marea67 (marea67) wrote,

short-story: Change of place

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty gets thrown out of Kevin’s loft.
Extra: Set between 2.07 and 2.08
“Ah, there you are.” Kevin says when Scotty comes in. “I’ve taken the liberty to pack your things, just check around if I haven’t forgotten anything…” Totally shocked Scotty looks at his belongings. His weekend-bags are next to each other. The air-mattress is gone. The room is a mess. All things have been moved to one side of the room. The walls, painted in white with a shade of green are stripped of all paintings and pictures. From his point of view it even extends to the kitchen.
Scotty feels disorientated. He is just walking in after working all afternoon in the kitchen. He hasn’t eaten yet, as he expected to have dinner with Kevin tonight and he longs for a shower and to take the weight of his feet and have a quiet relaxed evening.
“What’s….going on?” he carefully asks, stepping over his bags and looking around the room.
“I’ve had it.” Kevin replies and Scotty is not sure if he’s talking about him or something else. “I’m ready for a few major changes in my life and here is where I start…”
Is Kevin throwing him out? Is Jason coming back? Is Kevin fed up with him? And what did he do that could have insulted Kevin so much, that he didn’t even deem it necessary to discuss it with Scotty first? Fear paralyses Scotty. His life has been a rollercoaster ride this last year. He sold nearly everything worth selling to finish his education and even then he came up a few payments short.
He lost his apartment. His few personal belongings, that were too big for the Ranchero,  were on several addresses with friends, who tried to help him, but could not support him.
He thought that with Kevin he’d at last find a steady place to stay, inconvenient as it was sometimes to be together in such a small loft. Panic sinks in. Where will he go?
“Scotty, those walls have bothered me for a while now and when I came home, after that night Justin went in detox, I sat here and stared at those walls and realized I wanted the old stones back. So, as of tomorrow, a company specialized in these things will come here to clean those walls and also make some other adjustments, some little repairing.  
However the paint-remover is rather smelly and the place needs to be well-ventilated and it will be a mess in here for at least a week. So we can’t stay here.” Scotty feels a glimmer of hope. If it is just for a week, maybe one or two of his friends can help him. “So. Could you just have a quick look around to see if I haven’t forgotten anything? I want to close up and give the key to Mrs Berryman.” Kevin’s voice is a bit impatient and Scotty feels his anger come up.
“I know that beggars can’t be choosers, but… don’t you think you could have given me just a tad bit more notice than this?” he asks sarcastically.
“What for?” Kevin asks absent-mindedly, browsing through some papers on his desk. Faced with so much insensitivity, Scotty falls silent for a moment, softly replying...
“I could have packed my own things…..” … and know what exactly is in the bags and what is missing.
“Yes, Scotty, I’ve spent six hours of back-breaking work just packing your t-shirts, underwear, toothbrush and personal things into 2 weekend-bags.” Kevin’s sarcasm hurts Scotty. How can Kevin be so inconsiderate? Tears sting behind his eyes.
“I could have found a place to stay…. I know that is not your problem, but mine. But still, a little more notice would have been nice…..” Scotty replies insulted.
Kevin looks at him as if he doesn’t understand what Scotty is talking about.
“Kevin, I’m here ‘cause I’m homeless, remember. If I can’t stay here, where am I supposed to go?” Scotty explains slowly. Then a smile curls around Kevin’s lips.
“Same place I’m going... Mom’s!... I’m going back to my old room and mom already prepared the guest-room for you…..” Kevin replies as if Scotty is rather slow himself.
“What? Did you seriously think that I would let you spend another night in your Ranchero or on the couch of one your friends, just because I want to re-do my walls? That I would simply forget about you?” The look on Scotty’s face proves that that is exactly what Scotty thought. “Scotty Wandell! I’m hurt!” Kevin teases, at the blush coming to Scotty’s face. “Of course, I’m taking you with me. You live in this place, like me. It's only normal that I arrange something for you too.. Now. Hurry up, will ya? ….Mom’s waiting for us. Dinner will ready in half an hour.”
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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