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Fanfic: Looking through the window

Looking through the window

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G/PG-13
Disclaimer: Well, of course they are not mine. If they were, would they've gone through the Valentine-episode without ONE kiss? Of course not!!!  Use your brains, will-ya?
Summary: A bit of a future-fic, taking place 3 years after the opening of Café 429


Scotty looks up through the window. The place is packed. Who would have thought that, exactly three years after the grand opening, it would still do so well? He lets out a sigh of relief. Of course he’s happy with the success. He works hard enough for it. He smiles when he sees Kevin move around.

Kevin walks by the tables and Scotty knows that he’s asking people if all is well and if they like their food and if they don’t, he’ll hear about it. Scotty quickly focuses on the decoration of yet another plate and by the time he can look up again he sees that Kevin is heading for the bar.

Kevin’s face has a frown and Scotty feels slightly annoyed. Come on, Kev. Don’t have such a sour face… The door opens and Kevin smiles at the new-comers. Good. Scotty’s eyes are back on the new plate before him. Just rearrange it a bit and … done! He sees the young waitress walk away to serve the customers.

Kevin is with his back to the people, restacking the napkins so that it’s a neat pile again. His lips are pressed together as if he’s angry over something and Scotty frowns again.
“Hey! Heard you need some extra help?” Justin’s voice takes Scotty’s mind of Kevin.
“Yes, thank you for coming so fast. We’re swamped and one of waitresses just twisted her ankle.”

“Super-Justin to the rescue.” Justin grins. “Behind the bar or in the restaurant?”
“Restaurant. Can you bring these to table four? Be sweet. They’ve been waiting for a little while.”
“Will do.” Justin laughs and Scotty’s eyes follow Justin.

With a large smile Justin seems to charm the customers and by the time he’s back to collect the other two dishes, he grins at Scotty.
“Piece of cake. Got them eating out of the palm of my hand.” Scotty sighs over the good news and goes back to working through the many dishes that still need to be prepared.

Occasionally he looks up to see Kevin or Justin with the customers. Justin oozes charm, but Kevin seems to have more trouble to be charming. He seems more and more distracted. Annoyance starts to build in Scotty. What is Kevin’s problem? Can’t he make more of an effort? This is a night to celebrate, not to whine.

He looks at dish before him. Damn! Overcooked..
“John! We can’t serve this. It’s not good enough. Make another one. Quick!.... Damn!”
“Hey, easy, bro. They all the best they can. It’s not their fault that this place is so busy, because you’re such a good cook, that everyone wants to eat here.”

Scotty smiles over Justin’s words.
“Thanks, I needed that reminder…” But then he can no longer hold in his anger. Taking Justin aside, he suddenly asks: “What the hell is wrong with Kevin? He looks like his favorite football-team just lost an important match, moping around like that.”

Justin gives Scotty a weird look and defends Kevin.
“He’s not moping… It’s just, you know, three years since you opened this restaurant.” Justin tries to shrug it off. He picks up another plate, ready to get back to the restaurant when Scotty continues:

“Yes, I opened it and successfully so. It’s MY restaurant that got us through some difficult financial times when HIS law-practice wasn’t going so well. He should be slightly more grateful and make a better effort!” Scotty replies angrily. Justin put the plate back on the table and slowly turns back to Scotty.

“Kevin wasn’t there at your opening night, remember? That is why you felt so sorry for yourself that you fucked some other dude behind his back… I think that under the circumstances, Kevin is allowed to have mixed emotions about this night. Things may be forgiven, they are not forgotten!”

He picks the plate up again and leaves Scotty alone. Scotty feels like Justin just slapped his face. It’s been so long ago. He never even thinks of Marcus anymore. Scotty takes another look at Kevin and now recognizes what he hadn’t wanted to see before. Hurt, regret, but also the determination to get past it… Scotty sighs…


Scotty exits the bathroom and looks at how Kevin folds his clothes and puts them over a chair so he can wear them again tomorrow.
“You were amazing tonight.” Scotty says quietly. Kevin looks up and Scotty can’t determine if Kevin is surprised that he standing there or if it’s over his words.

“Glad I could help.” Kevin smiles, but Scotty knows it’s not really a heart-felt smile.
“I know it’s a night of mixed emotions….?” Scotty starts.
“Thought we agreed to not discuss it anymore.” Kevin replies.
“You’re still hurting.”

“Are you surprised? I know that you love me. I know that I love you. I know what lead to the cheating and how much pain was involved. And that I was to blame for a lot of your pain. But, regardless of your many apologies, for a short moment you preferred to be with someone else instead of me….

And, yes, it still hurts, when I think about it. Do I dwell on it? No. There are a lot of days where I can completely forget it happened. This, however, was not one of those days.” The words hurt Scotty.
“All I wanted that night…” He starts, but Kevin cuts him off.

“… was to be the star. I know. You wanted to be recognized for the amazing chef that you are and you deserved it to be in spotlights and have your husband just step away from all other things and allow you your moment…. And I wasn’t there. I get it.” Kevin shrugs.

“All I wanted that night…” Scotty says again. “… was that you put your arms around me and tell me that I did a great job.” Kevin sighs as he gets up and wraps his arms around Scotty.
“Scotty Wandell. You are an amazing chef… and you have every right to very proud of yourself.”

There’s so much love and tenderness in his words that Scotty chokes up.
“I love you, Kevin, I don’t want you to ever forget that.”
“And I love you, Scotty. I just wish you would remember that.” Kevin pulls Scotty closer and kisses his lips.

Their kiss is loving and tender, slowly becoming more passionate.
“I have a plan.” Kevin says, between two kisses. “How about we have hot passionate sex? … So that next year, I can focus my memories on that sexy night between the sheets with my husband, rather than… something else? And walk around with a big smile ... all night!”

“Hot, passionate sex, huh? I can do that.” Scotty grins and he wraps his arms more tightly around Kevin and pushes him to the bed. Kevin lets himself fall on the bed and takes Scotty on top of him.
“I know you can…” Kevin whispers and he replies to Scotty’s kiss.


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