin would tell him he thought he has Airport eye, airport nose, airport lips, and the lists goes on until....

Jeez... look what happened to me after I read your story!! :D
(Sorry I seemed long-winded, but English is not my first language so sometimes it takes me more than a few words to really express what I'm feeling!) :P

19th-Feb-2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
:D I liked your idea! ;D

Hong Kong?! Does it really ever get chilly there? I always have this idea that it's warm there.

Glad you liked the story. ;)
20th-Feb-2011 11:54 am (UTC)
Yeah, I always have dirty thoughts. :D
And lately I keep thinking we're going to see Kevin breakdown (because I think Matthew sure can pull that off beautifully) and Scotty will be there making things better. Then with the casting news, I can't help thinking that Olivia's bro will get violent or something, or maybe directly or indirectly hurt Kevin (keep having this image in my head that BRO tried to get Olivia to talk to him outside Cafe 429 (Olivia has her own mobile now), and Kevin went out saw them on the other side of the street, thought a stranger was going to kidknap Olivia, he ran across the street without looking, a car hit him and during his stay in hospital, he's in and out of consciousness, flashing back things about Michelle and Marcus or maybe Robert as well. Then Olivia decided to go back living with her brother i.e. her own family, Kevin/Scotty has this big impact, and they have to do that 'say goodbye to the kid speech' that they practiced in the adoption agency (it had been done for a purpose I think). Kevin breakdown and there bring the big story of K/S clear things PROPERLY). Tell me I'm going crazy, cuz gathering everything about spoilers/casting/rumors, these can be a possible storyline right?

Sorry for being long-winded, but I need to get this out of my chest. :D

And yes, we're usually warm here, that's why we don't usually install radiator in our apartments (well, at least I don't have it) :P. So when the weather dropped to 6-7 or even 12-13 degree celsius, I feel like dying even inside my apartment. :D
31st-Mar-2011 12:30 am (UTC) - Cute Stuff
Just wanted to add stories are really FAB!!! love em and keep up the good work :)

Even though B/S Season 5 is not doing well with me, your stories are much appreciated...

Have a good one
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