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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 21/21

Driving Mr Wandell 21/21

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Who knew it could get so hot so early in June? Nervously Kevin waits for the guests to arrive. He pushes aside the curtains to see who just drove up to their house. He smiles. It’s Justin with Tyler and their kids, my, have they grown. And, oh, look at that, Julia is with them as well. Kevin frowns. This is going to be painful, if Tommy decides to show his face as well.

Best not think of that now. Instead he focuses his attention on Tyler’s growing belly. Seven months pregnant and she looks radiant. Justin doesn’t leave her side for a second and waits on her every order. Even her children seem aware of mommy’s troubles, for they are cute and sweet and follow every of Julia’s orders.

Kevin is glad that Tyler has managed to turn the hotel in New York from a grand disaster to a moderate success. It has a promising future. Even Justin now works there and helps Tyler to run it, while Julia runs a little day-care where the guests of the hotel can bring their children.

Julia had feared that she wouldn’t get enough children to guarantee her job at the hotel, but soon enough she needed to hire an extra hand to help with the children. Tyler had been most surprised by this. Like Julia she had expected most of the clients to business-men who wouldn’t bring their children.

But she found out that some men brought their wives and children along, and that the wives loved a day or even afternoon off to do some shopping or sightseeing without a child around them… It was a small service, that got spread around like a rumor and that made guests come back .

In fact, it was such a success that Tyler didn’t want Kevin to pay Julia’s salary anymore, but Kevin told her he would continue to do so for another 6 months, just to help out Julia and Tyler. Julia looks beautiful. Her blond hair shines in the sun and her laughter appears easily on her face. No more a grey little mouse.

Kevin smiles when another car comes driving up. It’s Sarah with her kids. She also brought Kitty. That must have been fun for the two sisters. No, it’s unfair, if Kevin is honest, he’d have to admit that he was amazed by Kitty and how she had publically defended her sister like a tigress.

Kevin can’t hide the satisfied little grin on his face. Wasn’t reality tv just the funniest thing ever? In a moment of amazing stupidity, Luc had confessed in front of the camera that he had sex with other women, behind his wife’s back… Sarah had not been amused and that’s putting it mildly.

The divorce had been messy and rather public, but thanks to Jack McCallister, Sarah at least a good divorce-attorney and Luc left Sarah’s life as empty-handed as he had entered it. The relationship between Sarah and Kevin, on the other hand, had benefitted from the whole ordeal.

Warned up front by Chad and Jason of what would happen, Kevin had ‘accidentally’ been at Sarah’s house the night the episode aired… It had been painful for Sarah, but Kevin had been the supportive brother and the shoulder to cry on and it had been the first step in rebuilding the relationship with his sister.

Nervously he checks his watch. Another car. Is it…? No, it’s Uncle Saul with Jonathan and Nora. Saul and Jonathan still look amazing, in love and not a day over 50. Saul should tell Kevin how they do it. Nora looks very pretty and cheerful in her beautiful deep-blue dress. Blue! When was the last time he had seen her wear anything other than grey or black?

He feels very proud of her and her changes. He had feared that his mother would lock herself up and never get out of her room, but she had immediately liked Jonathan and with him and her brother by her side, she had let herself be escorted to parties and be introduced to friends, where she had quickly made friends of her own.

Kevin takes a deep breath, when he sees the fourth person. He's not sure if he’s relieved or worried that Tommy is here as well, but if Tommy went to get Saul, Jonathan and Nora at the airport, maybe Kevin should see that as a good sign. The relationship between Kevin and Tommy is still strained, but not as much as it used to.

As Kevin had thought, Julia’s leaving had caused an enormous shock to Tommy’s system. According to Justin and Tyler, Tommy had yelled, begged, cried and threatened Julia to come back. Eventually Julia hadn’t even picked up her phone anymore. This had prompted Tommy to create trouble at the hotel, but a night in prison had calmed him down.

Tommy had returned to Los Angeles, convinced that Julia couldn’t survive without him, but as the weeks turned into months, he slowly had to accept that it was him who needed her… Kevin hopes that he won’t make a problem. Not today. Today should be a day where everyone enjoys themselves…

He sees how Julia walks up to the car to greet Nora, Saul and Jonathan, but how her smile momentarily freezes on her face when she sees Tommy. Tommy takes a step in her direction, waits and seems to talk to her from a safe distance. He smiles nervously and Julia nods with a shy smile. He comes closer to her. She doesn't back away. Instead she takes his arm and they approach the house.

There’s the sound of a loud car-horn and Kevin bites his lip as he sees two cars drive up. One that brings Robert, Jason and their uncle Jack McCallister. It’s driven by Chad Barry, Jason current boyfriend. The relationship has been ‘rocky, but steady’ for 5 months now, a personal record for Jason, not taking his fake engagement to Scotty into account.

Chad is just as crazy as Jason and their catfights are as much public entertainment as their kisses are, but the relationship that Kevin has with Jason and Chad is excellent and different from the one he has with the persons in the second car. Wally and Bertha Wandell.

Kevin cannot imagine his life anymore without them in it. Wally is the father he always dreamed of having. He even calls him ‘dad’, a name that Wally has earned with the relentless way he had been there for Kevin and Scotty. At first Kevin had really been worried that Wally would be mad at him for taking Scotty out of Wandell Industries.

But Wally had been surprisingly understanding. Not a first, naturally, but Bertha had reminded him of his own past. The excitement of building something. Learning a business. Make your own name. And Wally had understood  Scotty's need to have his own challenge in life. After that, he had been very helpful to both Scotty and Kevin.

Kevin checks his watch again. Nearly three o’clock. Come on, Scotty-baby, where are you? All our guests have arrived. For a moment Kevin feels panic come up. What if Scotty won’t come…? His hands shake. No, Scotty would never do that to him. He’ll be there, like he always is….

He lets out of sigh of relief. There’s Holly’s car! Holly Harper… Another person who had become very important in Kevin’s life. He had seen his relationship to her grow from that of partnership to teacher-student and then to replacement mother/replacement son. Holly had never had a child of her own and had accepted Kevin into her life as if he were her son.

And she was also the mother he had always dreamed of. Supportive, understanding, patient, sometimes taking charge, sometimes letting him make his own mistake to gently nudge him back on the right track. He watches her put her a strain of hair behind her ear and she looks up at the window, as if she knows he’s watching her.

Then his eyes fill with tears. There he is. Scotty is here! He’s quickly brushes away the tears. This is not the time, not the place to start crying. He wipes his face clean and hurries down the stairs of his grandmother’s house.

No longer the old withered house, straight out of a horror-movie. Kevin and Scotty had it repaired and redecorated. They had picked new furniture. They had created more space, by adding two extra rooms to the place and now it is their dream-house. The place where they wish to spend the rest of their lives together.

In the hall he passes the didgeridoo that got sent to him from Australia by his uncle and his boyfriend. They were both very grateful for the large contribution that Kevin had made to the doctor ‘for having been there in his uncle’s final hours’. Now, his uncle and the doctor would be able to build a small doctor’s post and have it become their legacy to the little town they loved so much.

Kevin knows he should stop and count his blessings, but instead he runs outside, until, out of breath, he reaches Scotty.
“I can’t believe you’re here.” Kevin says, wanting to kiss Scotty, but Holly stops him.
“No way, young man. Only after your vows.” She tells them. Kevin and Scotty both grin.

“Are you ready?” Scotty asks. Kevin nods, his blue eyes alight with anticipation.
“Are you?” he asks he return.
“Yes.” Scotty answers and he takes Kevin’s hand so they can walk up to the back of the house where everyone is waiting for their commitment ceremony to start…


It’s very late at night, when the last guests leave and Scotty and Kevin finally have the house to themselves again. Kevin kicks of his shoes and wiggles his toes.
“Oh, those were killing me.” he moans. Scotty smiles and pours some of the remaining champagne in two beer-glasses, as he can’t be bothered to search for the champagne-glasses.

He hands one to Kevin, before loosening his tie and finally throw it over the couch.
“To our future.” Scotty raises his glass. Kevin takes a sip.
“To us and our love.” Kevin softly says. They both take a quick sip, but then Scotty takes the glass from Kevin’s hand to place both glasses on the table, so that he’s free to kiss Kevin.

“Can we go upstairs now?” Kevin asks between two kisses. “I want you.” His shirt falls on the ground and Scotty’s shirt lands on top.
“Good idea.” Scotty answers, getting up and taking Kevin with him. They kiss at the door. Tongues duel, but neither one wins the fight, because the kiss gets broken.

Soon enough Kevin is caught between the wooden balustrade of the stairs and Scotty’s body. He moans under Scotty’s touches, but manages to break free again and somewhere between the landing and the bedroom Kevin and Scotty lose their pants and by the time they have kissed and struggled their way to their bed, they are both naked.

Scotty takes the lead and Kevin just lets him, having confidence in Scotty’s touches. He can see Scotty’s fingers tremble as they start to prepare Kevin and himself. Scotty pushes the box of condoms aside. They both agree they no longer want use them. But at the same time it’s scary. Neither of them has ever done it without.

“.. you sure?” Scotty asks, still hesitating a bit, but Kevin nods, equally nervous.
“Do it.” He nods and he can’t help but smile, when he sees the concentrated look on Scotty’s face. They’ve made love so many times, but this time it feels as if it’s the first time again. He gets on his hands and knees and waits for Scotty.

As if all sensations are new, Scotty hesitates at penetration, slowly pushing further, though Kevin’s moves his body underneath him to show him how ready he is. The first few thrusts are calm, deliberate and to make Kevin aware of Scotty, as if he wasn’t already.

He starts to meet Scotty’s thrusts, his breathing uneven and shallow, he encourages Scotty to push on. The thrusts start to hit on a deeper level, they take away his breath. His soft moans turn into soft cries of ‘yes’ and ‘don’t stop’. Scotty’s hand rests momentarily on Kevin’s cock, and then he takes it and Kevin cries out under the pressure.

“I want you to come first.” He can hear Scotty moan. Kevin’s hand takes over from Scotty. For a moment he fears he’s too aroused, but then, knowing exactly how to satisfy himself, his fingers bring him closer to a climax.

From the noises Scotty makes, Kevin understands that he’s not far behind him and it drives him even crazier. Though he wants to come, it happens faster than he thought. Scotty can feel Kevin’s reaction and it has the right impact on him. With a loud scream he comes as well.


Kevin opens his eyes with a shock. For a moment he has no idea where he is, but then he knows and Kevin is convinced that there’s no better place in the world to be in, than right here, in Scotty’s arms. Just to be able to feel Scotty’s chest pressed against his back gives him the feeling of being home and being safe.

Kevin’s hand play with the ring on Scotty’s finger. The ring he had put there this afternoon. In front of his family, his friends and his business-partners he had told how much he loved Scotty. He smiles happily…. All is perfect. All is safe… He closes his eyes and drifts of to sleep again, the memory of Scotty eyes filled with love, are the only thing on his mind.



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  • Been re-reading some of my old things..

    .... maybe also in attempt to recapture some my old writing fever... I'm now re-reading ' Turn a different corner . I just started at part 1…

  • Just little snippets of stories....

    I'm a bit bored, so I thought I'd bore myself even more with having a look at some of the stories I had started, but somehow never finished,…

  • Alright!

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