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Fanfic: Driving Mr Wandell 19/?

Driving Mr Wandell 19/?

Warning: This is Alternative Universe-story. If you can't stand to see Kevin/Scotty/Others in situations that are Out Of Character, stay away and don't whine to me about it.

By Marea67
About: Mainly Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Depending on the chapter - This one: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sister belongs to ABC, but thanks to this AU Kevin/Scotty can at least kiss.
Summary: walkersfics  wondered: "How come even in AUs Kevin is always the one saving Scotty?" And though she has her own great storyline for that, it sure made me think: “What if….?”


Scotty wakes up on his side of the bed. The memory of his love-making with Kevin, the night before, comes back to him almost immediately, as he can still feel the imprints that Kevin’s fingers left on his body, where Kevin had held Scotty tight as he had thrust into him.

Scotty stretches out. His muscles ache from last night’s tension. It had been like a marathon, the way that Kevin had held back, driving Scotty closer and closer to insanity. With a smile Scotty reaches out, expecting to find Kevin beside him, but instead the place is cold and empty.

“Kevin?” He asks as he sits up, but there’s no answer. Kevin’s clothes are gone, but there’s an note on Scotty’s clothes. Scotty reads out loud: “Couldn’t sleep anymore, didn’t want to wake you, you were so beautiful ;) . Will be in the restaurant to have breakfast, if you need me. Kev.”

Scotty frowns. They had rummaged through the paperwork yesterday, after they found a hotel-room, but eventually Kevin had made a very conscious decision to not get too involved in it, at that moment. He had put it all back in the envelope and he had focused his attention on Scotty instead.

Scotty guesses that Kevin couldn’t wait any longer this morning. However, Scotty is curious as well, so he quickly gets dressed to join Kevin for breakfast in the restaurant.
“Hey, babe.” He wants to kiss Kevin, but then holds back, when he realizes it’s rather crowded in the restaurant.

“I woke up at six this morning… I hoped I could get back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I was too curious to find out what this is all about…”
“Did you find out something?”
“I’m not sure what it is I’m looking at.” Kevin replies.

“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know yet why my dad wanted me to haveall this… From what I gather here, my dad has been trying desperately to find out what had happened to his brother. He’s been working on it since the late 70s! He couldn’t let Steven rest in peace.

He wrote to veterans who served with my uncle, he visited hospitals, spoke to people… He was obsessed with it. As if my father found it unacceptable that his brother had died.”
“Well, that’s not so strange. He went missing, right? So, no body, no evidence, no closure. I can see why it felt unreal to him…Was your uncle officially declared dead?”

“Not until two months ago. But when my father created San Estephe Wineries, he had his brother mentioned as co-owner. All these years he made provisions for his brother, so that, should Steven return, he’d be well taken care of. Dad only had the correction made two months ago, just before he made out the will to me.”

“Seems to me that the news about his cancer hit him very hard, maybe facing his own mortality helped him accept his brother's death?”
“Maybe.” Kevin doesn’t seem to be too convinced. “Anyway, I still have a lot to read.”
“Do you need me here? Or would it be alright with you if I went to see one of the clients of Wandell Industries, while I’m here anyway?”

Kevin looks up, surprised.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Do you want me to drive you there? I can easily take the letters with me. But you’ll need to give me a few minutes to put them back in the right order.” Kevin replies, reaching out to the letters on the table before him, but Scotty laughs and shakes his head.

“I’ll take a cab, it’s not that far away…. But it isn’t something urgent and if you need me here….?”
“I’d love to have you with me all the time, but you’d be wasting your time. I want to read everything here. See what it’s all about. It’s going to take time.

I have no idea what I’m looking for, but you would know even less of what is going on… If you want to go see your client, then go. It’s fine with me. One of us has to bring home the bacon.”
“That sounds so ... butch.” Scotty laughs.

“Just… be back soon. I miss you when you’re not around me.” Kevin shyly admits. Scotty nods, glad that Kevin said the words he secretly wanted to hear and this time he kisses Kevin, not caring that they are in a restaurant where everyone can see them.


When Scotty enters the room, a few hours later, he finds a different Kevin. A Kevin who jumps up, wraps his arms around Scotty and presses him to the door to kiss him passionately. Kevin breaks the kiss and cups Scotty’s face in his hands.
“Have I ever told you that I love you?” He suddenly asks.

“Ah.. N-n-no. I don’t think so… You told me you liked me though….” Scotty replies and he’s flabbergasted by the change in Kevin’s attitude.
“Well, Scotty Wandell, ....I, Kevin Walker, am completely, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate….”

Scotty doesn’t know whether to take Kevin serious or not, so he ventures:
“Lucky me?”
“Scotty!” Kevin frowns. “I’m serious.”
“You are?”

“Yes.” Kevin replies and now Scotty dares to smile.
“And … I love you too.” It feels weird to him, because he’s never said those words to someone before and really meant it the way he does now . The love in Kevin’s eyes takes his breath away. What could have made such a huge difference in Kevin?

“As much as I’d love to take you to bed and make love to you right now, I would like to know what happened while I was gone?”
“You won’t believe it when I tell you, but I think I finally figured out why dad left me everything. Guilt! Guilt with a capital G.”

“Guilt? What makes you so sure of that?” Scotty asks and Kevin takes his hands and leads him to the bed and he makes Scotty sit down. He sits down next to Scotty, still holding his hands.
“I spoke to my uncle Steven?” Kevin replies with bright eyes.

“What? Steven?! Did you hold a séance when I was gone?”
“No. I went through all the letters and one of the last letters was to a doctor in Australia.”

“Yes, my father wrote him a letter and apparently got a call from him. I called the number too, to see if I could find out what they had discussed and I first spoke to the doctor, who told me to wait. And then I got my uncle on the phone!!! My uncle is alive and lives in Australia, somewhere in the middle of nowhere…”

And get this: He doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s alive. He never wants me to call him again. As far as he’s concerned Steven Walker is dead. He died in Vietnam and he’s never coming back to America.”
“What happened? Did he tell you?”

“Yes, we spoke to each other for nearly an hour and a half. Our phone-bill is going to kill us, I’m sure….”
“We’ll worry about that later. What did you find out? And how did you find out? Tell me! I’m so curious.”

“Okay, first I’ll tell you this, my father didn’t know this, but it was his fault that my uncle Steven joined the army in Vietnam. You won’t believe this when I tell you this, but my uncle Steven is gay.”

“Yes. However, my dad didn’t know. Steven told me that he was struggling with his sexual identity and that he didn’t feel like he was ‘like the other guys’, it was really hard for him, especially in the early 60s. Apparently, a guy they believed to be gay, got killed in town, and my father, that night, at the dinner table, approved of the murder. In his own 'tolerant' way.

He went on and on about how sinners like that should be killed, their unnatural ways were a curse for everybody and they should cut the throats of those who were gay. My uncle was shocked by my father’s words, especially when his mother agreed with his brother. Steven felt even more trapped.

He didn’t know who to turn to, he couldn’t tell anyone about his secret. His own mother and brother wouldn’t mind seeing him get murdered for ‘feeling different’. So, he decided to leave, and he went to Vietnam instead. Dying for your country must have seemed like a more honorable way to go.

One of the doctors there was an Australian. He wanted to help my uncle, but my uncle, convinced that he was dying, confessed to him that was gay and begged that the doctor would let him die, so that his mother would at least get a medal. The doctor told him that he was gay too, but wouldn’t let anyone die over it, not on his watch.

Maybe it was because the doctor was gay too, but the doctor decided to give it a try to save my uncle. My uncle nearly died that night anyway and after his surgery, when he regained consciousness he had no idea who he was or where he was. He couldn't speak, couldn't think. They believed him to be a young Australian soldier, just in from another unit, who went missing as well.

It was hard to tell, because a large part of his face so damaged. So, in the assumption that he was the other guy, they shipped him back to Australia to a rehabilitation-centre, where he had to learn, all over again, to speak, to move his face, to use his voice. It also explains why no one ever noticed that he was American.

He got better, rebuild his life in Australia, assuming he was the other guy, and he ignored the occasional flash-backs of his life in America. Eventually, Steven wanted to meet the good doctor again and thank him face-to-face for the new life. And that’s when the doctor told him that he was most likely an American soldier.

It was quite a shock to Steven that he wasn’t who he thought he was, but with that cat out of the bag, my uncle started to encourage his flashbacks and it didn’t take him long to find out who he had really been. But he didn’t want to change anything. The person whose name he had been given was an orphan and had not been missed by anyone.

My uncle liked his life, liked who he had become and realized that he liked his doctor more than he should…. My uncle moved in with him. No one was bothered, because nobody thought it strange that a veteran moved in with a doctor that saved his life. They were just two older men, living together. My uncle lived rather happily for many years. But then the past caught up with him

As I said, my dad was convinced that my uncle was still alive and that he hadn’t died in Vietnam. It took him forever, but a year ago he got contacted by one of the veterans he had spoken to earlier. And that man told him about the many casualties during that night my uncle’s mission went wrong.

He told my dad to get in touch with the Australian doctor of that small military outpost, who might still remember if an American had been brought in that night. And my father did. Steven was shocked and surprised that William was still searching for him, but at the same time, he also remembered my dad’s words.

Eventually, after a lot talk between my uncle and his doctor, Steven called my father. Needless to say my dad was shocked beyond believe, when he suddenly had his brother on the phone. At first he thought Steven was fake, but when Steven told my father some things about their past that even he had forgotten, dad accepted it.

My father wanted to go to Australia, but my uncle told him he wasn’t welcome there. That, as far as he was concerned, Steven Walker was dead and had to remain dead. He ended up telling my father the truth and my father was apparently very hurt by the fact that Steven left because of him.

William had always missed his brother, not knowing his homophobia had chased him away. The discussion ended up in a very heated way and my uncle hang up on my dad. However, two days later he called my dad again and by that time my dad had calmed down as well and he had had time to think things through.

They had a very rational conversation. According to my uncle, my dad apologized for his homophobic remarks years ago, explaining that he had been young and stupid at the time. My uncle left it at that, but told my dad that he still wanted nothing to do with his family anymore.

Steven Walker had grown into his new identity and it was someone he preferred to be. My father told him about the money that awaited him in America, but my uncle merely laughed at that, saying that the money wasn’t of such great interest to him, he had everything he needed.

He told my father to have Steven Walker officially declared dead and keep the whole family fortune for himself… My father was devastated that my uncle didn’t want to come back or get to know him or his family, but either decided to accept it or never had the time do something about it...
Scotty,... my uncle and I had a long talk. It was all very intense. My uncle was sad to hear his brother had passed away, but also, he was glad that he had been officially declared dead. He still didn’t want anything from my dad, from me or our family. He asked me to destroy the number and never contact him again.”

“Did you tell him that you’re gay too?”
“Yes. It eventually came up, when I told him the reason why I left the house. That my dad had chased me away in the same way that he had his brother. My uncle wished me luck. Said if only I’m half as happy with my partner, as he is with his, I’m one lucky man. …And I am.”’

With a huge smile he wraps his arms around Scotty and pushes him backwards on the bed, to straddle his body.
“You know, Mr Wandell, I feel like such a weight has been lifted off me.” Kevin kisses Scotty’s lips. “And, you … are amazing.”

“I am?”
“Yes. You kept telling me to follow my gut-instinct and I did.” Another kiss follows and this time Kevin makes it more intimate. his tongue invades Scotty’s mouth and his hands slip under Scotty’s shirt. 

"So what will you do now? About your dad's will, I mean?" Scotty asks between kisses. Kevin looks up, shakes his head.
"No clue. Right now, I just want to make love with you.... " He grins.

“Oh, yes, make love to me….” Scotty whispers, guiding Kevin’s mouth to the hollow of his neck, arching up with desire when Kevin hits the right spot. Scotty’s hands grab Kevin’s ass, pushing him closer to his own hard cock. Kevin moans.

“I’m so in love with you.” Kevin says softly and Scotty claims another kiss. “But, I’m also very hungry. Can we first get something to eat? Once I have some energy again, I promise you I’ll make love to you all night long.”
“I’m going to hold you to that promise.” Scotty warns, before he lets go of Kevin.


Of course, before they can go to dinner, Saul calls them to remind them to drop by again, so Kevin and Scotty end up with Saul and Jonathan in a gorgeous Chinese restaurant where they spend more time than planned, while talking about their current lives, reminiscing about the past and planning the future.

Kevin shyly comes out with some of the plans he had been thinking of, earlier that day, and they are well-received by both Saul and Scotty. Scotty makes a phone-call to Jack McCallister, Jason’s uncle, and asks for a meeting, to which the lawyer immediately agrees. Scotty than places a call to Wally, asking if he can join the meeting as well.

For the first time in a very long time, Kevin feels respected and appreciated. All the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. He’s more confident than ever that he knows what he should do. He has made his plans and he will act accordingly. Life is suddenly so exciting!

That night even Scotty can tell the difference, when during their love-making Kevin is suddenly more creative as well. Scotty is not complaining though. He can see how Kevin sheds the darkness that had been upon him and how slowly but surely this new, calm and self-confident man emerges and it’s a fascinating process to watch!


“What is going on? Is this really necessary?” Tommy complains in a loud nagging voice. Sarah shrugs. She’s not sure she wants to be here in her mother’s house.
“Kevin arranged this. We don’t have much of a choice.” She replies, examining her nails again, trying not to notice that her hands are trembling.

“It seem pretty obvious what that little faggot will do. He’s going to sell dad’s company from underneath us and we’ll be out of a job,… he always hated us.”
“Ah, yes, and you were always so nice to him.” Sarah fake-sympathizes.
“Says the bitch who never stood up for him either.” Tommy immediately returns.

Sarah remains quiet. She can’t very well defend herself, because she knows Tommy is right about her. She hadn’t exactly been the poster-girl for a loving, caring sister.
“Well that’s Karma for ya….” She shrugs again. She’s too tired for this and her mind is on the millionth fight she had with Joe last night.

“I do hope this won’t take all day. I have a party to go to tonight…” Kitty announces as she walks in. “… and I have to get ready… I have to look my best.”
Sarah looks her up and down. Kitty is dressed like she just walked out of a fashion-magazine, what more could she do?

“You always make me feel so frumpy.” Sarah mumbles annoyed and Kitty looks at her sister in her decent work-outfit of grey blouse and black skirt. Such a little mouse.
“Well, honey. You DO look frumpy.” Kitty points out and Sarah nearly jumps up to start a fight, when Nora walks in.

“The meeting will be held in the dining room.” She says in a soft voice.
“Why there?”
“Because only the dining-room table is big enough.” She replies Tommy’s question.
“Big enough? There’s you, me, Tommy, Kitty and Kevin…?” Sarah sums up.

“And Justin. And your uncle Saul.”
“Uncle Saul?” Tommy looks like he just found a bug in his salad.
“And Kevin will bring some people as well.”
“Oooh, that little boyfriend of his?” Tommy lets his wrist hang.

“Tommy! Don’t you believe it would be better to shut up?” Kitty suddenly asks innocently. “Especially if you consider the fact that he holds Ojai and you by the balls? That he is the one in control of our financial security in the future? There’s something pretty stupid in biting the hand that doesn't feed you now, but might hold your food for the next years to come!”

Kitty is so direct and shows such an insight that Tommy feels a little insecure. In a lazy voice Kitty continues: “Everyone thinks I’m a flake, with no eye for money, spending it mindlessly left and right…. But you’re the ones too self-centered to notice that I’m a cultivated flake, every move is a studied one and has purpose. So don’t act so surprised. It’s insulting.”

“I could see how you’d wish to be nice to Kevin considering that he holds your money too.” Sarah points out, but to her surprise Kitty laughs out loud.
“Silly girl. Do you really believe that I need Dad’s petty cash? … I own three houses, a yacht and an incredible collection of jewelry….

What? Why so shocked? You didn’t think I was spending time with all these society-men and sleeping with them for nothing, did you?” Kitty teases and Sarah’s gasps for air.
“That makes you a wh….”
“Tut-tut-tut, don’t say it, I have heard it all before and it’s such a vulgar little word.”

“You must be so proud of yourself!” Sarah spits out her words.
“Well, it beats being in a loveless, dull marriage with a mindless nobody and having two insufferable kids…” Kitty points out.
“Isn’t it wonderful to be back in our own warm family home?” Justin ask, walking in.

“Why are you here?”
“Kevin asked me, Tommy.”
“So, you just flew in?” Sarah shows her disbelief.
“No. I flew in two days ago and spend some time at Kevin and Scotty’s place.”

“So? Do you know anything about his plans?” Tommy wants to know, but Justin shakes his head.
“No. Nothing. None of them said a word, but Kevin is very pleased with himself.”
“Dad should have left the company to me, instead of to that…”

“Tommy!” Justin warns. “Kevin is a nice guy, give him a chance.”
“Sucking up to him, huh, just like Kitty does?” Tommy concludes and Justin rolls his eyes. Kitty sighs annoyed.
“No. I finally have a brother that I actually do like.” Justin replies.

At that moment the door opens and they all see Julia and Luc come in.
“What are you two doing here?” Tommy asks.
“Kevin told us to be here.” Julia replies softly.
“Why on Earth…..?” Sarah starts.

“Kevin is here.” Nora says and suddenly the tension in room rises, because Kevin is not alone. Scotty is with him and so are a few others that they vaguely recognize, but Tommy and Sarah can’t put their fingers on who those people are exactly and it makes them nervous.

Kevin motions all of them to sit down. Kevin clears his throat, clearly nervous, but his voice is strong and confident.
“I would like to introduce you all to the other people here at the table. You all know our uncle Saul, though probably more by name, then by face.

Sitting next to him is Jack McCallister, he’s keeping an eye on the procedures. He’s my lawyer. This here is Wally Wandell. He owns Wandell Industries…. And he’s the father of my boyfriend Scotty Wandell…” Kevin can see Tommy gasp as he realizes who he’s dealing with and Kevin can hardly hold back the smile.

“.. And this lovely lady is Holly Harper.” Kevin nods at the blonde woman sitting next to Scotty. “I know that the reading of dad’s will was a shock to all of you. Or should I say 'us'? Considering that I didn’t see it coming either. I’m sorry, it took me so long to get back to all of you.

I wasn’t sure what to do or why dad did this, but now that I have my answers, I’ve reached a decision on the future of Ojai Foods. And I’ve asked all of you here, so I could tell you all at once, so that there will be no back-stabbing, half-truths and ‘misunderstandings’ happening….” Kevin says.

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  • Matthew Rhys 2003

    I'm still not sure about the blond hair. :D

  • just a thought...

    My dear Luke, you can call it 'leg-day' all you like, but in all honesty, it wasn't your legs that got my attention.

  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…

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  • Matthew Rhys 2003

    I'm still not sure about the blond hair. :D

  • just a thought...

    My dear Luke, you can call it 'leg-day' all you like, but in all honesty, it wasn't your legs that got my attention.

  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…